13 The disposable cell rings!

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The disposable cell rings!





 Sparks we must go to London








 We have to look for something there

And two people inquiring

Draws less attention than one


 And it allows separation


 I need you to run interference

Or search while I do



 What are we looking for?



 Really Sparks?



 No, you’re right I’m sorry


 How long this time?



 At least four days


 Book a one-way flight

And when you arrive

Call me from Heathrow


 Use the number in your phone


 Be there Sunday



 Ok, Sunday




Hot date?


 Susan knew who would call

on that phone



 Just the evil doctor woman

I think she wants me for my body



 She should talk to someone

Obviously low self-esteem issues


 So we’re going to London?



 That wasn’t really a question was it?



 Not really, no

Besides you owe me paperboy



 Owe you, for what?




And not telling me until you got back



 (Randall pivots)

Low self-esteem?



 (Susan laughs)

Relax, I was messing with you


 My God, it’s London!

Do you know how many bookstores?

How many publishing houses?

And shopping?



You owe me for charity work



 Charity work?



 (she laughs)

Yes, putting up with you

And it’s probably deductible



 The charity work?



 The trip silly

Because of all the publishers


 During the day

You can be James Bond

And I’ll explore London


 At night we can enjoy each other


 Or you can go alone

With the hot doctor


 It’s up to you?



 Two tickets sounds wonderful



 Glad to help clear that up honey






Might have been a misstep


London will be better

Especially with Susan there


Still, she brought it up

I wonder if she wonders?



Was another place

Another time


Another test

Another me


A ghost

Thank God




Bars of guilt


Sweat of betrayal

Not of the ones we love


But of who we become

If we allow

Even a moment

To falter


Guilt stalks



Truth can set you free

You may never



Our silent prison


One bullet

Two hearts


Bars of guilt

A near misstep


Indelible ink


Want that

On your conscience?


Be smart

Wake up!


“Try to keep up will you”




Where are you?








 You don’t want me to go?



 I definitely want you to go


 What you said

(he pauses)



I don’t want anyone else

I love you



 Ah baby I know

I was teasing you, I’m sorry



 I just wanted you to know



 I do know

And I appreciate it


 That’s so sweet

Thank you


 Sometimes I forget

That my big tough guy

Is all soft and squishy inside



 Are you teasing me again?



 No love I’m not


 I’m just trying to say

I love you back

The same way



If I was teasing

I’d have called you a Chicophiliac



 What’s that supposed to mean?



 An emotional bleeder



 I will get even someday



 Don’t ever count on it

(she smiles)




As for Minneapolis



 The reason a guy won’t shut up

About his girlfriend?

Is that he’s attracted to the girl

He won’t shut up to


 And he’s upset about it

So he overcompensates


 Being attracted isn’t a sin

If you don’t give in


 Man who’s not attracted to L

Probably doesn’t have a pulse


 When a girl knows her guy

She expects him to be attracted


 She wants him to resist it

And come home


 Some don’t


 They love their girl alright


 They just love themselves more


 And some come partly home

But he’s not the guy that left


 A girl knows


 Either way it’s a shame




 Before her guy comes home

He's got to dismiss the attraction

And let go of his guilt


 Since she already did

When he came home


 Then he’s home and life goes on


 So yeah I get it and I love you


 And that’s all I have to say

About Minneapolis



 Do they teach you girls this

In some secret class?



 No baby

I'm just smarter than you


 It takes a village


 Lucky for you

The hot doctor told the truth




Heathrow airport


A glass world

skywalks and sculpture


UK’s premier international airport

second busiest in the world

busiest in Europe


Collage of yesterday and tomorrow

with so much to see


Choose a little, enjoy your time


Takes a second lifetime to see it all


Welcome to Britain




Arrival at Heathrow


 Randall calls Lydia

on the disposable phone






 We’re here at the airport



 You and Susan?






 Glad she could make it

Good to include her


 She can’t come with us

Where we need to go


 But that’s only part of the day


 I booked a room in your name

At Abbey Guest House in Abingdon


 It’s a Bed and Breakfast, very nice


 Do you have a pen?


 Write this down



 I do have a pen



 136 Oxford Road

Abingdon, Oxon OX14 2AG


 Telephone number is

01235 537020


 Get to Oxford

By airline coach service

Which runs direct from Heathrow


 Or catch a rail from Paddington


 The coach costs about half






 Yes it’s northwest of London

About sixty miles


 Have you got that?



 Got it



 Good then

When you get to the Oxford Station

Get on the X3 bus to Abingdon


 The bus will take the slip road

off the A34


 A34 is a dual carriageway road


 Then up a hill and left

To a roundabout


 Once past the roundabout

Wait to ring the exit bell

Until just past the next stop


 The driver won’t stop

If you don’t ring the bell


 You want the ‘South Avenue’ stop

It’s the second past the roundabout


 Cross the road and down a bit

Look for 136, Abbey Guest House


 Ride takes about twenty minutes


 But if you miss the stop

Get off at the Boundary House


 It’s the third stop


 You’ll have to walk back


 Did you get all that?



 Yes and I recorded it


 But where’s Paddington?



 Go to the information kiosk

Ask for the Heathrow express

To Paddington


 Or take a taxi there



 What’s Paddington?



 The train station




 I just didn’t know is all



 You’ve never been to London?



 I haven’t been to the train station

Or Abingdon for that matter



 When you get settled in

Call me


 We’ll discuss tomorrow




Ok good



 Tomorrow’s a busy day Sparks








Is the train station


 Of course paperboy!


 Harry Potter took the train

From Paddington station

To get home from central London





 I knew that







But it doesn’t surprise me

That you did



 So where’s Abingdon?



 Near Oxford

About sixty miles from London

Or a hundred kilometers



 Are there bookstores in Abingdon?



 I don't know



 Are we taking the train?



 Of course


 She said it costs more

But for Harry Potter

Definitely the train




Abbey Guest House


 This place is amazing!

Lydia is amazing


 And the owner, Terry?


 She’s wonderful!


 She told me so many sites to see

And bookstores here in Abingdon

Oxford too!


 She said Abingdon is the oldest

Continually inhabited town

In England


 It drips with history!


 I love you Mr. Sparks



 You should see my encore






 I don’t actually have an encore


 And why do I seem to be talking

With a British accent?



 I know, strange right?


 It’s like once you step off the plane

The place takes you



 So what do you think


 A shower first

Then check out the Spread Eagle

Public House my lady?



 Indeed my lord

The Spread it is

If it’s open Sunday


 When in Abingdon!



 Right then, but first

I suppose I’d better call the veil




Thank her for me paperboy


 And call her Lydia




Calling Lydia





 You said to call?



 I did

You made it ok?



 We did



 In the morning

Catch the X3 bus to the Rail Station

The bus you took to get there?



 Yes, the X3 bus



 Any bus will get you to Oxford

But the X3 stops at the Rail Station


 Try to get there by 7:00A.M.

I’ll meet you at the forecourt



 You couldn’t tell me that before?



 I’ll tell you more tomorrow


 Besides, it’s the cell phones


 I like to be thoughtful of the Civil


 Trapping cell phones overseas

Must be an additional irritation


 The more difficult the better



 7:00A.M. at the station then


 By the way

Susan says you’re a hero


 This place is

Wonderful and awesome!



 Glad she likes it

Tomorrow then






 I feel irritated, don’t you?



 Oh yes

Terribly irritated


 Cell phone traps

Especially overseas?


 Always make me feel

So irritated!



 Yes, so irritated