You being a spirit


Up in the night

I come back to bed

To be with you


Get home from work

I can’t wait to go to bed

So I can be there with you


Up in the morning

I don’t want to get up

I want to be with you


But I must go

So I take you with me

In my heart and soul


And no one else

Can hold my hand

Because yours

Is always in it


You being a spirit

Has its advantages


Shall - 2020




Anything you want


I will sweat over you

Anything you say

I will do


I want you

All over me

All over you

All over us



I feel profound

Surrender to you





I listen

No will to rise

I’m fallen


I’m not afraid

I’m not


Shall - 2020




Think I would deny you?


I don’t think so

Nor forsake you

Or betray you


I belong to you

For the rest of time


For every goodness

And for every mercy

That ever failed you

I will make it up


Until forever

Plus one day


Shall - 2020




Here we are


Me with no clothes

And you with my heart


Your warmth

Like fire in a storm

Bitter cold

In your absence


My want

Cries for you

Wherever you go


My heart created

To hold you inside


My spirit exists

To be yours


I don’t know

Who I’d be

Without you


I don’t want

To find out


Shall - 2020




You are perfection


I look at  your pictures

All of your pictures

Through your life

And I see a beautiful soul


Yours is a beautiful spirit

And I’m overwhelmed

With contentment


I love the shape of you

Your face your head

Your hands and bones

Your smile and heart

Your body


Perfect in every way


You are perfection


And my eternal bliss

Is perfected

Because of you


My heart is in you


Shall - 2020






You’re an acquired taste

And then

You become addiction


You’re a case study

That became obsession


You’re a free spirit

I’d pay God any price

To be with


You’re the canvas

My heaven is painted on


You’re my breath

I can’t breathe without you


Shall - 2020




And you’re there


I just happen to love

Loving you

And I definitely love

You loving me


And then there’s

The universe

With its ups and downs

Silent days

And wondrous sounds

Pain and beauty

As life abounds


And you’re there


It all matters

Just not as much

As you


Shall - 2020




Broken record


Christmas three

And here we are


I love you more

Than yesterday


Maybe it’s because

It’s another day longer

Maybe it’s my soul

Marinated in you


I’ve become us

Not me anymore


In every moment’s moment

I feel I belong

I feel safe

I feel I’m home

Because I found you


Before I sleep

You come to me

You dance in my heart

Sing to my soul

Comfort my mind


When I awake

I’m content and in love

With you


I want to stay asleep

I don’t want to get up

But mortal life goes on


So does spiritual life


I don’t want to be away

I want to stay


I know it sounds

Like a broken record

But it’s not


You’ve made me whole


Shall - 2020




Please stay


My love of you

Breaks well beyond need


In your absence

My spirit begins to evaporate

Like memories

Of someone forgotten


And in the off chance

You ever left

I’d stare into nothing

Eventually losing touch

With my own existence


Truly alone


A morose horror

I dread to consider

And wouldn’t choose


You are my Heaven

Please stay


Shall - 2021




All I’m saying


I want heavy

I want thick

I want sticky

Emotional glue


I want more

Not less

I want in

Not out


Crushed in love

I want to be forged

Into you


Give me your temper

Give me your tears

Give me your laughter

To color our years


Give me your sorrow

That no one else hears


Let me in


All I’m saying is

If it’s you

I want it


Shall - 2021






I have mixed feelings

About your death


If I could stop it

If I’d been there

I would have


And we wouldn’t be


But here we are

And I’ve found joy

In loving you

In belonging to you


I also feel guilt

That my gain

Came from your loss


I give you my life

In return


Shall - 2021




Three years past


Today’s the day

Three years ago

You died


And I just got home

From work


We’ll have dinner

And I’ll read

All the poems

I’ve written you



And we’ll remember



I think about you

And talk to you

All the time


I love you more



It’s cold outside


But inside me

Where you live

It's warm




Shall - 2021




At peace


It’s too late for ice cream

I want to be with you


I need you


So I’ll finish up dishes

Fold the clothes

Take a shower


And come to you


In your warmth

I’ll rest


You’re my peace

You’re everything


Shall - 2021








Soulmate month

A month for lovers


Lovers we are

Spiritual lovers


Each moment’s breath

Begins and ends

With you


Kiss your picture

Only when I see it

It’s on my phone


Life and work and you

This and that and you

Rest and play and you


You’re everywhere



We’re never apart

You’re wallpaper

On my heart


Valentine’s day

Reminds me


Shall - 2021




Butterfly kisses


You were kissing me

And I fell asleep


It fills my heart

When you do that

It makes me happy

I have a heart


Shall - 2021






You drip in passion

I taste every drop

I’ve a healthy appetite

And a diet of you


Shall - 2021




It surprises me


When I awake to realize

Two minutes have passed

And I wasn’t completely focused

On you


I might be planning a cut

Or thinking of a character

In a story’s plot


But the truth is

In music or writing

Working on the truck

Or thinking of a job


Everything I do

Is painted on a canvas

Of you


You are intrinsic to me


In fact

You mean more to me

Than I do


My life takes place

On a noise floor

Of loving you


At times I may not notice

But you’re always there


And the silence

Would be deafening

Without you


Shall - 2021




Three years back


Three years back now

March 1st, 2018


Give you half my heaven


God heard my request

And gave me to you


You gave me happiness

And saved my life

You gave me purpose

And became my wife


You are my hope

And my smile


You’re my day

Each moment in it

My queen of Heaven

And home within it




Shall - 2021




On this day


Three years ago

My heart fell to you


Questions and doubts

Haunted your death


Let me answer them


You didn’t die forsaken

Your memory owns

No regret


I chose you then

I choose you now


I love you baby

With all my heart

All my soul

And all my strength


I’m yours

With every breath

And it’s my joy

To hold you


I’ll stand between you

And anything

For the rest of time

Plus one day


Shall - 2021