27 Constitutional stress

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Constitutional stress


 By Randall Sparks


 Whitehouse responds

To address fears and concerns

Of conservatives and libertarians

Democrats and Republicans

Over Fourth Amendment privacy

As government scrambles to scour

Archives of data collection by NSA

To find sources of infiltration


 On the Second Amendment


 The President

A staunch 2A advocate

Wants Americans

To protect themselves

Especially in uncertain times


 The President assures America

The threats are not a conspiracy

They are not a hoax or agenda


 America will not bow to socialism


 The President urges calm discourse

Confidence in economic policy

Responsibility in rhetoric

Brotherly love and peace always


 The President

Is repulsed by martial law

Says it absolutely will not happen

Unless chaos forces his hand


 The President pleas for restraint


 International efforts proceed

To Identify threats we face

Locate the perpetrators

Who have gone into hiding


 They are no longer active


 The Whitehouse confirms

Data hacking cells disbanded


 Threats they may have created

Are being determined


 You will hear it tomorrow


 But if you want it first

Get up with the Daily Sun


 Sparks - on the record

For the record





I want to be read in


 What do I need to do?



 Not much Randall

Both of your IBIs are complete


 We just need signatures






 Intermediate background checks

They both came back clean



 You ran two checks on me?



 Yes a primary impact

And an intermediate

On both you and Susan


 Don said you’d be back

These things take time



 Why Susan?



