17 MIT Friday, 1:00P.M.

Spin balance cover picture

MIT Friday, 1:00P.M.


 Massachusetts Institute

of Technology

(Daniel’s lab)


 Daniel Roth, Phillip Sanders

I give you Randall Sparks

And this must be Liamsi?



 Miss Carnegie

It is a pleasure to meet you


 I am sorry for saying Mr. Sparks

It’s not good fortune to meet you

Please take no offense



 We’ve never met

Why would you say that?



 In my dreams Mr. Sparks

There is a prominence of peril

In my meeting you


 Better you should have died

Forgive my saying sir



 I should have died?


 Is that a threat?




Not at all


 You are in no danger

From my hand



 You say I should die

That doesn’t sound friendly



 That is not what I said

I said you should have died


 It makes no difference now

What’s done is done



 What difference does it make?



 In my dreams, if you survive

There is an strong sensation

That the world will not


 I receive no context

It’s just a feeling


 I am no danger to you


 I’m here to help you stop it

If I can




Randall, a moment?





 Liamsi saw us in the park

On the bench


 He saw us in his dreams

Do you understand?


 He sees things

Accurate things


 He knew we’d call

He’s connected


 That’s why he’s here

He’s connected, get it?


 We need to know why





You’re right


 But I don’t trust him



 (taking Randall’s arm)

You don’t have to, ok?







Liamsi I’m sorry


 It’s not you

It is you, but it’s not you


 It’s what you said

About your dream



 I’m sorry Mr. Sparks

It wasn’t good news


 I thought you took it well


 You are right to be upset

You’re right not to trust me

You all are


 When Mr. Sanders contacted me

My dream was fresh

I was compelled to share it


 But consider

Whether to trust yourselves


 The danger I sensed before

Was you Mr. Sparks

That danger has passed


 The danger I sense now

Has not passed


 It’s coming




Phillip speaks


 Ok we have some issues people


 Daniel, ask your friends

What’s going on here?


 Liamsi stay here

You’re entitled to hear this





 Sorry Danny

You’re right Phillip

You do need to know


 The problem is

We don’t know


 Randall came to know Jonathan



 Jonathan Warbel?





 After Jonathan died

Randall came to me

I told him to go away


 Then Allen died



 Who’s Allen?



 Allen Phepps was a colleague

He worked at Oxford, in England


 Randall and Allen never met

But both of them knew Jonathan


 Before Allen died

He sent two packages

One to Randall and one to me


 Inside the packages

Were notes and keys


 My note said ‘Help him L’

Meaning to help Randall


 Allen didn’t know Randall

Jonathan must have told him


 The notes had addresses

For two storage units

Where we found the drives

And the cards


 We wanted to know

What was on the drives


 So I brought the drives to Danny

And one of them crashed



 It ate itself



 Thank you Danny

One of the drives ate itself


 Since Allen sent the notes

Randall and I went to Oxford

To look for the third drive


 And we found it in Allen’s office

Along with a code key


 So we brought them back





 Lydia brought the drives to me

And I came to you Phillip


 And now here we are


 None of us knows what this is


 But it seems like a pretty big deal

Because two people have died


 So it’s stay in or get out time


 Anyone out?




 Ok then we’re in


 What we do now, we do together

And it stays in the family


 If it goes bad we blame Liamsi

Because he’s from California


 (Daniel smiles at Liamsi)



 Is it too late to negotiate my price?


 (everyone laughs)




Card shark slash fall guy

We’re depending on you now




Start the presses


Late Tuesday afternoon

freight arrives from Minnesota


14 tons of punch cards


Liamsi takes charge of the contents

apparatus spins alive into action

as he directs the sorting of boxes


The 2000 card packets are marked

and sequenced in series


A gift really

because Liamsi’s write software

sorts and stacks information

according to card sequence

then traps and writes it


Weeks, days and hours pass

three weeks, four days, seven hours

but who’s counting


Hundreds of boxes of Twinkies


Not really

probably thirty or so


Data flying everywhere

accumulates like dust


In some cases more of the same

in other cases more confusion


Daniel scrubs files for their truth


Phillip looks on in frustration

where are his numbers?


Large twin towers of binary data

uniquely equivalent in size

512 or 1024 sectors

individual in ones and zeros

what did they mean?


Naked compilation algorithms

like those found on the drives

the long and the short of it

virtually tons of data




There you are!


 You little son of a biscuit eater!


 (Daniel smiles victorious

at the surrender of his treasure)


 L come look!



 What is it Danny?



 The little guy that ate our drive!

Boy the apple doesn’t fall far


 It’s a little different

But it’s basically the same


 What this application does

Is add two binary values

Stores the result in a safe place

And adds that result

Back to the result


 There’s no carry!



