04 Jonathan Warbel visit 4

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Jonathan Warbel visit 4


 At this point it becomes necessary

To lie to you in part


 For your protection and mine


 Can’t have you making perfect sense

Now can we?


 At a point you will come to know

That which is fact and fiction


 For now it is best to let that go


 My apology ahead of time


 The tire do you recall?


 The weight was external


 What do you suppose

Would be the increase of mass

For the planet


 Due to construction of cities

Stadiums, freeways, structures


 What difference would it make

To the mass?


 Before you answer


 Consider the pyramids

Temples and coliseums

Airports and freeway exchanges


 Can you even grasp the idea?




 The answer is zero


 Nothing leaves the planet

Nothing comes nothing changes


 Matter changes mass remains


 So again

What difference does it make?


 The moon still circles

Seas rise


 Tides come and go


 Take the weight off the tire


 Balance it without adding

Or taking anything away


 Somewhat more complex


 The question now


 Requires the gain at some point

To counter the loss elsewhere


 The precise counterpoint

Exact counter amount


 The mass stays the same


 It is instead redistributed


 Suppose you had access to power

Unimaginable wealth and knowledge

To achieve near perfect balance


 Accounting for influence

Of heavenly bodies

Gravitational pull, plate shifts


 One could maintain quiescence


 Elliptical perfection in precise time


 Actually predict and control force


 Tame nature mostly

But not completely


 Imagine a clandestine society acting

With this and its anonymity

As its sole purpose and priority


 To have the ability to predict disaster


 And collective moral deficit

To watch millions perish


 Rather than reveal a secret


 Power to buy and sell countries

Influence governments


 Control permissions

Through permit approval


 Yes if the plans contribute

No if they detract from the design


 Rearrange industry and progress

From any shore to any shore


 All designed to move mass

From one point on the tire to another


 For the purpose of balance


 Disaster prediction is opportunity

To snatch wealth and power

From the jaws of devastation


 They don’t move oil drilling platforms

From the Gulf of Mexico

To Brazil for wealth


 They move power to Brazil


 To control redistribution of mass

Affect balance, recalculate change

And effect as it takes place


 Who would you be willing to kill

To defend such a noble cause?


 It must be carefully orchestrated


 Without detection

In full view of scrutiny

By the seeking eyes of science


 To do this requires coordination

Combination of resources


 Cover through consolidation of ideas

Data shared centrally and globally


 Inconsistencies erased

Through sharing of information


 Unquestioned consensus

Cast in stone as reference


 All carefully controlled


 Then a problem arose


 A little fly in the ointment


 Creation of computer models

To record and compare trajectory

Of expected elliptical orbit


 Could identify deviance

Caused by such activities


 In short

The Warbel model became a risk


 That’s when the attack began

When I saw the face of evil


 Part of what I’ve told you is false


 If you share it

You will be discredited


 I’m tired now

Please leave me






Heavy silence

Enters like fog


When you realize

An uncertain future


No escape plan

Sunset with Susan


Anxious panic

Unfinished life


Warbel’s tale

Reflected another


Calendar and numbers


Sum and difference

Of two stories


The part you hear

Part you play

And a part unspoken


Warbel said he was lying


But the story he told

Was nearly the same


He saw the face of evil


I heard the voice


Were they the same?


What now?


If worst fears are true

How to protect?


And what about Susan?


Am I threat?


Do I listen?


Warbel said trust no one


How do you counter?


They changed the numbers


Who are they?


What numbers?


Pillow and covers

Sun on the shade


A new day

Dead man waking


Tired sore bones



Coffee and aspirin


Yes definitely




Harm's way


You move out

The ones you love


Cliché but it's true


Where to be safe

and set aside life

from something unknown?


Is that what Warbel did?


To share or not to share

Seems the right question


For now no answers


So it's you that must go




On assignment


 Susan, hey love

I must be gone for a bit


 An assignment


 I can’t tell you that yet


 Because I don't know for sure


 Just a little while


 You should worry


 Because if I say don't worry

You'll worry more


 That's why


 I'll call you when I can


 Of course, I do too


 You have no idea how much


 I'll miss you too


 I love you

You know that


 Ok, alright






 Yes babe?



 Did Warbel tell you

About the numbers Mr. Sparks?


 Be sure to ask him


 He could have spared you


 But he became unstable

Too unstable to be effective




Warbel is real


They didn’t make him up

I looked him up


They didn’t make that up

I didn’t make him up


Good lord

It’s a labyrinth


Which is instinct?

And which is directive?


It’s very Matrix

Without weird angles


When chance arrives

If it comes


Will I recognize?




