01 Cold rain

Spin balance cover picture

Cold rain


Violent crack shatters tranquil mist

In cold rain blood pools beneath him


No one else witnessed

At the Park-and-Ride this night

Shadow vanishes into darkness


Burning lead

A contract with destiny sealed

Just another genius death


Proof’s in the pudding

Now the pudding is gone


Order restored

Conclusion begins






You save me

When I don’t know I’m in danger


You find me

When I don’t know I’m lost


You strengthen me

When I don’t know my weakness


You love me

When I didn’t think it possible


I asked you for a book that day

You gave me a lifetime


Thank you


Your Paperboy




Ask about the calendar


 Daily Sun, Sparks



 Mr. Sparks you’ve been chosen

For an inside story


There’s something very wrong

Something you should know

Should disclose


 It affects time or more specifically

Our abundance of it


 They changed the numbers

Change numbers change the game


2012 requests your discretion

It was visible to few in 2000

Irrelevant a century earlier


 Secret begins before the pyramids

Its influence is vast


Societal legacy of strength

Power to challenge existence

Exist against challenge

Clear a path, clear you from it


 Your life will be in danger

All our lives are


 Now it’s up to you

Are you up to it?


 Ask about the calendar Mr. Sparks

It’s an imperfect world


 You’re just following a story


Don't draw attention

It will find you soon enough




Randall Sparks


Is a freelance reporter for the

Daily Sun


Moderate autism enhances his

investigative aptitude but often

renders social exchange awkward


As odd luck would have it he found

a girl who loves him anyway


Focused on the scent of a story

he settles into his comfort zone

where he’s not typically distracted

by shiny objects




Call to MIT


 Massachusetts Institute

of Technology

Archeology Department


 Dr. Oleb Scorcinski answers


 Mr. Scorcinski it’s Randall Sparks

I’m contemplating a piece


 The Daily Sun Chronicle, yes sir


 A study of the Egyptian and

Aztec cultures relating to time


 And the Mayan calendar

As compared with our own


 It’s what, more accurate?


 Perfect, and what?

It ends in 2012


 Got it


 What then?


 We’re ahead

By how many?


 About four days


 What does that mean exactly?


 I mean, do we fix it?


 Or adjust?


 Y2K panic


 It’s just off then?




 What’s that have to do with orbit?


 Leap year?


 Ok great




 This is perfect for my article!


 A regional piece




 Yeah, no I don’t


 You have to have a clearance

To find out more about time?




 It’s time!


 How secret could it be?


 Global what, security?




 What’s that to do with the Mayans?


 Did they have clearances?




 Yeah, no you’ve been great


 This will work!


 And can I call?


 Thanks, thank you




Joe Connors - editor


A piece on time?


On time?



Funny Joe


Apparently we have some extra days


I don’t know, it just came up


But isn’t it curious?


2012 maybe it all ends


Good time to refinance?


Thanks boss




Daily Sun Chronicle


Is a tapestry publication


Local news and advertising

human interest stories

arts and entertainment


Scenic loops highlighting

local culture


In days of hometown news

it stood tall


But the rise of 24 hour

breaking news and world events

pushed yesterday to the curb


Thousands of small publications

disappeared when the dust of

expansion settled


Some tried to compete

and lost everything


Others held tight to a hometown feel

their loyal subscribers followed


Impossible to get global information

from a small paper but difficult to

connect locally from a world stage




Randall calls Susan


 Hey love, yeah


 Everything’s going fine








We’ll celebrate!


 Meet you at eight?


 You know I do


 Right now?






 That’s distracting!






 I will!


 Ok bye




A stitch in time


 By Randall Sparks


 The reason for leap year

We have extra time


 Our orbit around the sun

Adds a day every four years

And some change


 The Mayan calendar

Is more accurate


 They didn’t have leap years

And theirs ends in 2012


 Oops someone wasn’t planning!

Maybe they count backwards then?


