00 Prologue – Cleansing

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Prologue - Cleansing

What matters



Neither created

Nor destroyed


Light power and will

Makes up soul

Shakes up rules


Disciples of Science

Place hypothesis

Outside God’s context


Aspiring intellect

Pride replaces God

Finds itself dismissed



Sometimes enlightened

Struck in silent awe


Absolute knowledge

A poison

Taste inflicts insanity


Such legacy

Of those who’ve seen


Through history

Brilliance achieves






To harness knowledge

Isn’t the matter

To share is


Seek and ye may find

Seek carefully

Some truth can’t be unfound


God redefines

According to his will


Substance to fire

Fire to ash

Ash to clay

Clay to dust


Cleansing matter

That doesn’t matter

Defining new matter


Science postulates

Questions to fit answers




Before the beginning


Time spanning infinity

consists of rolling waves of eras

crashing on the shore of destiny

as undertow draws them

to a new beginning


Post homo sapiens

enlightenment eras are attributed

to Earth’s perceived evolution

and advances in development


Before the era of man other beings

existed prehistoric and otherwise


And before them

angelic battles exploding heavens

marking time with other waves

of creation and destruction

defying intellectual understanding


Consciousness without bodies

Heavenly bodies without conscience


Good and evil vying for dominance

within will of each, just as now

populating alliance and defiance

just as now


God was responsible for all of it


Civilization was not a question

of creation or big bang

but which creation

which bang

which wave


Will we be the last?


Will our bones

join some future debate

over contradiction of someone’s

fragmented time wave?


How much of our wave

are we allowed to know?


Between each time vast darkness

until light again brings the dawn

of a new era


Time and existence scatter

with remnants surfacing in waves

consequential like fill materials

delivered to a construction site


No reason to re-create clay

blending results in contradictions

unintended but useful to maintain

the mystery of the great play


Prophets and jesters

high priests of science

religious orders

each with a seat at a table

they can’t make sense of


A teaspoon of Darwin

a peaceful garden

an explosion followed

by chaos and contest


God indeed has

a unique sense of humor


Aberrations of ego and vanity

coveting some pureness

some measure of truth

and its promise of power


Such is the curse and challenge

of knowledge


A curse befell God’s beautiful angel

banished to rule over darkness


Who am I?

And why should I seek thee?

And will I recall thee when I can see?


Thus all things were conceived

to become as intended

prior to this time to be known as


‘In the beginning’


Then there’s the matter of the Civil


In the garden gathered around

like jackals attending a street fight

with Eve and the serpent


They were there at the tower

convincing man of a stairway

in defiance of God’s will


It was their opening bid


It was then they lost immortality

but retained knowledge

and longevity that provided

great influence and power


Without obedience to God or Satan

they attend their own agenda


Their muse

the molestation of free will

combined with shame

and they are excellent at it


Which begins our story