Warbel 103


 Beware of the Civil


 In the garden was the tree

And from it knowledge

Of good and evil


 Before eating from it

You are blind


 After you are not


 You don't know you're blind


 You are unaware

Until you can see


 Awareness consumes

With its salacious appetite


 The serpent spoke to Eve


 She consumed and saw

And she was consumed and seen


 The rest is known


 But for the Civil


 Who sought amusement

At the spoil


 And later at the tower

A great stairway to Heaven


 Language to follow

Confounded and scattered


 Babel on Babylonia


 The Civil were behind that


 They were destined to mortality

But they'd already seen


 They possessed knowledge

And cradled contempt


 Bounty paid


 Ascension to power

And their secret kept


 Nostradamus found obsession

In the occult


 Perhaps in the Civil

Likely so


 He saw the face

For a time it defined him


 Leonardo from Vinci, Italy

Saw it as well


 Both became obsessed

With the search for a truth

That could stop it


 It consumed them


 You’ve heard the saying

It couldn’t be farther from the truth?




 The truth will set you free?


 Righteous truth?


 What doesn't kill you

Makes you stronger?


 Sometimes it just kills you


 A righteous world assumes

The truth to be linear


 The quest confounded in circles


 Because truth in fact

Is circular in nature


 You’ll finally come around

To the truth


 The farther you get from it

The closer you come to some truth


 If not the truth you sought or wanted

The comfortable truth to you


 Perhaps an unreasonable truth


 Picture a circle as a clock


 At midnight reason and rationale

And at six o'clock chaos


 Follow left or right


 The further you go

The more radical

As you approach chaos


 A triangle is the strongest shape


 But a circle provides balance


 The search for truth is no different


 Knowledge of the universe

Leads us


 From that which we understand

Toward that which we do not


 Each step farther

More uncomfortable


 Stretching from sane to insanity


 Those surrounding you fall back

Uncomfortable association


 Suspicion to follow





Blame shame and death


 Everyone who's seen the face

Has struggled with this


 How to share to warn to speak


 It’s the message that consumes


 It kills and destroys


 The threat binds our ability

To act


 To solve the puzzle


 So you write in a mirror

Hide secrets in quatrains


 Burn research ties

Destroy libraries and notes


 Disguise findings


 All revelations

To be discovered by others

Beyond our death

In their own quest for truth



Which steals our infamy

Possibly saving our souls

From the truth


 It’s a horrible obligation, truth

One not easy to survive


 Once you’ve seen the face

Once it’s seen you


 I believe

The Civil are behind it


 They have existed since before

And they were immortal then


 Their progeny transcend time


 To speak of the Civil means death


 You must accept

The remedy has been woven

Through the tapestry of time


 By those who understood

The answer would survive them


 They were given no choice

They were chosen


 And now the package has fallen

Upon you


 Someone sent you to me

And it might have been them


 If so my time here is ending


 Your clock has begun




 To succeed is the only prize


 There’s no reason to believe you will


 Accepting existence of the Civil

Will save you time


 Your future I imagine

At this moment must feel finite


 Quite heavy


 We are all finite Randall


 We all end


 Sounds crazy don’t you think?


 Michel de Nostredame


 Believed his death to be imminent

When Catherine de Médicis

Summoned him to Paris


 It was not so


 I do not believe

Catherine to be of the Civil


 I do believe Michel knew of them

And they of he


 The introduction no doubt

Through his curiosity toward

Leonardo of Vinci, Italy


 Who passed him the baton

Through his search for the truth


 And by my guess

The discovery of so much more


 Satan is subtle and sly


 But these people

The Civil


 Are evil in incarnate


 They share secrets

To destroy you for amusement


 Their plan is unspeakable


 They’ll let you taste

Then poison you with taste


 To Nostradamus

They offered consistency


 Then painted him with ridicule


 Gains and losses work in their favor


 It’s not easy to change that

And don't think it can be stopped


 At best perhaps it can be altered


 They might propose a trick

Hidden in the gaps of a book


 Pieces missing to peak your curiosity


 You fill in the blanks


 But it's not you it's them


 It separates you from reality


 Looking back is worse than salt

Looking forward is madness


 What choices are you left with?


 You wanted to know and now

You wish you hadn't asked


 It’s the truth I’ve seen


 It will be tomorrow

Before you begin to see


Before you begin to fathom

What I have told you


 And it seems now

That I've led you to the tree


 For that I'm sorry


 You can’t take this all at once


 Please try to remember I’m crazy

And at least in some things

I am lying


 The bus is slowing

I think this is your stop


 I wish you could get off

But they won't let you


 You will soon return

And believe it's your will


 You can’t help it

And no one can help you


 I will try to do my best


 Could this be my lie?


 Do you think you can tell?