18 Lydia, did you know about these Civil?

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Lydia, did you know

About these Civil?



 I did Danny


 Jonathan mentioned them


 So when Randall called them Civil

It was easier to use the name


 And yes

I suppose they could be

Behind Jonathan and Allen’s death


 As for who they really are?


 I thought spies or government

Trying to discredit or steal his ideas


 Then they killed him

So we still don’t know





 Have you anything more

To tell us about your Civil?




My Civil?


 Why are they my Civil?



 Miss Lydia says they aren’t hers

Jonathan Warbel’s gone


 They’re not mine

And they’re not Daniels


 So Mr. Sparks

They must be yours



 I suppose they must be


 Jonathan spoke of a garden

Eve and the snake

A tree of good and evil




The garden of Eden?



 Yes Phillip

He said they were there

But they weren’t behind it


 They were just there









 When Lucifer

Was cast down from Heaven

A third of the angels

Were cast down with him


 In the beginning

God created Adam and Eve



Would have to be angels



 There’s no reference to them



 Correct Phillip

Why would there be?



 Jonathan told me

The Civil were at the tower


 They were responsible for it

And the confusion of tongues



 The Bible credits God

With confounding of tongues

You must be mistaken



 You’re right Liamsi

I could be



 The Civil are angels?




Fallen angels Phillip


 In league with Lucifer

Angry against God

Because of man


 Angry because of us




In lore and scripture


 Liamsi shares


 It’s said sons of God

Came in to daughters of men

Conceiving Nephilim


 Children who then grew up

To become giants

Great men of renown


 Such stories instilled fear

In the hearts of enemies


 Goliath was such a giant


 He was a Philistine of Gath

Who presented himself forty days

Defying the of armies of Israel


 Until a boy David, son of Jesse

Smote Goliath with his sling


 Other angels lost their wings


 They became mortal

Living for hundreds of years


 It’s conceivable

They could ascend to power




The hypothesis of angels


 Tell me Liamsi


 If angels want to destroy man

Because they’re mad at God

And they have all this power


 What’s stopping them?



 Ah yes, the question Phillip


 Why doesn’t God stop bad things?


 Why doesn’t Satan destroy us?


 Perhaps we should consider

The story of Job


 It seems there are rules

In the hierarchy of Heaven and Hell

Principles governing good and evil


 God cast Satan out of Heaven

God could stop anything he does


 But what would it prove?


 Satan was allowed

To destroy everything Job loved

To turn Job’s faith away from God


 But Satan failed

Job’s faith was too strong


 It’s our faith Satan covets

Our alliance and reliance on God

And God’s faithfulness to us


 In order to hurt God

Man must turn away


 Destroying us can’t kill our soul

Satan needs us to do that



 The Civil want to kill the planet






 Jonathan said

The Civil use our will against us


 They control it

Somehow they shape it


 He said

Satan believes in free will

The Civil don’t


 There was evil in numbers

And the Civil control structure


 From what Jonathan told me

They weren’t working with Satan


 They were working alone



 Perhaps not Randall


 But if there were such a league

Not seeking to lure souls away


 But instead intent to teach us

To destroy ourselves

By shaping culture and civilization

Civil would be a good name

And Babylonia the perfect place




Why Babylonia?


 Are you a scholar Liamsi?



 Yes Phillip, in a way I am

It’s an area of self-study

Quite interesting to me


 And pertinent to our quest

Given the list of names we found


 The Persian Gulf was once

A hundred miles further inland

Than it is today


 In early Babylonian history

Towns like Ur and Eridu or Eri-dugga

Were considered costal


 Eridu is a Semitic corruption

Of the old name Eri-dugga

Meaning “good city”


 Eri-dugga without the hyphen

Was one of seven listed names

In the data file I showed you


 Shirpurla was on the list

Kish was the other one


 The rest were rulers or kings


 Around 5000 years before Christ

In the Euphrates valley


 These city-states or monarchies

Maintained such a state

Of cultural rivalry and progress

That the valley’s been called

The cradle of civilization


 Not just of the Semitic world

But of Egypt as well


 At that time there were

Many cultures and races


 Primitive inhabitants

Were the Sumerians of Sumer

Of Sungir and Sennaar


 Likely of Mongolian ancestry


 Sumerians invented cuneiform

A cursive hand script

Developed out of picture-signs


 Sumerians built the oldest cities


 They brought peace and prosperity

To the country


 They were gradually overcome

By Semites from the north


 The Semites adopted and improved

The culture they had conquered

And the new culture spread


 The first settlement was Eridu

Early myths suggest the first man

Adapu or Adamu


 Some say this was Adam

This ties to the ‘Garden of Eden’


 Semitic language spoken

By the original invaders

Was so different, yet still Semitic

That it’s categorized separately


 That’s significant


 The most ancient ruler

Probably of Shirpurla

Was Enshagkushanna

Who was also on the list


 Which leaves three names

Alusharshid Sargon and Hammurabi

 Alusharshid was likely at one time

King of Kish, also on the list


 Sargon as in Sargon I is called

First founder of a Semitic empire

He promoted Semitic language

Literature, art and architecture



Was the sixth king of Babylon


 He obtained control

Of north and south Babylonia

Forming them into one empire




Why wasn’t Babylon on the list?



 I don’t know Randall

Perhaps it was incomplete


 What stands out across time

Specifically in Southern Babylonia

Is very few records of succession


 There are more gaps than entries


 Existence of the Civil

Would fit the gaps like a glove


 Yet in the north

Very good records were kept


 So the Civil in the south

By allowing themselves

To be conquered by the Semites

Gained influence and dissemination


 And as Phillip likes to say

That would make sense


 In a sense they became benefactors


 Teaching us every discipline we know

Gaining power and influence

And teaching us their way



 Didn’t the Greeks found civilization?



