With you inside


With you inside

My heart shines new

Reflections of Heaven

An essence of two

And dreams

That come true


With you inside

Forget about death

Our tomorrows remain

We live in God’s house

And you are my breath


Content of stride

Skies fill with pride

As nature sings

And life just tastes better

With you inside


Our first

St. Valentine’s together



I love you


Shall - 2019




I promise


March 1, 2018

Give you half my Heaven

You can’t be forsaken


With those words

A year ago this day

I gave my heart away


I love you forever dear

As of now it’s been one year


I’m proud of you

 Proud of every instant of your life

Proud of how you lived it loud


You live in my heart

Beyond a world not good

As it could've been to you


I promise to make it up

I promise


Shall - 2019




Love attended


In my thoughts

All the time


In the long grass

Above the cliff

We’ll share tea

By the sea


Create songs

Tell stories



We’ll write poems

To each other

And compare


Hold out your hand

Or wake in night


I’ll be there


We’ll marry

All the time

Laugh and love

And rhyme


When I look at you

You’ll never wonder

Where my thoughts

Have wandered to


I promise you

Love attended


Shall - 2019




With you


I love your spirit

I love you


I invited you into my soul

Told you it was your new home

I expected you’d make it your own


You changed it all

Moved things around

I like what you’ve done

I’m better now


I've never given up

This much before


I've come close


But not really


Not really


It’s always been me

And now it’s we


I’ve done alright

In things I do

Kept my word

Stayed mostly true


Always tried

But you’re my pride


No waste of time

Nor moment lost on blue

I get to be the lucky one

Who gets to be with you


Shall - 2019




God’s light


I look at you

And I want you

I do


Close embrace

Two become one

Love flows to you

You flow to me


Skin on skin begins

Spirits to spirits within

Deep into your eyes

I leap into forever


Hearts chance

Souls dance


All around us


By God’s light


Shall - 2019






You’re my love

My everything


What do I see?

And who’s this spirit

That stands before me?


The world took your life

It sought an idol you see

An object to exploit

A commodity


A cosmic flame

For glorious fame

Good fortune yes

A circus mess


It never sleeps

The beast must feast


It gnaws and tears

Demands you share

Withstand the stares


There’s not enough

To go around Selah


Then comes the covet

Resentment shame

The jealous blame

An endless game


No harbor safe

To protect your name

You’re on your own

You’re all alone


So what cold world?


What do you seek?

What must you score?


What is it

That you’re looking for?


And is this before you

What my eyes see?


No my love

I seek no fame

I need no game

Extend no blame

Suggest no shame


I hope you see

What you hoped to be

An honest me

Who loves you

In all honesty


A man who sought

A girl to love

To share a life

Heaven above


A forever home

Where your precious soul

Can be your own


You’re in Heaven now

So what’s this world

Given back somehow?


Does it still take?


I don’t

I give you me

I promise for eternity

And swear before the Trinity


I’ll stare

And always care

Until I should die

And join you there


My love

When I look


I see a girl


I see you


Shall - 2019




All of you


It’s your spirit

Makes your body beautiful

Yours is a beautiful spirit


No other girl living or past

Could ever keep my heart

Nothing could last

No one but you


If a girl like you arrived today

Identical in every way

She couldn’t stay


She wouldn’t be you


Only you own your darkness

Only you hold your light

I want both


I want all of you


Shall - 2019




What it means


Anger finds no reason

Because I’m yours


Fear is real

But courage too

For we’re together


Emptiness absent

Constant thirst

Leads to your shore


Opening to a lake

I swim forever


Temple and tear

Softly anointed

By your kiss


Forest sun

A radiant dawn

Skyscape mountains

Rain cliffs wind and sea

All begin with you


You’re where I belong

You’re my home


That’s what it means

To be yours


A year my love


Shall - 2019




More than air


You’re as perfect

As perfect gets


And you should know

That when I stare

It’s just because

I love you so


I love you

More than air


Shall - 2019


Everything good


Would be less

Without you


Tonight you’re forty-eight

There’s none more beautiful

Than you


I love every curl of your hair

Every hair out of place

Shadow of your eyes

The shape of your face


All the features

A man’s supposed to love

About a woman

I love about you


I love them exactly as you are

And every contour in between


I love your spirit’s flash

In the corners of my eyes

The rush of you inside me

It’s your kiss


I love marrying you daily

Reading the bible to you

Surrendering to you

Waking up in love


I love everyday with you

Your voice in my head


I love telling you

You’re my one and only

A hundred times

Then giving you

A hundred more times to ask


I love being yours


Stay with me spirit love

You’re everything


You stop me in my tracks

I want forever with you

And no one else





Shall - 2019




Merry Christmas


To spill you

All over me


Let you flow

Across my mind

Down my body

Through my soul


Not orderly



Sweet passion

Sticky emotion

Reliefs pool


Every contour

Seeping slow


Leave nothing

When you’re done

With me


All I am

Belongs to you


Merry Christmas

Delicious love

I need you


I want you



Shall - 2019




Incredible you


“You’ll not face

A thing alone

Nor question if

My love stay true


I’ll run my heart

Out of ink for you”


I thirst for you

Live for you










One skin

Two spirits

One destiny


Each day

I love you more


You’re incredible


Shall - 2020




Together on


Our life

Began with your death


Now the day returns

A second year

And here we are



I’ve learned ways

To feel you

To be yours


You’re everything

You fill me


I know this day

Marks change


But it’s also

A milestone

On our way

To forever


Some say love fades

Intensity can’t sustain

We are its weakness


Maybe so


But my flame will burn

Until I’m consumed

Into yours


You’re all I want


Shall - 2020




Pool of you


When I see you

I’m filled with joy

Sublime contentment

Immanent pleasure


As though I’m diving

Into the deepest

Most beautiful water

That ever existed


To splash into your smile

I’m completely nourished

By your countenance


How did I ever live

Before you?


Shall – 2020




Most beautiful girl


You remind me of

The most beautiful girl

That ever existed


Because that’s who you are

To me


Shall – 2020