 Because you will talk to her


 And we need her sworn secrecy

Along with yours


 Secrets are hard on a relationship


 Don said to run her clearance

He’s been doing this a long time




The plan review


 Expanded conference room - NSA

Don Smith leads


 In attendance

NSA USIIFNC task force

Administration cabinet officials

US Senate Intelligence select

US House Appropriations select

US State Department diplomatic

STEM community representatives

Presenting a solution consensus

And a dissenting opinion


 Ladies and gentlemen

Officers and honored guests

My name is Don Smith


 You’ve all received

Documented summaries

Outlining the challenge before us


 At this time I will introduce

Dr. Lydia Erin Carnegie

Who will summarize the problem

And describe the proposed solution


 After Dr. Carnegie concludes

We will hear Dr. Rock Greisen

Who will deliver a dissenting opinion


 Please hold your questions

Until both presentations conclude

Time will be allowed for questions


 Dr. Carnegie



 Yes, hello

My name is Lydia Carnegie

My field is Geodesy and Geophysics


 You have been made aware

Of an attack by seismic terrorists

Who have achieved some success

At tectonic plate influence


 As a weapon

This alone would be substantial


 However, as data evidence confirms

They didn’t stop there


 Hypotheticals like this one

Are represented with data models


 Computers introduce scenarios

Tensor studies evaluate outcomes


 We have studied their models


 Plate influence is a means

Through mass distribution

To achieve figure axis alteration


 Figure axis being that of the Earth


 On a separate but related subject

Inuit elders of Arctic regions

Who’ve paid attention

To sun and stars all their lives

Claim that because of Earth’s tilt

The sunlight hits at a higher angle

Affecting daylight and climate

As well as wind and drift shifts


 They say the night sky has changed

Star positions have shifted

Because Earth’s tilt has changed


 NASA dismissed their reports

Attributing it to climate change


 The models we’ve discovered

Support tilt theory and foretell

Of a major geophysical event


 An event of magnitude

Adequate to alter celestial attraction


 Their plot has been halted

But the trigger remains set

As the Indian tectonic plate

Moves under the Eurasian plate


 This is called subduction


 At some point a dam will fail

Causing a cascading domino effect


 A sequence of plate movements

Earthquakes, tsunamis and floods

Of catastrophic magnitude


 We can’t allow that to happen

So we must unset the trap


 We have the models they used

Technology to neutralize the stress


 What we don’t have is time

It took them fifty years to build this

We’re lucky If we have ten years


 Earthquakes in China are still small

But frequency of events is increasing


 An 8.0 like the Shaanxi earthquake

And it could all go in a few minutes


 If such a celestial shift happens

That is to say

If the models are accurate


 We will spin into the sun


 To stop it

We must replace the mass

Secure the faults and the dams

Such that they cannot fail


 Mass can be replaced with sand

More dams must be built for balance

Reservoirs drained and replaced


 South China Sea islands

And all mass redistribution

At critical plate boundaries

Must be removed


 To reverse engineer the damage

Their models will be our guide


 Costs will be astronomical


 We can expect seismic activity

To increase during this process


 This concludes my presentation


 Thank you





 Thank you Dr. Carnegie


 And now Dr. Greisen



 Thank you Don

I’ll be short


 My name is Dr. Rock Greisen


 My field is astrophysics

Which includes the relationship

Of celestial bodies


 I’ve been part of the US assembly

And while I have tremendous

Respect for all the knowledge and

Talent here


 I must disagree


 Yes, the figure axis is shifting

As is the magnetic field

But the mass remains the same


 Yes, the Earth wobbles

Not just from earthquakes

But from land mass and winds

Currents and lunar tidal influence


 Yes, if the Earth split in two

Then all bets are off


 But to create enough plate shift

To essentially lop side the planet?


 No, I do not accept that


 To execute such a change

It would have to take place

In broad daylight

With the whole world watching

It couldn’t be done in secret


 So I’m not buying into it

I believe it’s a trick or a hoax


 If so, we’re all being played


 That’s all I have to say



 Thank you Dr. Greisen


 Let’s take a quick break

Come back and take questions




They were Warbel’s words


Randall can’t dismiss

Dr. Greisen’s words


He’d heard them before

The tire wobbles

The mass stays the same


The poles are shifting

And they can’t stop it


They’ll show it to you

Knowing you won’t see


They share secrets

To destroy you


If they lost

They meant to


It’s a trick




Questions and answers


 Expanded conference room - NSA

Don Smith welcomes questions


 Senator Short



 Thank you


 First question to you Mr. Smith

How did this happen?


 How does one, or a whole group

Infiltrate the EPA?



 They just did it Senator

The EPA is a watch dog


 It’s also a policing bureaucracy


 There’s Congressional oversight

But who looks for this?


 Most activity centered in China


 No one questions workings of the

Ministry of Environmental Protection


 It’s the same in other countries

It’s not a concern that comes up



 Thank you Mr. Smith



 This question is for Dr. Carnegie



 How do you know

That your predictions are correct?



 We don’t know that Senator


 We recovered data and models

Assembled separate teams

Several countries including China


 Each group was asked to review

And come back with their findings


 We all arrived at the same answer


 Many predictions coincided

With documented events

Establishing support for the models


 We allowed data to speak for itself


 It came down to one question


 Were the predictions viable?


 The consensus was yes

They were



 Dr. Carnegie

How many of your colleagues

Agree on this?



 I’m guessing five hundred?



 Thank you Dr. Carnegie



 Dr. Greisen


 How many agreed with you?



 None Senator

It’s just me


 But everything I know

Tells me it doesn’t add up



 Thank you Dr. Greisen

Your candor and courage

Are commendable


 That’s all I have



 Do you have a question Mr. Sparks?



 Not a question Mr. Smith

An opinion


 I agree with Dr. Greisen



 Who is this man Mr. Smith?



 Randall Spark’s

Is a reporter Senator



 May I speak?



 Mr. Sparks, is it?

You may proceed



 Thank you Senator


 I may be just a reporter but

Before this project had an acronym

It was called Sparks data

After me


 Dr. Greisen might be right

It could be a trick



 Mr. Smith

What is Mr. Sparks talking about?



 Senator Short

Mr. Sparks is telling the truth


 Early in this project

Mr. Sparks did find substantial data


 The project was named accordingly


 We are grateful to Mr. Sparks

For his contribution


 However, the USIIFNC project

Recovered hundreds of times

More data


 International efforts multiplied it


 Total recovery to date

Far exceeds Sparks data



 Mr. Sparks


 Do you have any evidence

To support your claim?



 (Randall recalls Warbel’s caveat)

“Some of what I’ve told you is a lie

share it and you will be discredited”



 Mr. Sparks?



 No Senator



 Well then Mr. Sparks

It seems we have quite a quandary


 The whole world is watching

Hundreds of scientists concur

While Dr. Greisen controverts


 As you previously stated

You’re just a reporter


 And it seems

The only evidence you have

Supports Dr. Carnegie’s findings


 I’m sorry Mr. Sparks


 If you had such an objection

You should have raised it before


 That’s all I have





World War Green?


