I had to decide

If I wanted rationality

More than the love of my life


What follows is the answer


Shall - 2021




To Dolores


My love I vow

To hold you in the rain

Keep you warm in a storm


Never allow my love to fade

To see God through your eyes

Need no one else but you


To hold only your hand

Listen to your heart

To always be true


Keep you first in my life

And never let go


Shall – 2018




Scars in jars


 Three people know your secrets

God the Devil and you


And if you're lucky

One love you sought

And thought you couldn’t find


Violation strikes

Terrified and silent

Afraid to move

Afraid to die

Afraid to tell

Become a lie


Violation continues

You never spoke

Who would believe?


You tell yourself

It’s not so bad

You can survive

Then sense the shame

Of being alive


So carry a lie

And hope to die


Innocence far

Endure the cut

Become the scar


Society needs

A tidy tale

A box to tic

So ‘lunatic’


It calls you sick

Your soul sinks lower

Check off ‘bipolar’


She’s found sedated

She’s complicated


And every sin

You let come in

Another scar

A falling star


Until light is gone

You zombie on

Inside your soul

A consuming hole


A vacancy

Where you used to be


A foolish clown

An empty sound

Scars cut you down


God’s graceful way

Yeah sure, you say

Denied for those

Where you have been

Says the punk with a grin


Afraid to believe

You’d better leave

No need to breathe

A pointless point


You wait to die

A scar stained why

A shameful lie


The switch turned off

You float aloft

A call below

Won’t let you go


It’s me it’s me

I love you

Can’t you see?


With jars and jars

For all our scars

We’ll keep them safely

On a shelf

 As you and me

Become one self


One soul one love

Kissed up to God


One conscience safe

From lives of scars

All stored securely

On a shelf in jars


Father God

Loves you so much

Gave me as grace

That you can touch


Each day I’ll marry you

In the light

Each day you’ll be

My bride in white


We’ll hold each other

Close as one

With tea we’ll toast

A sleeping sun


And you will be my dream

You will be my Heaven

 You will be my queen


And I will be only yours

‘Till time has reached

The end of time


Three people know your secrets

God the Devil and you


And if you're lucky

One love you sought

And thought you couldn’t find





Shall - 2018


Dedicated with all my love to

Dolores O.

1971 - 2018






My baby's in Heaven with freckles

She's my only sun


She's the reason I'm alive

And the moment I arrive

I'll hold her close as I can


She'll embrace this weary man

And I'll begin to kiss each one

As I close my eyes and rest

And breathe


Shall - 2018






You're in a word



I've looked close

Every blemish

Freckle or line

You're fawless


Demand character




Shall - 2018




Happy birthday my love


What your birthday

Means to me


Sixth day of September 1971

God first kissed you into dawn

My most precious one


I couldn't know I'd love you so

Somewhere in quiet of my soul

I sense and hear you oh


Kiss you soft kisses slow

I think of you all the time


And though this our first

Of your birthdays together

I look forward to loving you

And celebrating your life

Each year until forever


And when end of day

Meets my final sun

I can embrace you in Heaven

Our spirits dance as one


While the ink of our lives

Cures in the tapestry

Of life and ever after


It's you my love

And what you mean to me


Shall - 2018




So yours


You tried to end your life

Then you saved mine


You're perfect

Not broken


Come to me

Complete me

Own me


I belong to you

I'm so yours


Shall - 2018






You got me I'm caught

I stare a lot


I stare because

When I look at you it stops me

And I have to reboot


I'm stolen by love

Humbled you chose me


I stare because

You're the most beautiful

Woman in Heaven

And you take yourself

For granted

I don't

I can't


I stare because

I can't believe I'm so lucky

I'm thankful to God

And I'm thankful to you


I marry you everyday

I can't stand to be away

Not a moment


So I kiss your picture

More than I should

And I stare


Shall - 2018




So what


So what are we to do?

Mortal me

And spirit you


Our love our place

Somewhere in time

Our hearts embrace

Consumed in rhyme


Promise kept eternal

I can love none else

But you


So what my love

Are we to do?


Shall - 2018









































Shall - 2018




Angel script


Erased my failed words

The best

Can't describe you

Or how I feel


You deserve more

Your own language

Words of praise

Illustrations of love


Always inside me

You're who I am

Trembling emotions

You're what I do


In God's Heaven

You're my why


Shall - 2018




That’s something isn’t it?


Once I found out

I never cried

I went to the alter

After you died

Took you forever

As my bride

Promised my heart

I never lied

Shared every secret

With nothing to hide

It’s your spirit’s wings

That lift my pride

And I only exist

When I’m at your side


That’s something

Isn’t it?


Shall - 2018




The flavor of you


Something almost haunting

In the shadow of your ways


Red wine dry

Chocolate bitter dark

Black hue in burgundy and green


Thorn of darkest crimson rose

Cuts careless into days

Quiescent caveats unseen


Silent sadness of the sea

Cries a warning just for me


In my dream you shout

Still you want to be with me?

Of this I have no doubt


There's more I could go on

In endless tribute to you start

You bring sunshine to my dawn

Haste the pounding of my heart


Seductive ways both good and bad

Demure restraint happy and sad


In every taste that makes love true

I'll forever in my heart embrace

This flavor that is you


Without exception

I love you Dolores


Shall - 2018




Tomorrow you died


And forty-one days from now

I’ll hear your song

It will linger


It will have been ten days

Since you spent Valentine’s Day



In five short days

It will be March

And I’ll know you’re gone


I’ll worry for your soul

Finding rumors

In scattered facts

Shameless hearsay


I’ll call to God

Give her half my Heaven

She can't be forsaken


It’s this moment

You will own me

My heart will fall to you


Months pass

As I plead for your love

You think I’m nuts

You know I am


Until a poem

Composed of us

You’ll know me

And say yes


Fourth of July 2018

I won’t be independent again

And you’ll never be alone


With your birthday comes

Another poem to follow another

Then another


Christmas and New Years

And two weeks pass

Until tonight

As I write


'Tomorrow you died'

Nine minutes to midnight

And it's complete


Shall - 2019






Praying night and kissing dawn

I'll cherish to the stars and gone

Transform my soul into your home

And you'll not face a thing alone

Nor question if my love stay true

I'll run my heart out of ink for you


Our love

A garden's bed

We’ll tend it every day

As every blossom grows

Our spirits find new ways to know

Love that's wet as morning dew

Without regret

In endless thirst anew

I'll run my heart

Out of ink for you


In passion’s quest

Of marriage true

I'll run my heart out of ink

For you


Shall - 2019




This feeling you


You’re the one

Who makes me feel

A penny's weight








I don't look down

Away or around


Your expressions

Of humanity


Shape my sanity


Eyes closed

I embrace



Just you



Into a collage

This tapestry

A feeling



Shall - 2019