03 Intra-Care 2

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Intra-Care 2


 Behavioral Health Center


 He’s been waiting for you


 Loves to hear himself talk

Thinks you’re a good listener


 I’d say he likes you




Jonathan Warbel visit 2


 Do you have any idea

How large the planet is?


 13 the lucky number

169 the square of 13

533 10 bits plus the drinking age

693 column multiple 231 times 3

875 eight ciento and three quarters

800 eight ciento

921 eight ciento and eleven square

604 four bottles of 151 rum

096 eight times 12


 Write all those out and you get

The mass of the Earth


 According to a consensus

Adopted in the sixties


 Or you could just round it

To thirteen Septillion pounds

It’s 13 with 24 zeroes behind it


 Assuming core density is the same


 And do you know why it’s molten?


 Why it’s warming?


 One can hide any number of sins

Within numbers


 But were you aware that all sins

Reside within numbers?


 And there are scores of numbers

That would seek sin there


 Cultivated for no reason at all

Other than intrinsic evil


 And when evil looks directly

Into your eyes

You know it


 You feel it


 And you know there’s no escape


 My life exists here in this place


 Inside me now

Safe within insane sanctuary


 Powerless to act I pretend

There is nothing to see

As long as I’m the one who sees


 (Jonathan studies his guest

For a discomfiting long period)


 Do I concern you?


 Guess I left again, sorry


 Have you ever heard of

Michel de Nostredame






 Very good

He too had to hide his truth


 He too saw evil

And it saw him


 The weight is very small

In comparison to the tire


 Perhaps half an ounce

Against a hundred pounds


 That tiny difference

In the right place serves balance


 Applied in the wrong place

Doubles the imbalance

Increasing the wobble

Affecting drag and direction


 The aggregate change

May be too small to determine


 It is change just the same


 The difference in harmonics

Is significant and easier to detect


 Think of harmonics as multiples


 You might hear the difference

As such a tire approaches

And in the change as it departs


 Your perspective involves

How close you are

To the tire’s path


 Across a field is much different

Than next to the road


 Mountains or buildings

Even a passing car


 Can amplify the sound such that

You could notice the difference

If you knew what to listen for


 The study of harmonics

Is a study of frequency and vibration


 A vast range of which sound

Represents a very small spectrum


 A crystal vibrates at a very high rate

You can’t hear it yet it exists


 Place two crystals together

Such that you get their sum

And more importantly

Their difference


 And if that difference

Falls within a frequency

Detectable by human hearing

In sufficient amplitude

It becomes audible


 Sound reproduction equipment

Uses this science to reproduce

The reflection of a plate

Or the echo of a cathedral


 Still with me so far?



 So far



 Good then


 Variable Frequency Oscillation VFO

Employed in communications

Allows us to hear code or voice


 It’s the difference you see


 The difference we hear

Not the frequency


 This is in part

How I achieved the effect


 My effect


 Not the frequency of the vibration


 Rather the difference between

That and a reference source


 Amplitude and perspective

Were much bigger obstacles


 I should think this to be

Sufficient for now


 Do you agree?


 And if so please leave me




Jonathan Warbel visit 3


 Dr. Warbel

I’m bothered by something


 Why are you in here?


 You seem very coherent to me


 It may seem crazy, but

To question your rationale

Requires me to question my own


 It doesn't make sense

 So why?




Warbel 102




 Thank you

For that acknowledgement


 In the twentieth century

We were introduced to the concept

Of our own demise

From various origins


 Floods, the cold war, earthquakes

More so than any previous time


 Air raid drills and fallout shelters

Seeking refuge in doorways

And under desks


 Lie down in a ditch

Hands over your head

Your feet facing the blast


 Higher ground from rising waters

Question the water


 Wait for the ‘all clear’ signal


 It’s natural I suppose




 These practices were not designed

To protect you from harm

Rather to allow for survival


 No promise was made

That life would be desirable

Even if you survived


 When imminent threat

Involves danger that’s immanent

Meaning it’s everywhere

It’s all around you?


 Your only choice is to go inside


 Where it’s not safe

But you might survive

However briefly


 Sounds alarmist doesn’t it?


