02 Persuasion

Spin balance cover picture



Principles can’t be bought

They can be bent slightly


Will must be predestined

To do what you want

With soft influence


Assistance and support


Chess pieces

Know not their purpose


It’s not essential


The play remains

In the master’s mind


Obstacles nudged

Or better yet moved

By the opponent


Who believes the choice

Is his own


Belief is fundamental


Truth is easier to hide

When thus presented


Persuasion assumes posture

Of allowance


Until the strike


The prize awaits


You see the puppet

Provides the string


It continues as always




A killing I think


 You always

Think there needs to be a killing



 A sentence needs to have a period

Before it’s complete



 It needs to have a period

Because it’s complete



 Yes that’s the point



 A killing then?





 But perhaps

More of a signature


 I was thinking

A subtle breeze



 Just a soft stroke?






 Rain would be nice



 God willing






Editor’s cut 02002


 Arbitrary murder is unseemly.

There’s little reward in the surrender

of a game piece for no advantage.


 But the mortality of Dr. Allen Phepps

presented an unfortunate obstacle,

to an essential narrative better

served by his absence.


 Therefore his death in the cold rain

was quite acceptable.




Table for two





 Sparks please?



 Ah yes

The young lady's waiting for you


 Right this way sir




Wow you look great!


 It’s been a strange day

More than usual


 I can relax now

Tonight is about you!


 I’m hungry for you

But we should eat first


 I’ll tell you about it later



 Mr. Sparks, you have a call

 You can take it in the lounge



 Thank you





 You’re not listening Mr. Sparks


 Do you think this is a joke?


 We can’t protect you

If you refuse to help yourself


 It’s very serious


 Be precisely careful

What you say and to whom


 She’s a lovely girl

In danger because of you


 Well done


 We can protect you both


 But don’t be stupid


 You have a decision to make


 Choose incorrectly

We’ll protect someone else




 Look up a man named Warbel


 Dr. Jonathan Edward Warbel


 He has precious facts you covet


 Find him


 Go see him


 Don’t tarry


 You said you wanted to know


 This is your opportunity


 That’s all for now


 Tell her it was work


 Enjoy your evening


 We’ll be in touch



 Hey love I’m back


 No it’s fine

Just work


 Always a reporter


 Nature of the beast

Cost of freedom


 Us now, ok?




Peaceful easy feeling


Always a reporter?


How did they know

About the restaurant?


If they aren't NSA

Who are they?







Bowels of a story

Are uneasy






Pick it up in the morning




Web search results


Science day magazine

Dr. Jonathan Edward Warbel


“Once brilliant now fallen”


Quakes the Geophysics world


Secrets of the universe

And those of the planet


Interdependent disciplines

Focus hypothesis


Sounds of a celestial body

Doppler positioning


Balance effects upon sound

Orbital predictions by sound


The Warbel Effect - law


Balance effects upon geophysics


Shifting of planetary axis

Magnetic flux and fields


Golden boy of the GGUI

Geodesy and Geophysics Union



Atmospheric Research Physicist


Warbel affect upon plate shift


Instrumental contributions


Center for systematic collection

International world data


Disaster predictions

Prevention studies and balance


This once monolith intellect

Became obsessed with Nostradamus

The occult and ‘moon babies’


Stripped of his fame

Reduced to obscurity



To a mental facility




His early findings alone

Profoundly influence sciences

Of Geodesy, Geophysics

And Astronomy


“The Warbel Effect remains

While the man does not”




Editor’s desk


 Sparks places a post-it-note

on Joe Connor’s desk

with one word written on it


 I think it’s a wrap

The ‘time thing’


 The story’s done


 Time to move on

Pardon the pun


 Dr. Warbel’s another story


 Tree falls in the forest

Cost of success


 Brilliance gone mad


 Lot going on there


 I sense there’s more

It’s bigger than time


 I’ll need time to tell it


 (Pointing to the note

Which reads only




 Go with God my son


 Bring me some print






Joe Connors never says copy


He always says print


He says when a story’s first

Let everyone else copy




Intra-Care 1


 Behavioral Health Center

Indefinite commitment annex


 Yes, he’s here with us


 Visitation is reserved for family

And those with explicit permission


 He signed himself in

Quite some time ago


 The rules Mr. Sparks


 Dr. Warbel has agreed to see you

You’ll be the first in a long while


 He’s quite intelligent

And most of the time coherent


 Do not stress him


 If he wants to talk he’ll talk

Wants you to return you may


 I think it will do him good

To see someone


 Nice to matter again


 Some residents have a lot of friends

Some imaginary






 They spend most time alone

Like this one


 No one should be alone


 Alone sucks


 Maybe you’ll make a friend




Jonathan Warbel visit 1


 I’m crazy you know

Loonier than a loon

Nuttier than a fruitcake


 In case they didn’t tell you

Or you didn’t get it


 Of course

I’m not supposed to know


 Because that would mean

I’m not crazy


 How insane is that?


 You said you wanted to know

About me, about my work?

And the Warbel Effect?


 It’s a very long and twisted story


 But there is much more to tell

If you have the time


 All of it true


 Some of it

Will sound insane


 But that’s why we’re here

Isn’t it?


 I’ll have to cut it back

Tone it down

Put it in layman’s terms


 Lay it out simple

For you


 I’ll tell you what it’s about

What it is


 And finally, who’s behind it


 Or at least who I believe


 Well then


 You can choose your jump off

Somewhere between fruit salad

And the punch bowl




Warbel 101


 My study was Astrophysics


 Every physicist

Scientist for that matter

Wants his own discovery


 His own thing


 Mine was as simple as a tire


 It receives a tiny amount of weight

In precise location as to balance it


 Do you know why?



 So it doesn’t wobble?





 So it doesn’t Warbel


 It’s a joke son

Try to keep up


 You spend your life in physics

Stumble across one idea

And another by accident really


 Until you find one

No one else noticed


 And so you groom it

Check and test it

Struggle to define it


 Write about it


 Suddenly you’re discovered


 Ten seconds of glory

If you’re lucky


 For something so minute

So infinitesimally stupid


 That no one else thought

Or bothered with it


 That’s how you become “known”


 Brilliance and study

Only puts you in the neighborhood


 A neighborhood of luck


 Boyle, Watts, Ohm


 The laws we live by


 Do you have any idea

How many physicists stole

The same formula

For proportionality

And applied it to their own fame?


 Science is study and discovery


 It’s not creation


 It’s all been done for us

Uh hmm


 I’m ranting aren’t I?


 It happens


 You’re precisely right Mr. Sparks


 The tire wobbles


 And that wobble

Makes a certain sound


 When the tire’s in balance

There’s much less sound


 But there’s always sound

There is no perfect balance


 Health, nutrition, life

It’s a myth, a grail


 Sound is capriciously defined


 As the reaction when waves of air

Encounter the human ear drum

Signals sent to the brain


 So what is sound

When a dog hears it?


 Or a whale?


 That can be more accurately defined

As vibration


 The wobbly tire vibrates


 Vibrations are transmitted

Through the air or the ground


 Picked up by the hooves

Of a deer


 That bounds from the path

Or into it


 They say the Warbel Effect

Is about sound


 Space is cold and empty


 Very limited air

Very little sound there


 The tire still vibrates

Whether we hear it or not


 As does the planet

As a function of balance


 The matter is but to hear it