Expressions by Shall

G, I don't know


I ask a gnat

if he knew why the G is silent

and if it's always been that way.


He said "G, I don't know, but

I haven't been here that long".


That was awesome!


Shall - 2024


"You don't know

what you don't know

because you've

been taught

not to know"


"Don't you think you

Should do something

About that?"


Shall - 2024



Shall's reading list


'The Adversity of Diversity'

by Carol M. Swain PH.D.

and Mike Towle


'Last Warning to the West'

by Shea L. Bradley-Farrell, PH.D.


'Indoctrinating Our Children

to Death'

by Alex Newman


'Big Intel'

by J. Michael Waller


'Spin balance'

by Shall


And special thanks go out to

Bill Walton

of 'theBillWaltonShow'

for amazing conversations

and enlightenment




Turkeys on the fence

Turkeys on the fence


What if?

A group of acid heads

Formed a think tank

Based upon a theory

Of imprinting principles

Established by Karl Marx

And Friedrich Engels

As conceived in the

Communist Manifesto...


(full article)


Camas House Publishing


Spin balance cover picture
Spin balance

"Truth is antifragile"

Angels of the meadow cover picture
Angels of the meadow

"We are antifragile"


Spin balance the 'Editor's cut'

a strangely entertaining

fiction thriller


Angels of the meadow

a collection of poems and prose


Complete and free to read

Compliments of

Camas House Publishing





Camas House Publishing



Camas Winds


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