 We end up with several extra days


 It’s difficult to fix

Because of the calendars


 There are a lot of them, clocks too

Machines, what have you


 Perhaps a series of spring forwards

Until the days align again?


 Otherwise seasons arrive early

It changes what Greenwich means


 No time like the present


 I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday

For a hamburger today


 Time to get off a broken record


 Sparks - on the record

For the record




Joe Connors


Edits the paper


He doesn’t rock the boat

or get excited

so long as the print arrives

in a timely manner


Joe just wants things to go smooth

and he’s happy


Until he’s not




NSA visit


 National Security Administration

Agent Ethan Stearns


 This man Sparks

Is he your reporter?


 You give him this story?


 His piece?


 So he just does what he wants

Your permission?


 We’re asking here


 You recall Y2K, the panic?


 That makes it ours


 What’s done is done


 It is done, right?


 Please say it’s done


 Trouble where there is none

Is irresponsible


 We pay attention to threats


 You’re not a threat, right?


 That would be a bad thing


 You don’t want that


 You don’t want that Mr. Connors




Connors’ surprise


 What did you do?


 NSA came to my office


 Big brother big shots!

Y2K blah, blah!


 Who are you?


 What do you know?


 Who’ve you been talking to?


 Who do you know?


 What else did Scorcinski say?


 So again


 What did you do?


 Who’s Scorcinski?


 Pressure me

Over a Mayan calendar?


 They don’t own this paper!


 The nerve of that guy!


 Need to know my rear!


 They get nothing!


 Tell me my business?



 I don’t think so


 They don’t want us curious!


 They haven’t seen us curious!


 You be careful Sparks

And you drop this now!


 And if you don’t, you tell me!


 No don’t tell me!


 Unless you’ve got something

Then you tell me!

So we can see


 Then we’ll see


 You hit something Sparks


 Good work!


 Whatever this is

You hit something


 But if it goes bad

It was all you




NSA phone call


 Mr. Connor it’s Ethan Stearns


 National Security Agency


 That's right yes


 We didn’t mean to alarm you

It’s just policy, these things


 We had to follow up, that’s all


 Can’t be too careful these days

With all the hoopla


 Nation to protect

I’m sure you understand?


 But if you have any questions


 Here’s a number

Where I can be reached


 For a follow up


 Or just in case you get curious


 Let us know

We’re happy to help


 It’s important we work together




Don’t speak in your office


 Yeah, this is Sparks


 Mr. Sparks

You must appreciate the gravity


 Don’t ask who this is

Say nothing just listen


 Don’t speak near a computer

Not in front of a window


 Write it

Several pieces of paper

Out of camera view


 Share this with your editor Joe


 Only share what must be told

Then destroy the papers


 If we are discovered

This conversation will cease


 And you won’t be able to help


 Then we won’t be able to help you

And that wouldn’t be good


 NSA isn’t the enemy

But nothing’s safe there


 Government channels are insecure

You can’t trust them


 And a clearance would bind your pen


 That’s why we need you Mr. Sparks


 You’re the wildcard


 The orbit’s changing


 There’s not much time


 The days are a lie


 Leap year’s a lie


 At least it’s not the whole truth


 You’ll be contacted again

By others


 Guard what they tell


 You must appreciate the gravity




Not interested, sorry




 You have the wrong guy!


 My work’s based on facts


 You speak in opaque riddles


 Find a gamer who has the time


 I can’t help you


 I won’t


 Not interested








Do you think he will do it?


 Of course, he must


 What other choice is there?


 To know


 To have knowledge of devastation

And a chance to stop it?


 He can’t walk away


 He might have quit

He should have


 That would have been unfortunate

All around


 But then he asked


 He took the challenge


 Nature owns him now

It’s his burden


 The hook is set


 It’s just too important


 There must be a single point




 Conclusion’s his point


 The correction will proceed


 The right people will see


 They’ll follow the path


 People must believe in something

Good or bad


 The game’s in play


 There’s no otherwise


 He’ll be back