 By Randall Sparks


 Unnamed sources confirm

A global offensive has been stopped


 A national security task force

Working with major foreign powers

Exposed the operation


 An army of Eco-terrorists plotted

To infiltrate environmental Ministries

All over the world


 Due to lax security protocols

Information systems and personnel

Became compromised by activists

Intent on inflicting mass destruction

Chaos and human casualties


 Initially targeting geologic faults

To influence tectonic plate slip

By mass distribution at boundaries


 Though the assault has ended

Threat levels remain


 Engineering teams have assembled

Corrective efforts are mobilized


 POTUS will address Congress

To secure required funding


 Due to a security leak

Perpetrators were able to escape

Vacating their positions

Leaving no trace


 How ironic is it that

Environmental Protection Ministries

Working with Engineers

Will be asked to negate threats

Created by Eco-terrorists in

Environmental Protection



 We were to trust them then

We are to trust them now?


 Is government too big to fail?


 We have published a list

Of government ministries affected

It will follow this article


 You will hear it tomorrow


 But if you want it first

Get up with the Daily Sun


 Sparks - On the record

For the record




Ministries affected


 Published by the Daily Sun

For Randall Sparks


 Environment Energy Food

Lands Water Agriculture Mining


 Below is a list

Of government ministries

Identified as targets

Of Eco-terrorist attacks


 All countries have agreed

To cooperate with efforts

To reverse identified threats

And share the costs, as required


 Algeria - 3 Ministries

Australia - 2 National Departments

Australia - 8 State Departments

Azerbaijan - 1 Ministry


 Bangladesh - 1 Ministry

Brazil - 1 Ministry/Institute

Bulgaria - 1 Ministry


 Cambodia - 1 Ministry

Canada - 3 National Ministries

Canada - 6 Provincial Departments

China (Mainland) - 2 Ministries

Hong Kong - 2 Bureaus

Macau - 1 Bureau

Croatia - 2 Ministries

Cuba - 1 Ministry

DRC (Congo) - 1 Ministry


 Denmark - 2 Ministries

Egypt - 1 Ministry

El Salvador - 1 Ministry

England - 1 Agency

Finland - 2 Ministries

France - 2 Ministries


 Georgia - 2 Ministries

Germany - 2 Ministries

Greece - 1 Ministry

Guatemala - 1 Ministry


 Honduras - 1 Ministry

Iceland - 1 Ministry

India - 1 Ministry/Agency

Indonesia - 1 Ministry

Iran - 1 Department

Ireland - 4 Agencies

Israel - 1 Ministry

Italy - 1 Ministry


 Japan - 1 Ministry

Korea - 1 Ministry

Kuwait - 1 Authority

Luxembourg - 1 Department


 Malaysia - 1 Ministry

Mexico - 1 Ministry

Myanmar - 1 Ministry


 Netherlands - 1 Ministry

New Zealand - 3 Ministries

Nicaragua - 1 Ministry

Nigeria National - 2 Ministries

Nigeria State - 1 Ministry

Norway - 2 Ministries


 Pakistan - 1 Ministry

Peru - 1 Ministry

Philippines - 5 Bureaus

Poland - 1 Ministry

Portugal - 1 Ministry

Romania - 1 Ministry

Russia - 2 Ministries


 Saudi Arabia - 1 Ministry

Scotland - 3 Agencies

Singapore - 3 Ministries

South Africa - 4 Departments

South Korea - 2 Ministries

Spain - 1 Ministry

Sri Lanka - 2 Ministries

Sweden - 3 Ministries

Switzerland - 1 Department


 Taiwan - 1 Administration

Tanzania - 1 Ministry

Thailand - 1 Ministry

Turkey - 3 Ministries


 Ukraine - 1 Ministry

United Kingdom - 2 Departments

Northern Ireland - 2 Departments

Wales - 2 Agencies

US National - 15 Departments

US State - 97 Departments

Uruguay - 1 Ministry

Venezuela - 1 Ministry


 In addition there are:

557 international/state NGOs

Non-Government Organizations

Though their influence varies

They are not included


 Sparks - On the record

For the record