Turkeys on the fence

Turkeys on the fence

Turkeys on the fence


What if?

A group of acid heads

Formed a think tank

Based upon a theory

Of imprinting principles

Established by Karl Marx

And Friedrich Engels

As conceived in the

Communist Manifesto


A certain amount of

Moral indifference

Would be necessary

In order to achieve

Absolute results


The fact that free people

Don’t aspire to such reality

Under one world governance

Is an unfortunate obstacle


But what if...

They could be motivated

To choose such a system

As the lesser of two evils?


“Burn down the system

To raise socialism

From the ashes”


What sovereign country

Would embrace such chaos

As to destroy itself

And what would that serve

If only one country

Embarked on that path?


Perhaps two countries

Could do battle such that

The world would be engulfed

In their conflict


But wait...

Regional conflicts

Occur without chain reaction

Quite often


It would require a war

Of significant impact

To ensure the entire world

Would be destabilized


It would have to be a war

Between two superpowers


Unilateral escalation

Would allow massive alignment

Of rational opposition


It’s impossible to bill

The fight of the century

With only one fighter


Tickets wouldn’t sell

And total annihilation

Would result in nothing left

To totally govern


You have to have a large

But scaled conflict

That would entice countries

To choose a moderate path

Exclusive of either contender


An adult in the room


And it wouldn’t hurt

If long standing structures

Of history, heritage, faith

Morality and cultural tradition

Were destabilized as well




Perhaps not completely


With proper agitation

Along traditional fault lines

A content world just might

Be susceptible to being

Knocked off balance

And antagonized to a point

Of irrational reflex


It’s a tensor exercise


Substantial vectors of force

Must be motivated

In opposition


A masterpiece composition

Preying on natural values

Of historically sound prejudice

Outrageous abuse of sensitivity


A world without balance

Cultural divide along lines

Of race, religion and politics


Contenders mustn’t discover

Their emotions are being exploited

They mustn’t think the tail

Is wagging the dog


That might incite pride

When fear is more effective


It’s critical to massage instincts

To get people to turn

Against each other

Without questioning why


Suspicion is useful

As long as it’s projected

Toward any conceivable target


Your suspicion is aroused now

But are you pissed yet?


You should be


A little more acid

And we can conjure up

An alternative world order

 One with predefined rules


A world with intended winners

Which requires inevitable losers


Implementation must be subtle

It’s taken decades so far

Hypothetically of course


So let’s begin...


Perhaps you’ve noticed

You’re becoming anxious

As traditional lines between

Moderate left and right

Don’t make sense anymore


Beliefs once understood

Have become blurred

Causing you to question

What you thought you knew


Which makes you uncomfortable

Which makes you scared

Which makes you angry


This is because you’re a pawn

Regardless of which side you’re on


Do the elitist math

Six billion people

Two billion is “sustainable”

Six minus two is four

Hard choices must be made


If you knew this

You’d be on the inside

And it would all make sense


Surely you’re not hung up on

Traditional sovereignty

That’s simply unsustainable


Sovereignty is a problem

It’s a great place to start


These aren’t my beliefs

I’m just playing Devil’s advocate

As if I were an acid head

Sorting it all out...


As if I were morally indifferent

As if I were insane


Let’s face it

The world won’t mobilize

Debt and weapons of war

Embraced by public approval

Without an existential threat


We need a cause

A substantial cultural shift

Pitting incompatible worlds

Against each other

Historically, religion works


Perhaps  the Old Order Amish

They reject and oppose

Many ways of modern culture

But a sufficient threat

They are not


Horse drawn carriages

Simply don’t creep people out

And their idea

Of a roadside bomb

Is something the horse left

Enroute to town


The fact that they’re peaceful

And have never attacked anyone

Doesn’t inspire fear


The threat must be larger

And it must be adequate

To cause a distracted world

To pay attention


Islamic fundamentalism

Is a perfect choice


Like the Amish they oppose

Advanced modern cultures


Unlike the Amish they hold

Deep motivations to subdue

With ambitions to expand

Demanding submission

It’s in their creed


But a secure world believes

It can’t be touched by anger

Emanating from sand dunes

Half way across the planet


To become a viable threat

That needs to change


They must be taught the arts

Of modern weapons and tactics

They must be armed

And mobilized


More on that soon...


It’s important to point out

That a religious conflict alone

Won’t weaken people’s grip

On their own sovereignty

Because for better or worse

They’re accustomed to it


An obvious existential threat

Will only draw them closer to it


We tend toward the familiar


Desire to make sovereignty

An option of potential risk

Is ill served by strengthening it


What we need is

A layered strategy

To erode culture and tradition

Identity and religion also


The change must be gradual

So the frog doesn’t notice

And leap out of the pot

As water comes to boil


Cloward and Piven strategy

Suggests collapsing the system

By overloading it


Who thinks like that

And which system?


Again, it’s a tensor study


We are each individual systems

With specific beliefs

Ripe for attacks and overload

Approaching from multiple fronts


What’s your age?

What’s your status?

What’s your gender?

What’s your race?


What are your principles?

What’s your faith?

What’s your history?

Any skeletons in your closet?


Who were your ancestors?