 No Phillip

The Greeks organized it


 Euclid did so to a great degree

Many others contributed


But Babylonian mathematics

Preceded the Greeks


 Having developed much influence

The Civil could have instigated

The building of the tower of Babel


 If so, Jonathan Warbel was right

They were behind it




What did he see

That we don’t?


 What do you mean Phillip?



 Simple, Miss Lydia


 Your mentor and colleague

Somehow put all this together

And decided to commit himself

Rather than expose it





 We don’t know that


 Did he see what we’ve seen?

We don’t know


 Why did he go away?

We don’t know that either


 What we do know is

Some of what he knew

He shared with Randall



 True, Miss Lydia


 But if he didn’t believe

This data held an answer


 Then why share it with Allen?


 And if he did believe it

Why didn’t he tell Randall?



 Ok hold on


 Allen sent us the packages


 But the cards were here

Not in England


 If Jonathan protected the cards

He wouldn’t tell Randall

Without having a good reason


 Maybe he didn’t see it coming


 Allen was to send the packages

If anything happened to Jonathan


 Which he did

Then he was killed


 If they’d broken the codes


 It would have been easier

To hide thumb drives

Instead of leasing storage units


 The keys could have been sent

For safe deposit boxes instead

And for less cost and effort



 So our premise Miss Lydia

Is that neither Jonathan or Allen

Broke the codes or the cards?



 Maybe the codes Phillip






 They had the dongle and the drives


 So the RAID5 files were available

Even without the data cards


 Maybe the drives

Were an earlier attempt

To transfer the cards



 Did we find duplicates Liamsi?



 No duplicates files Phillip


 However, we don’t know

If these were all the cards


 We know there were no gaps

The sequences were contiguous


 The drives could have been

From an earlier sequence



 That would make sense


 For now let’s assume they were

And Allen and Jonathan knew


 And since the drives don’t say

They were produced by the Civil

We can’t connect the two







 Right Phillip



 Jonathan must have found them

Somewhere else




He studied them Lydia





 The Civil


 Jonathan studied them


 He said they were dangerous

They tried to use him



He also said he was crazy

And that he was lying


 Almost in defiance


 He told me they’d done it before

To De Vinci and Nostradamus

And to others


 And to me


 Jonathan said I spoke

As if they had contacted me


 When I asked him once

About some numbers


 He was right about that

I didn’t have to tell him


 It was like he knew


 I don’t know who called me

First about the calendar

And then to go see him


 He said they call themselves

Civil servants


 Jonathan didn’t mention

Where the name Civil came from

Or how he came to know it


 He could have made it up


 But that wouldn’t square

With the civil servant thing




This is precious








 Think of the irony, Miss Lydia


 Here we are

Five reasonably intelligent

Supposedly rational people


 Deliberating the name

Of a society of fallen angels


 A name Civil


 Introduced with respect

By a deceased and self-committed

And self-proclaimed madman


 Who explained it to a writer

That came for a story


 Which fortunately for said writer

Co-authorizes the original source

And deflects any question

Of the writer’s rationale



We could be left to decide

Which madman if either

To believe


 All in trivial pursuit

Of this name Civil


 It’s precious

You can’t make it up


 It’s like something you’d find

In a bad fiction novel


 It’s co-delusional rationalization


 Tell me



 Does it matter

Where the name came from?


 Or what significance it holds?


 For lack of another name

May we agree on the Civil?




 Then Civil it is!


 But we need more

Than Babylonian hearsay

To tie our Civil



 To fourteen tons of data cards


 Or we might find ourselves

Committed for our work

And not just to it



 That would make sense



 That’s my line Daniel!


 (Everyone laughs)




Red flag - Password?





 What have you got Phillip?



 This file, Ingress?


 It wants a password to open

Ingress means entrance




It asked for a password?



 I think so, Daniel




 I believe that’s asking politely






 Yes, in English

That says something, right?


 Of course that doesn’t mean

The answer will be in English


 Should we try Civil?



 Press the escape key top left!






 Yes Phillip, escape!


 Some of these files are moody

They don’t play well with others


 Let’s limit this little guy

To his own sandbox

Before we try to break him


 Copy it to this flash drive

And to a fresh computer




Open sesame








 Can you take a copy

And open it through Debug

To see what you can see?



 Yes Daniel

I can do that



 Ok Phillip

Let’s try ‘Civil’ no caps



 < civil >


 Civil didn’t work Daniel



 At least they know we’re here






 Just kidding

Let’s try ‘password’


  It’s an oldy but a goody



 < password >


 It didn’t like that one either



 How about ‘Babel’?



 < babel >


 Not Babel



 Try ‘sesame’



 < sesame >









 It’s not important


 I just wanted to see

If we had a three strikes law


 And we don’t

Sesame was four


 We need to script it

To a password generator

Since attempts don’t matter



 Will that take long?



 It could take a day or so Phillip



 Try ‘Eridugga’






 ‘Eridugga’, no caps

Just a thought Daniel



 Try ‘Eridugga’ Phillip



 < eridugga >


 It’s chewing on it!


 ‘No Network Connection’

 It wants a network



 Bingo that’s it!



See anything IP over there?




Yes, we have a port request








 And up to eight variable entries

That can follow the program name


 I can’t see what they’re for yet

Possibly privilege qualifiers




Ok good



Can we try ‘eridugga’ again please


 But this time follow it with a space

Then ‘Kish’ another space

Then ‘Shirpurla’

No caps



 Yes sir


 < eridugga kish shirpurla >


 Chewing again


 ‘No Network Connection’ again



 Liamsi, it seems your list

Might be a password script


 Otherwise it might have choked

On the errant variables


 And the variables are hardwired