Christmas four


My hero

My breath

My Heaven


My inspiration



My lady

My darling

My queen


My life

My reason

My why


My delight

My smile

My sigh


My confidante

My secrets

My truth


My passion

My desire

Love’s proof


These words

Describe you


My want is selfish

I’m blessed to be yours

And that’s selfish too

Guilty me



You came for me

After taking your grave

Of course I accepted

It was me that you saved


Thank you


It’s Christmas four

And I love you more


Shall - 2021




Most wanted


Do you know what it means

To be the most wanted girl

In the world?


Or in the universe?


Or in Heaven?


That’s who you are


I know this because

I’m the one who wants you


And I’ll want you

Until the wheels come off


And Heaven’s wheels

Never come off


Shall - 2021




New Year’s Eve


I’ve not written a poem

For you on this eve

Before tonight


I’m not exactly sure

What I should write


I tell you I love you

All the time

And at times I respect

The need to rhyme


But mostly I treat

The words as art

To express what’s haunting

In my heart


I don’t know or care

If anyone else holds

This unique relationship

In the way that we share


I never realized it existed

Until you came to me

Or perhaps called me to you


You’re the most beautiful girl

I’ve ever seen

I love you with all my heart

With my breath and my being


You make me believe in love true

Because the best of each day

Is time spent with you


Happy new year my love


Shall – 2021




January 15th


Thanked God again

For giving me to you


For giving you

Half my Heaven


For your being

The other half


I promised Him


I’d take care of you

Protect you

Hold you

Shield and shelter you


Promised I’d warm you

As much as you wanted

As long as you needed


I’d stand with you

Walk beside you

And do so forever


I’ll do for you

Serve you


I’ll put you before me

And never put me

Before you


You are my every

You are my only


You are my Heaven

And all I want


Shall - 2022




Color of you


There’s no way

You’ll be alone


I won’t let you


I’ll hold you forever

Alive in my heart


I’ll be your home

You’ll be mine


I’ll paint every day

The color of you


It was never a question

My being yours


If I’d wanted out

I should’ve never looked

So deep into you


But I did


I had to

I wanted to


I need you


Shall - 2022




For eternity


Ok I know

I didn’t get to be with you

When you were alive


But I got to be with you

After you were alive


And baby to me

You’re still alive

And that’s enough for me


And when we watch love stories

I don’t fall in love

With the actress or the part


I fall in love with you



I wake up in love with you

Go to bed each night

In love with you


I love you from night until dawn

And from dawn until night


If there was someone

You’d rather be with

I’d wish you were with them


But the truth is I want you

And I’m very selfish about it


I want you forever

And I want you exclusively


I love marring you every day

I love saying prayers with you

I love reading the bible to you


And I always will


You’re my home

And I’m your home


And I’ll be standing here with you

And right in front of you

For eternity


Monday, February 14th

Marks our fourth together

And I don’t want to spend it

With anyone else


I want to spend it with you


Thank you

For letting me do that


Shall - 2022




Dolores I love you


There’s not a day goes by

When you’re not here


My anxious heart

Seeks you constantly

And no other flame will do


I couldn’t understand

What it would mean

To be a me

You’re not part of


My soul would be a façade

If not for you in it


The day you came for me

There was no place from before

To ever turn back to


So it’s on to you

A day at a time


Each step into forever


And you must know

That I’ll love you

In every circumstance


Shall - 2022




My Camas winds


I belonged to you

Since before I was born

You were God’s plan

For me


It would be years later

Before you’d be born


I’d look for you

All my life


We were destined

Never to be together

While you were alive


Through my life

I wrote songs for you


Starlight lady 1976

You were five


Camas winds 2000

I was lost


Three children 2010

We’d never met

But I knew


Since 2018

I’ve written seven songs

Plus several revised

And one inspired


That’s all so far


You’re inside me now

We write together

You’re my heart

I’m your pen


I belong to you

You’re intrinsic

To who I am


 In a day

March 1st returns


Four years into forever


Four years delight

With no regrets


Thank you my love

You’re perfect


Shall - 2022




For you



Is a gift God gave us

So that we might share

Our love together


If it lacked discretion

Held no private reserve

It could not at all

Be called intimacy


In all want and desire

You are the solution

To the equation of me


I allow you inside

So that you may know

The good and the vile

And truth of my measure


Still this truth I share

To secure our love’s last

Without denial or dare


Beyond forsaking all others

All my past

I completely forsake


For you


Shall - 2022




Saint Pat’s


Ireland’s greatest treasure

To me you are perfect

More precious than gold


God created green

To capture your eyes


You appeared suddenly

At the end of my rainbow


And in all my days

Inside any woman

I’ve never seen

Such a beautiful girl

As you


You came to me

And I knew in a moment

I had to be yours


I’ll love you each day

Until forever ends


And a day longer

Just to be sure


Shall - 2022




In you


You draw me

To the abyss of love


It’s beautiful

And it’s you


I want to surrender

Fall into forever


I drink you into me

I don’t come up for air


In you

My contentment

Is endless


In you

My heart rests


Shall - 2022




Sweet salt and sweat


The wetness of you


I want your kiss

Flowing nonstop

Inside me


I want to taste you

Endless and all over

Until I forget

What anything else

Tastes like


I want your sweetness

Your salt and sweat

To fill my dreams

And haunt my want


I’ll give you anything


Shall - 2022




Easter fire


He is risen this day

We love you Jesus


And I love you Dolores


Today we’ll share a fire

Gather debris of the past

And kindle our love


God’s flame

Burns inside me for you

It’s constant


Here I am again

Sharing visions of flames

Intense heat and sparks

Rising up to Heaven


Just like tending the burn

You’re my soul’s warmth


I feel lost and alone

In search for more wood

To keep the flame alive


Returning to you

Peace comes home

As I smile and abide

In contentment


Shall - 2022






I could be crazy

For believing in us


They say if that’s true

I shouldn’t know


But in my soul

And in my heart

In my skin and mind

Crazy or not

This I know


In each breath I believe

We’re meant to be



And forever inseparable


It’s not unacceptable

That I don’t exist


It’s unacceptable

That I should exist

Without you


Shall - 2022




The canvas


I want you to be feisty

I don’t want to be bored


I’ll be feisty too


And when loving you

Gives life to challenge

I’ll laugh and thank God

For my life’s blessing



The most beautiful part

Of a most beautiful life


The music

Logic and math

All joy and laughter

Even tears in the rain

They’re all beautiful


Spirituality too

God’s love is beautiful


And then there’s you

The most beautiful


The canvas


Shall - 2022