 I’m happy for you Danny



 I’m sorry L

It adds and clears


 Do you get it?



 No Danny, I don’t



 Look here

Add 1 plus 0 and you get 1

Add 1 plus 1 and you get 0

In binary math anyway



1 plus 1 gives a result of zero

So does 0 plus 0


 It adds and then it clears

Like a digital piranha


 Nobody understands!


 It’s so simple it’s brilliant!


 Basically, it extracts information

And then erases its own tracks

As if the information

Was never there


 That’s huge!



 What’s it for Danny?



 I don’t know


 But it’s almost viral in nature

It could do a lot of damage

Or provide cover for a lot of bad


 I think we I’ll call it ‘the cleaner’




Wait just a minute!


 Suppose we take the cleaner

And apply it to the tower sets


 Same math as RAID5

Maybe two add to make one



I may have found your numbers


 First we create a working copy


 Now add them in binary

And what do we get?





 It was a good try Daniel



 Ok Phillip

What if we invert the sum

And add it back

To each initial tower?

0 0 + not 0 = 0 + 1, 0 + 1 or 1 1

0 1 + not 1 = 0 + 0, 0 + 1 or 0 1

1 0 + not 1 = 1 + 0, 0 + 0 or 1 0

1 1 + not 0 = 1 + 1, 1 + 1 or 0 0

1 and 2 stay the same

3 and 0 trade places

0 1 2 3 becomes 3 1 2 0

And that is a very different sum



 You are sick and twisted Daniel

You do know that, right?


 But if it works

You’re a genius!



 (Daniel smiles)

I prefer ‘Lord of the files’




‘Lord of the flies’

I get it



 Sometimes it’s a matter

Of seeing what you’re looking at




Editor’s cut 17007


 Decimal is a 10 state system

counting each column from 0

through 9 and back to zero.


 Binary is a 2 state system counting

each column from 0 to 1 and back

to zero.


 Subtraction is achieved by adding

the one’s compliment of the number

to be subtracted back to the number

it’s subtracted from, then adding

one to the sum and discarding the

leftmost column’s carry.


 This is how calculators subtract

and it’s not important or testable

for our story.


 The one’s compliment is achieved

by simply changing each 1 or 0 of a

binary value to its compliment

(its opposite). This is also called its

“not” function.


 If it’s not 0 it’s 1 and if it’s not 1 it’s 0.


 This is the discipline of logic and you

may dismiss it as math, but the logic

and ciphers in this story are accurate

actual and germane to Phillip, Daniel

Liamsi and even Lydia’s world to a

lesser degree.


 You may explore or ignore them at

your  discretion.


 Some stories differ to such wizardry.


 This story shows you the math

behind it. You can take it’s

authenticity for granted or prove

it for yourself.




Whoa Nelly!


 With Daniel’s binary adaptation

a panorama of files and directories

unfolds before the team


 We hit the mother lode people!

Look at this!


 Data and applications

All over the place


 And they all make sense

No more hidden passages

Or secret chambers


 And this is just the start

We have so many files to check



I think we need you to stay on

And run another station


 Are you in?



 That will be fine Daniel




Here are some directories for you


 Your numbers as requested sir



 Thank you sir



 Lydia and Randall

We need you to screen data

See if any makes sense to you




We have something here



 Looks like an encryption program

With a bit packer sequence


 It’s extremely advanced for the day

It works with message blocks



 Packet-switching, Phillip?




It looks like it facilitates both

Data and instruction input


 And Daniel

It works with your cleaner program






 Danny tell me

Did you and Phillip

Have the same mother?



 What Phillip said L

Is that someone was trying to

Piggyback unrelated code and data

On top of network packets


 And disguise or incorporate it

With encryption techniques


 Which would make it invisible

And render it undetectable



 Who what where when

And why Danny?




Would you like to take this one?



 Certainly Daniel


 Back in the day, my day

Larry Roberts was summoned

By Mr. Robert Taylor

To realize Licklider’s idea

Of an interconnected

Network system



 Lick who?