What did they do?

What didn’t they do?


How firm is your identity?

Are you proud of who you are?

What’s it mean to be proud?


What’s important enough...

To live or die for?

To kill for?


Are you a threat to the world?

Can you be tied to one?

Can you be shamed?


Do you covet?

Are you an oppressor?

Or a victim?


In the light of public scrutiny

How easy is it to overwhelm you

As a system?


We perceive these attacks

To be of many fronts

But what if they are one?

What if they’re not arbitrary?


What if they’re intentional?

Coordinated by rules

Written for radicals


Who is Alinsky?


If you value liberty

Your sovereignty is a target

How important is it to you

To defend it?


Paul Joseph Goebbels

Established the Ministry

For Public Enlightenment

And propaganda


In short...

The Ministry of Propaganda


Its focus to influence opinion

Favorably to the will of the state


Today it might be called

Mainstream and social media


To collapse the system

The system must be reached


But can such manipulation

Be successful?


It must be...


People are afraid and angry

Drug use and suicide is up

Seems like a number of ‘systems’

Are collapsing under load


Who thinks that way

And why would they do that?


One answer might suggest

It loosens our grip on sovereignty


Free thought adds to anxiety

Increases fear and depression

Threatens our best interests

Free thought is dangerous


Another answer would suggest

That fear is a survival instinct

Allowing reaction and flight


It’s an assault of attrition


Without morality and faith

With traditions erased

Patriotism and culture shamed

Of what value is our identity?


And of what use is our sovereignty?


Why shouldn’t we trade it

For security?


Enough on that for now


How can we arm fundamentalism

And win our next election?


The short answer is we can’t

The world won’t buy it


Unless we were to support

A helpless victim under attack

By a far superior aggressor


Examples might include

Contras against a Marxist regime

Iranians opposed to fundamentalism

Or a Russian invasion of Afghanistan


Openly we would be opposed

But secretly we find opportunity

To finance fundamentalism

For the sake of democracy


US Presidents make choices

Based on what they’re told


Such decisions are too important

To be trusted to four year elections


Effective leadership must span

And survive administrative winds


‘People deserve collective judgement’


Collective judgement sounds like

Centralized governance


Enter crisis management

What possibilities accompany

A weaponized fundamentalism?


Alternatively stated

What advantages might be gained

By merging opposing cultures?


Fundamentalists desire expansion

But lack means and motivation


If Afghanistan is the victim

What’s Russia’s motivation?


Does it matter?


The aggression was adequate to

Arm and support fundamentalism

For the sake of the flag


The challenge remains

How to motivate the expansion


A massive campaign of war

Spanning multiple Islamic lands

Sparking an Arab Spring uprising

And refugee displacement

Across the entire world


Dissemination of fundamentalism

Across established opposing cultures

To Cloward and Piven the systems

Cultivating cultural chaos

And sovereign anxiety


Eventually escalating conflict

Again blamed on sovereignty


And it seems

At every circle of the wagons

Control is centralized

At the expense of sovereignty


Ultimately advancing control


But there had to be motivation

For the war across Islamic lands


Initially it was blamed on

Weapons of mass destruction

In response to the attack

Of September 11th, 2001


That was the event

That mobilized America


In the campaign for the flag

Lines were crossed


Crimes were committed

Lies were told and lives forfeited

To cover up those crimes


These lies included a mugging

An Islamic riot

And a YouTube video


We still haven’t established

The existential escalation

That would “burn down the system”


Spoiler alert

China’s the designated adult in the room


The contenders are US and Russia

The initial escalation was in Syria

Over chemical weapons used


What if they weren’t Assad’s weapons?

What if they came from Libya?

How did Assad do that?


Ultimately the initial attempt failed

And the theater was moved to Ukraine

Where it continues today


Why are US biological weapons labs

Located in China and Ukraine?


What are the advantages

Of a global pandemic?


My suspicion is

WHO knows

And that’s UN-American


Will escalation succeed this time?


Let’s hope not.


Another attack on sovereignty

Arrives as the argument

For sustainability


Climate change and greenhouse gas

Forces farmers to turn off tractors

Concede their livelihoods

And destroy their animals


Farmers being

The ultimate sovereign souls


This completes the circle of...

Equity Sustainability and Governance

The common denominator of which

Is insanity


The merits of ESG can only be sold

By the Ministry of Propaganda

Backed by money and power


The CCP isn’t a contender in this race

It’s the consolidation destination


So while we’re all tangled up

In the debate of left and right

Or whether we’re ethnic enough

Or whose ancestors took what

From whom and when

Or if a country bumpkin pop star

Should be our moral compass...


The globalists are spinning us

And laughing


They’re stripping our identity

Sovereignty and liberty

While we’re distracted


The true contest is between

Globalists and the sovereign

Also known as nationalists


The fact nationalism is shamed

By the Ministry of Propaganda

Shows that the globalist know

Who their enemy is


Whether the sovereign do or not


So I stand with sovereign nationalists

Who live in every country


We don’t have to agree on anything

But I’ll still stand with you

And against globalism


It’s well past time

For the rest of you turkeys

To get off of the fence


Arise and wake up


Shall - 2024