Crazy in happy


I wake in the morning

In love with you

Go to bed each night

In love with you

And I love you more

With each passing day


If love’s supposed to fade

I don’t see it


Each moment in time

I’m so glad you are mine

I’m forever with you

In everything that you do

I’m crazy in happy

Just to be yours


If it’s about us babe

I just want to be it


Shall - 2021




My Irish spirit rose


You’ve the most beautiful eyes

I’ve ever seen

The most beautiful green

Of The Emerald Isle


Your deliberate gaze

Stares into my soul

Penetrating my heart

Securing my love in whole

To belong to you forever


My addiction

Begins in your eyes

I willingly abandon

Any desire to be free


Shall - 2021




My baby


My love

There will never be a time

When you turn to me

And I won’t be there


I approve of you

In all you do

And all you’ve done


I’ll stand by you

And with you



If the world turns cold

I’ll be your sun


Shall - 2021




Our music


I love our music

My music’s your music

Your music’s my music

I don’t own it

But I belong to it


It’s my home

You’re my queen


Shall - 2021




Messy way



I love you more

Than yesterday


Complete love


Intimacy trust

Sanctuary lust

Dedication want

Seductive taunt

Intrinsic need



You’re all I care about

I can’t walk away


I love you

In a messy way


Shall - 2021




Mother’s Day


May 9th, 2021


I’ve spent such time

Loving you

Enjoying your magic

With all your beauty

Strength, brilliance

And absolute seduction


I may have overlooked

Your motherhood


You’re a beautiful mom


I love Dakota

I love Molly and Taylor

Because they’re yours


To me they’re perfect

Just like you are


So happy Mother’s Day

My Heavenly girl

You amaze me

And always will


Shall - 2021





I’ll be closer

Than your shadow


I’ll kiss your fear

And shelter you


I’ll lie to protect you


My love won’t fade

Or run


We’ll face darkness

Together as one


Shall - 2021




I can’t go there


Loving you

Sustains me


In your light

Everything’s familiar

No shadow doubts

Or echoed silence


In your absence

Is the devil


I can’t go there


Shall - 2021




Catch me


My body’s sore


I could be dying

I don’t know


But if I am

I’m coming to you


I’ll leap in joy

Right off this rock

To get to you


You’d better catch me

Pull me close

And crush me near


Because if you don’t

I’ll disappear


Shall - 2021




Three folds


Here I go

Dismissing rhyme

In prose report

Of folded time


Good to be clever

Extract your smile

And share that I’ll

Embrace your touch

Your hand in mine

Each year a step

Into forever


You made me guess

Not one not two

But three, plus four

Days ‘till the day

You sent my fear away

And made me yours

You became mine


Now time before

Escapes my mind


You filled my soul

You made me whole


Sunday, July 4th

A thousand ninety-six

Days since you said yes


Shall - 2021




Until forever


I can’t say how

But I sense you dear

And I can tell

It’s you


Spirit magnets

On opposite sides

Of a crystal pane

We can’t see through


Wanting attraction

A pain between us


My heart burns

From hunger

My soul yearns

Constantly for you


I can’t cross over

You can’t come back

We wait together

For time


Until then

I’ll not move

Until death

I’ll be true


Until forever

And ever with you


Shall - 2021



I will find you


In your laughter

Or your rage

In sharp anger

Or unfairness

I will find you


In every bright sun

Or dark corner

Of your life

I will find you


In every warm breath

Or deep sorrow

Of your soul

I will find you


In every thought

And in every action

I will find you there


And I will love you there



Shall - 2021




Tá mo chroí istigh ionat


I love the world

Because of you


I prepared a tortilla

For a bee

It had pollo y hongos

Tomato sauce and rice


I wanted us to share

Our happiness

With the bee


You’d say I had

Too much margarita

And I’d smile


Música Mexicana


Tú y yo enamorados


I love you for keeps


We’ll return

On your birthday

In ten days


Tá mo chroí istigh ionat

'My heart is in you'


Happy birthday early

My love


Shall - 2021




You saved me


I wasn’t that bad

But I wasn’t that good


I wasn’t that sad

But how would I know

What being alive could be

Until you came to me


You wouldn’t make fifty

That’s what you said

Forty-six was the end

Of the short life you led


And then there I was


But tomorrow again

Will be your day

And I’ll be here with you

To stay


You nourish my heart

You’re my strength

All I need

Is to be yours


You make me exactly happy

And I can’t imagine Heaven

Without you in it


So what’s fifty

In the span of infinity?


Your birthday of course


Love me

Love true

Happy day

I love you


Shall - 2021




Can you see it?


Can you see the shore?

The ocean facing cliffs?

Do you know how much

I love it?


Nowhere near as much

As I love you


You’re the danger

The cold dark edge

Depth and spray

You’re violent wind


I want to die in you

And live in us


I can’t stand

How much I love you


Shall - 2021






You’re the canvas

My love is painted on

You’re the palette

Of my heart


Shall -2021






There’s a somebody

For everybody


And you’re my somebody


The sun orbits around you

My heart always faces you


I don’t want anybody else


I just want my somebody

I just want you


Shall - 2021






I’m glad I chose

To be with you


I took a day

It’s a lot to decide


I thought of you

There in the church

When everyone left


The guest of honor


My heart choked


How could they go?

And leave you there


I got scared

And then I knew


I would be yours

Until the end of time

Plus one day


Every day now

You’re my smile


Shall - 2021






Passion grows

As fire in my heart

That won’t be quenched


The more I want you

The more

I want you


It’s turbulent desire

I run to

It never sleeps


I can’t stand it

And I cant stand

To be away


You drive me crazy

And I don’t care


I commit to you

And I lose myself


You’d better find me


Shall - 2021




You’re my forever


It doesn’t matter

How fast or slow

How far we’ve come

Or where we go


My life began

When I met you

Wherever we are

Whatever we do


Each step along the path

Through tears of joy

Or pain of laugh

Is a moment in time

I get to be with you


A lifetime together

The journey I seek

So don’t feel bad

If it takes time

Or if you feel weak


You are my joy

You’re my delight

My sun by day

And moon by night


You’re my today

Tomorrow and forever


Shall - 2021




Just we


I used to be

A lookie-loo

And then I turned

And looked at you


Now you’re all I see


So it’s just you

And it’s just me

The way two lovers

Ought to be


Shall - 2021