 Licklider, my dear


 Seriously, you can’t make this up


 Anyway, in 1969

The ARPANET was established

Between UCLA and the Stanford

Research Institute


 A network Miss Lydia


 This inception would establish

The rules or protocols

We know today as the Internet

And World Wide Web


 Whoever came up with our little

Packet-packer encryption program

Would have had to envision

The Internet and done so

Twenty-five years before its time


 They would have had to

Establish themselves somehow

Into a founding position

To help write rules

From the beginning


 Then place their secret passage

Into the architecture


 You don’t get those positions

Just by walking in off the street


 You must be somebody

Or know somebody or both


 It sounds wrong, deeply troubling

And nefariously government to me


 As if anyone in government

Possessed the ability, agenda

And sheer genius for it




Here is how it works


 Phillip explains packet-packing

to Lydia and the team


 Imagine you have a box

And you place some objects

Such as clothes inside


 But the clothes don’t fill the box


 Now suppose someone else

Puts other clothes on top of yours

Perhaps with a towel in between


 Now the box is full

But it still maintains

Its original dimensions


 So it looks the same


 That’s the concept


 Now move that concept

To the US Postal system


 A single one-ounce letter

Posted with your stamp

One-third ounce of it is yours


 Two-thirds of an ounce

Belonging to someone else


 It’s still one ounce all together


 Their contents ‘piggybacked’

On top of yours, using one stamp


 Then all they have to do

Is remove their contents

At the destination

Before the letter gets to you


 Using something like

A ‘cleaner’ program


 Now move the concept

To the World Wide Web


 And you have a subnet network

That can share information

Between any computers

Anywhere in the world

Without being detected


 Invisible networking


 But to have any real power

You would have to have access

To the subnet on a vast multitude

Of secure and vital servers


 Of course Miss Lydia

This only tells us how it’s done


 It doesn’t explain who or what

Where or when

Or most importantly why


 But I’ll bet the answers

Are somewhere in these files


 I’ll bet we find Liamsi’s danger

In the same place




You do realize


 This is a nearly impossible task




 Miss Lydia

I am surprised to hear you say that


 I am a mathematician

You are a scientist


 Do you know what the odds are

For something to be impossible?


 Yes the task is vast and unknown

And we have no starting premise

At which to begin


 But we do have

Tons of material to work with


 Fourteen tons of it


 So we start with basic psychology

Encode, store and retrieve


 We start with the laundry


 Colors and whites

In separate baskets

Then cotton versus silk

Heavy versus delicate


 Before too long

We’ll begin to understand

What temperature

And cycle we need


 One basket for this data

Another for that

Numbers and text tell the tale


 Then the golden rule


 Don’t look for anything specific

It will blind you


 Keep your eyes and mind wide

To see what’s before you


 We are not they


 So we must let go of we a little bit

To see what they see


 Once we understand the what

The where and when

It should give us a why


 And that will tell us the who


 Then there’s the silver rule



 Which is?



 We’re too stupid

To know it’s impossible

And that we’re not qualified



 Still think it’s academic Phillip?



 No Daniel

You made a believer out of me


 There’s something here

It’s dangerous

And I’m sensing evil


 Old evil




This is interesting





 Yes Phillip


 These names are places

From ancient Babylonia


 Southern I believe


 And kings also



 Seven names in this file

















 Babble on?



 Yes Mr. Sparks, Babylon

And its twin city Borsippa


 When one thinks of Babylonia

It’s natural to think of Babylon

And God’s confusion of tongues

That confounded completion

Of the Tower of Babel


 Along with all to follow



Gets lost in the conversation


 Even though some believe the tower

Was in the ruins of Birs-Nimrud

In Borsippa



 It was the Civil



 Pardon, Mr. Sparks?



 Oh nothing




Gaussian process


Jonathan Warbel’s words


Gaussian process

Don’t assume a pattern

Let the data speak for itself


Error’s what you have

When you have a lie


Add and subtract facts

Regress and project forward


It was the Civil


What data do we have?

Who are the people in this room?



Who might be of the Civil

Yet can’t be



If so it’s a good act



Maybe Phillip

He was around back in the day

Back in his day


He was a player then

He could have created the subnet


He said something familiar

Keep your eyes and mind open

See what’s before you


Warbel said it


They show you

Knowing you won’t believe


You won’t see

What you’re looking at


All sins reside in numbers

Phillip’s about numbers

He brought in Liamsi


Liamsi the dreamer

Who thought I should be dead



Brought up the Tower of Babel?


What did Warbel see in these files?

Was Lydia aware?


Warbel said

When you see the face of evil

You know it


Liamsi’s ways are spooky

But I don’t see evil in his eyes


They’re looking at me




It’s a family affair


 Ok it’s not nothing


 What Liamsi said

Meant something

To Jonathan Warbel


 He and Allen Phepps

Studied these files


 Warbel knew about them

And these things we are finding


 He said they


 They meaning the Civil

Created structure

And controlled things


 Warbel said he was lying

About some of it


 I believe the Civil are the who

And balance is the why






 Yes Phillip, balance


 The Warbel Effect

That’s when they came to him



 They being the Civil?



 Warbel didn’t lie about that


 He talked about global data

And the World Wide Web


 Allen sent the packages

Right after Warbel died


 Then Allen died

And here we are