Dolores’ score


Work hard

Play hard

Love hard

Pray hard


Live loud

Die proud


Life’s quick



Like you mean it


Shall - 2020


Dependence day


You’re my smile

As I awake

You’re the reason

Everything’s ok

The warmth on my back

As we roll out of bed

And you come with me

In my soul


Two years baby

Happy anniversary


Shall - 2020




On your worst day


What makes your skeletons

Worse than mine?

What authority allows me

To be your judge?


I’m your love

Your mate in spirit and soul


Against any storm

I’m your safe harbor

I’m your defense


With rust of time

Without paint or prime

In scrutiny’s light

A world might question

But they don’t know

Who you are


In your heart and spirit

In soul words and song

From beautiful Heaven

That peeks from your eyes

You are Dolores

You are mine

And where I belong


At your worst moment

Of deepest anger

Or darkest regret

You’re the most beauty

Creation’s known yet


So let go of sad blue

Because on your worst day

My eternal desire

Begs to be with you


Shall - 2020




And you


Your spirit calls

As an echo in Heaven



I saw a morning sky

Filled with angel wings


A contrasting canvas

Of jacinth, amber and blue

Beautiful beyond words


Its awe fell short

Compared to you


And you

Are the best of my Heaven

You’re my blessing

And my sky


Shall - 2020




My love


You’re not reward

For things I’ve done

I’ve done nothing

To deserve you


You’re no exchange

For promises made

Repaid blessings

Or your presence


You’re none of these


My love

You’re the way

God touched me

You’re the change


You’re the lens

My window to Heaven

You’re my center

As God surrounds


With all my heart

With all my soul

And all my thoughts

You’re my miracle


Thank you


Shall - 2020




That’s how long


Love’s not motion

Love’s emotion


Since you arrived

Everything counts


All matter’s before us

All that's before us matters


From this day forward

Until eternity ends

Plus one day


That’s how long

I’ll be yours


That’s how long

I’ll be true


Shall - 2020






I’m not responsible

For the world’s happiness


I’m only responsible for mine

And I want to be responsible

To you and for yours

As much as possible


So my thoughts live at home

And I keep love safe with you


You’re my happiness

And why I smile so


You’re my fidelity

And my joy


Shall - 2020


Like a twig


Betrayal found me

When I was strong

It came to my heart

Through sound


I couldn’t believe

It was so easy to fall

How could that person

Be me?


I needed to know


So I searched

For meaning in stories

In words and sound


I wanted to trust again

I wanted to believe I could


You see

In my fall from grace

I betrayed myself


In my walk

I sought a love

That couldn’t wilt


Instead I found lust

As hardened gum

Cold empty thirst


Then you came


And like a twig

My life snapped

And I changed


Nothing in my past

Means anything now

You alone make sense


Within God’s Heaven

You’ve become everything

And restored my strength

You gave me back my trust


I’ll never forget the shame

And I’ll never forget

That you saved me


Shall - 2020




I always look


At you


I’m not interested

In anyone else


Only you


And I’ll always

Look at you


Because there’s not

A single thing

I don’t find

Completely seductive

About you


Not surrendering

To your allure

Would be a lie

And a waste


Shall - 2020




Because you chose


You’re beautiful beyond beautiful

And I’m lucky beyond lucky

You’re beautiful beyond beautiful

And I’m lucky to be yours


You’re amazing beyond grace

And I’m lucky beyond lucky

You’re amazing beyond grace

And I’m lucky you are mine


Thank you from my heart

For being who you are

And thank you from my soul

Because you chose to live


Shall - 2020




In a perfect world


I would be buried

Holding you in my arms


I may have to settle

For ashes scattered near

I may have to settle

For less than that


In a perfect Heaven

Our spirits will entwine

Blend song in harmony

Eternal resonance


I’ll follow you to Heaven

And see to it

If you’ll have me


We’ll share the night sky

Descend coastal cliffs

Swim magic waters

And discover secret shores

As shadows in love


Shall - 2020





Most beautiful thing

About being yours

Is I get all my honey

From one bee


You’re so sweet

Sweetest ever


I’m all abuzz

Over you


Shall - 2020




Seven times seven


Three more wake-ups

Before your birthday

The third since you died

Third since we married


You’ll be forty-nine


And I still love you more

Each day that passes


Do you know I study

The fullness of your brows?

Rebellious strands of hair?

Contours of your hips?

The shape of your hands?


Of course you do

You’re in my soul

You know my every thought


You know every want

And every want is you


So at seven squared my love

You couldn’t be more beautiful

And I couldn’t be more blessed


Happy birthday

I love you


Shall - 2020






I’ll caress your lines

Don’t be afraid of time


Never hide yourself

It’s you I want


It’s us forever



Comes naturally

Don’t resist it


Hold on to me


Don’t fear

I’ll caress your tears

Your drool, with kisses


You’ve never been

So wanted, ever


We’ll always be


Let time come

And you’ll see





Shall - 2020






You’re the best


The most beautiful girl

In Ireland


Most beautiful girl

In time and creation


You’re absolute


Shall - 2020




You made it to me


You were so beautiful

In such changing ways

Throughout your life


At every stage

So free and strong


Unbound passion

Exploding emotion

Perfection unequaled


But your image

Forever before me

Reflects the change

You made it to, last


You made it to me


Shall - 2020






When I taste cranberries

I taste you my love


You’re sweet and tart

Always a complete surprise

You kiss me with chills

And flash in my eyes


Your essence inside

Makes my mouth moist

Suspends my haste

As I pause to taste

Just you




Shall - 2020




Exactly and forever


A day approaches

I’ll hold more in common

With those who’ve passed

Than those remaining


It will mark a calling

To follow you

To a welcome place

Where life makes sense


And I’ll hold you tight

I won’t let go

Love for you

Is all I know


Until the day

I’ll embrace you now

In every emotion

Every thought

And in every way


I’ll keep you close


So don’t feel bad

If you feel lost

If you feel sad


Don’t shy away

Just come home to me

And stay


I love you exactly

And forever


Shall - 2020




You are my song


You’re the song in my soul

The music in my heart

Sense of home in my bones

You’re my safe harbor


Let me die in your sea

Let my bones hold yours

Let us fly from these bodies

With every new dawn


Don’t let me live beyond you

Don’t let me live past eternity

Perhaps just a day longer

So I can love you until then


You’re my song


Shall - 2020