People tilt


Their head and ask

Can you see her?


It’s not like that

I explain


Being one with someone

Who’s a spirit

Has much

That can’t be shared


But enough that can

To help you understand

At least partially


Forget about death

For a moment

Think about life


Add love

And another person


Imagine being in

The most incredible place

You could imagine

With the most incredible person

And that place is with them


Then you’re in love


You’re no longer individual


In true love

You’re part of something

That will never end



You’re in different places

Perhaps they’re home

And you’re at the mall

You might have their picture

Or not


They’re not exactly with you

But they’re always with you


You’re not free

To pursue something else

You’re with them

And they’re with you


Wherever you go

You sense them

And they you

You belong



You are one

Never more to be

Just you


Never searching

For a path

Never questioning their path

They’re your path

And you’re home


It’s like that


Shall - 2020






We decide

What we do

Where we go

And when


We choose

Our values

Favorite colors

Sounds and taste


We’re blessed

With free will


We can’t choose

Not to breathe

Or an extra day



Decisions and values

Can change


Spirit stays the same

It’s our intrinsic self

Our soul’s clarity



You’re my clarity


Shall - 2020






I love you more

Than I loved you

 The day before


Valentine’s day

Our second together

Since you died


We missed the first one

We won’t miss another


I don’t miss

The touch of skin

On my own


I have the touch

Of your spirit

On my soul


I’m the lucky one

You’re my Valentine


Shall - 2020




Puppy love


If I had a tail

It’d never stop wagging

With you around


You thrill me

Head to tail


Shall - 2020




Hard to get


I can’t play it

Because I’m not


You own me

And you know it


So, I’ll get even

Some other way




Shall - 2020




To me


It’s hard to believe


It’s been two years since

I asked God to give you

Half my Heaven


Two years

Since you found me

And I fell into you


Sixty-six days

You’d think I’m crazy

The jury’s returned

It’s confirmed


You married me anyway

Thank you


Two beautiful years

Since I notice you there

Now eternity counts

The seconds I care


Honey it’s true

That each second longer

Our flame burns stronger


There’s nothing so sweet

As Heaven and you


Shall - 2020




Cliffs of Moher


Above vibrant cliffs

We’ll dance in the flowers

Fingers forever entwined


Turbulent spirits

Spiraling life


Hand in hand

Leap from the edge

Phantom amour

In flight


Before the rocks

We’ll rise aloft

Kissed by the spray

Of violent waves crashing


Lashing emotions

Promised to the sea


When your heart’s tears

Surrender to clouds

I’ll hold you close

Until your sun returns


Embraced in my arms

Like a shroud


You should never

Have been left alone


My love

You will never

Be left alone


I’m here now


Shall - 2020




How about you?


How about you huh?

You’ve got me


How about me?

I’ve got you


We’ve got Heaven

God’s got us


What else is there?


Shall - 2020






Does it kill you

How much I love you?


I adore you


I make love to you

In my heart


You’re the draw

To each exhale

The answer

To every pause


You’re my direction

Or I’d be lost


I can’t imagine

Your absence

I don’t know how


I’d sooner sacrifice for you

Than be without you

Because then

I’d have closure


To be me

I need you


Shall - 2020




Our date


Eleven forty-five

The alarm sounds

Movie’s almost over

It’s the last scene

It’s getting late

A panicked wait


Eleven fifty strikes

My hurried pace

My heart’s race


Fifty-two fifty-three

The prayer list looms

As a skyscraper

But not too tall


Fifty-six fifty-seven

Embrace our vows

I crave you

You save me



Twenty-third psalm



The Lord’s prayer

Aaronic benediction

Five four three two one




When it comes

To loving you

I don’t fail


Shall - 2020




Turned on


I always thought

It meant something else



Yes, there’s that

But you make it more


When you smile

You warm my heart

And I smile too


Next to you

I don’t want to leave

Or be anywhere else


Your bones

Weren’t as strong

When you died


Your skin

Not firm as past


Whispered doubts

Joy’s tracings



I crave your bones

Your skin’s my food


You’re treasure

Just as you are


In spirit’s light

You summon me

You turn me on


Beyond amazing

You’re my desire


Everything good

Is you


Shall - 2020




Easter sundae


We’re a mess you and me

A beautiful mess

That doesn’t need to be

Cleaned up


Let’s stay messy

Together forever


What do you get spirit girl?

From all of this

What do you get?


You get me

Nothing held back


Claw me

Cut and bite me

Take me inside you

I’m yours


Not separate

We’re in God

And God’s in us

All messed up together

The Holy Spirit surrounds


Messed up like a sundae

Holy Spirit’s the ice cream

You’re nuts

I’m bananas about you


Ok so maybe I’m nuts

You’re definitely cherries

Life adds whipped cream

All messed up in chocolate

Caramel and pineapple


A beautiful mess

All messed up together

Messed up forever


He’s risen in glory!

A beautiful day


Our second Easter

Happy joy my love


Shall - 2020




I belong to you


I’m not ashamed

To be naked before you


Tree of knowledge

We’ve eaten its fruit


I know good

I’ve known evil

I prefer you


A spirit to belong to

In spirit I long to be

Beyond my flesh

One with you


I love you

More than air

I love you more

Than rain


I love you

More than sex

I love you more

Than anything


I belong to you


Shall - 2020







Sensual and spirit


Your presence

Sustains my strength

It keeps me alive

Keeps me vibrant


Everything else

Is tangential

Except you


We’re connected

You’re central to my life

The center of my universe

Center of my smile


God’s my universe

But you’re my center

And my balance


My rest is with you


Shall - 2020






You once sang

‘And people everywhere

Think some

Think better than I am’


You’re perfect

With all your imperfection

With all your flaws

You have perfect flaws


With your thorns

With your anger

With your love


There’s no such thing

As better than you are


You complete my soul

Fulfill my dreams

Inspire my desire

Nourish my spirit

And decorate our Heaven


Baby we lack nothing


You’re prefect

And I care


Shall - 2020




I love your butt


And everything connected to it

From the tip of your toes

To the top of your head


Your heart’s connected also

And it’s connected to your soul


I love your soul and your shame

You’ve no skeletons to fear

I love your faults and imperfections


There’s no part of you

I don’t love completely

And eternally


It’s why I give myself to you



And it all starts with your butt

I love it


Shall - 2020




To Momma Eileen


You and I

Have someone in common


I love your daughter

And I will never forsake her

I’ll never leave her side


I want you to know

When you need someone

To talk to about her

I’ll always be here


And I’ll always listen

Because I know what you feel

And I want you to share


From now on

I’ve got her hand

She’s safe


Your dark sadness

Became my greatest joy


You’re not alone

I’m here for you


And I want

To take you to dinner

And just listen


I hope to do that

You have my love


Shall - 2020