 Paranoid I’d have to say


 Wouldn’t you?


 And that’s crazy


 The more you know

The closer you become

A threat to them


 Just in coming here


 I suspect you knew this already


 Enough of that for now


 We’re moving right now

A thousand miles an hour


 At least at the equator


 Can you feel it?


 The reason we don’t feel it is

The Earth’s surface moves as well


 The shift is undetectable

From our perspective


 Just as the sound of a passing car

Is unheard before it passes


 The sound of two vehicles

Is their sum and difference


 The question becomes

How to gain perspective


 Our initial challenge


 How about the moon

We know the average distance


 The size, mass and rotation


 It’s perihelion, the closest point

And aphelion, the farthest


 Their difference of 26,466 miles


 Could we hear the Earth

From the Moon?


 The long and short of fluid dynamics


 Is that there’s not enough fluid

For the sound to be dynamic


 In perfect air it would take

Twelve and a half days to get there

And for the sound to return here


 From a satellite a day and six hours


 Imprecise and impossible


 Lasers might work

If the moon were a disco ball


 Again the cost is prohibitive

Any cost is enormous


 The problem extends beyond

Finding a needle in a hay stack

To first finding the right hay stack


 Sound essentially stops

Just below the Exosphere


 So much sound exists there

It’s like listening for a whisper

In a hurricane


 After Sputnik launched in 1957

Science began to listen

Across the radio spectrum


 Down in the VLF


 The Very Low Spectrum

Were Spherics from lightning

Tweeks and Whistlers

From more distant lightning


 Cosmic debris from TV and radio

Cell phones and aircraft

Create so much noise


 It makes one thankful

For the Exosphere


 But there lies the grail


 The ‘Lion’s Roar’

Where the magnetic field dominates

In perpetual dance with solar winds


 Ions in solar plasma are charged

Winds compress in the sun

A supersonic shock wave is created

Influencing the Magnetosphere


 Expanding in the night

Detoured at the Bow Shock

The Magnetotail passes


 Yet within a region

Of the Magnetosphere

Plasma bounces back and forth


 Radio waves expose

The roar of the lion


Brief and random

Unless you listen closely

Record and compare



The error illuminates the dance


 It’s not a failure of resolution


 The error is the effect

Defined as Warbel


 Changing the magnetic field

Rendered the first CRT


 Cathode Ray Tube


 And television was born


 The inverse


 Move mass within the field


 Affecting the field

Affecting the roar


 The rest of the story is easy


 Define the pattern and period

The mean comparison


 Then convince a skeptic world


 This concept alone

Was not a threat


 The vision it revealed was


 More on that later




This story can't be written


Who would believe it?


Who could understand?


It reads like a science test


People want to hear the radio

not how it's built


But if he ever gets to it

and he hints at it

there's controversy buried inside


So far lots of notes

with little understanding

as to how it approaches an end


But Randall is hooked




That was your thing?


 You did all of that?



 Yes I did



 And you’re telling me why?



 You’re the only one asking



 And by my asking?



 By asking


 Your risking your life


 As much as I am

For talking to you



 Should I return?



 I can’t answer that for you


 Be careful who you talk to

Trust no one


 Perhaps you shouldn’t come back



 I don’t have that choice



 Then you probably never did




Editor’s cut 03006


 Randall’s tuned into securing a story.

That’s what he does. It’s his nature.


 Dr. Warbel was quite an ambitious

and prosperous investment to

the Civil.


His sudden and selfless commitment

was extremely unfortunate.


 For the Civil’s purposes, Randall’s

instincts were a match made near

Heaven. That’s exactly why him.




Editors desk - this man


 Dr. Warbel rambles


 Half the time I don’t get

What he’s saying


 He was huge in his field


 What he’s recognized for

Is so far out there


 It sounds crazy


 I need a different approach


 More human


 He’s interesting

Funny and likeable


 If I can put that together

It will be a great read


 Tragedy maybe


 But it’s not ready yet


 Let’s put it off for a bit

See what we get



I’ll work some other leads



 Fine then work your leads

But I want edge not scraps


 Make me happy Sparks


 Pretend it’s all about me


 Thanks for your update


 Go away now and work


 Don’t forget

Make me happy