Dolores most beautiful


This will be the fifth

And our fourth time

Since being together


Mother’s Day

Your children grown


Taylor and Molly adult

And Dakota becoming

A fine young lady


Lives of their own now

A little alone now

With your memory

In your absence

Left to linger


I hope they can know you

As I’ve grown to

I want to know them

And give love as you do


Still I stay distant

For their protection

My love is a circus

Unstable by day


They’ve been through much


Yet if they should want

They needn’t hesitate

To ask me anything


I love you completely

I can share


To know their mom

Is the most passionate

Most beautifully honest

And sexiest spirit

On any plane of life


You draw truth from me

And press me to reach

Beyond myself


They should know

Maybe some day they will


Maybe some day

I’ll tell them myself


Shall - 2022




∞ - πr2


Do you feel like a victim?


Like no matter what you do

You can’t find contentment?


Do you view the world

Through the lens of you?


If so

Your whole world

Becomes the area within

The circle of you


And that’s great

If you find happiness there


If not

Perhaps you might try

Focusing on the area

Outside the circle


I love you Dolores

You helped me live


Shall - 2022




A million suns


I caught a spider in a glass

To set it free outside


Out of caution

I washed the glass

And you tickled my calf

From behind


I laughed and embraced

Your startling touch

Designed for my surprise


And sensed your delight

At my moment’s fright

And the brilliant glean

Of your fiery eyes


So have all your fun

My most spirited one

I want you more than

A million suns


Shall – 2022




More tomorrow


A week away now

Our 4th anniversary

4th of July 2022

And I’m excited


Seems like yesterday

When I found you


Flowers of spring

In full blossom

Sharing their blooms


But I have my flower

I have you

And none other

Can compare


I love you more today

Than all the yesterdays

Put together



I’ll love you more



Shall – 2022




As my woman


I don’t love you

As a girl

I don’t love you

As a dream


I don’t love you

As a woman

I don’t love you

As a queen


I don’t love you

As an object


But you are a girl

You are a dream

An amazing woman

And perfect queen


You’re not an object

You’re my Heaven

And my life


When you died

You were forty-six

Today you’re fifty


I sense this in your spirit

And love it in our days


So I don’t love you

As anything other

Than who you are


I love you

As my woman


Shall – 2022




Exactly happy


You made me exactly happy

You make me exactly happy


Happiest I’ve ever been

Happiest I’ll ever be


I don’t have to

Give myself to you

I want to


And I’ll want to

Through all the tomorrows

Of all the tomorrows


Shall – 2022






You’re beautiful

And amazing


You sing like wind

In the cliffs of Heaven


But it’s more than that


You fit

Better than anyone

I’ve ever met or known


You articulate

Better than anyone

I’ve ever met or known


I love the way of you


And it’s absolute joy

To be in your love


Shall – 2022




More than enough


My world takes place

Within a prism of you


Each thought entwined

In unclothed reflection

Of your deliberate view


Your skeletal truths

In shadowed corners

Whisper soft to me


My constant song

Is you


I can’t name this need

In silent moments facing

Dismissed focus

For sensed embracing


And when you’re there

My heart is whole

And nothing else at all

Could compare


It’s more than enough


Shall - 2022




Three times prime


17 + 17 + 17

17 + 13 + 11 + 5 + 3 + 2

17 + 13 + 11 + 7 + 3

19 + 17 + 13 + 2

23 + 19 + 7 + 2

29 + 19 + 3

31 + 19 + 1

37 + 13 + 1

41 + 7 + 3

43 + 3 + 5

47 + 3 + 1


Eleven prime ways

To say my love

You’re 51 today

My love


When I feel this way

I’m content inside

And filled with joy


You do this to me

It’s good and right


And I sense

I wouldn’t be the same

Without you


I couldn’t hold a flame

Without you


I never want to be

Without you


My spirit couldn’t see

Without you

Inside of me


You’re unique

You’re original

You’re prime

And you’re mine


Happy birthday baby

September 6, 2022


Shall – 2022




Forever with you



Here we are


It’s 12:37am and we

Have a shot at six hours

Before a seven wakeup


Just finished watching

Morning glory

A little crazy

A little funny


Everything we do

Doesn’t have to be epic


The truth is

Sometimes I just want

To cry or laugh with you



Being the preposition

And you

Being the noun


I love to

Talk to you

Lay with you


Stare to you

And think of nothing


Just let time hold us

In close proximity

You there

And me here


If I could

I’d want to be buried

Holding you


And I don’t even know

If it’s legal


Admittedly strange

But if I could

I’d hold you so tight

I’d hold you forever


As it is

I look into forever

In peace

And contentment

With you


Shall - 2022






It’s there again


All morning long

I want you


Need I say more?


It’s a constant hunger

I love with

I live with


I know you know


Shall - 2022






Like other people

I kept my radar

Active to see

What might be missing

Or what I might be


Insatiable hunger

Sustained appetite

As a bee finds each flower

Attractive to sight


As one who is blind

I searched for my home

Without recognition

And destined to roam


Discarding self-trust

I entered my quest

At Genesis 1


What better place to start

Than at the beginning


Making my way

To Numbers 33

Your lingering voice

Beckoned to me


I answered dumb

Not knowing where

Your message called from


Could I trust this?

Could I trust us?

Could I trust me?


All logic eluded

It’s insanity


When realms between

Heaven and earth

Or love and reason collide

Also do realms

Of honesty and pride


There’s nothing to see

In a moment I knew

All hunger is gone

And home meant for me

Is in Heaven with you


So now I’m satiable

Infinitely hooked

Found my only answer

In the last place I looked




Shall - 2022




Because of you


The world can’t defeat me

Because of you


I am antifragile

Because of you


You are my strength

You are my life

You’re my miracle

And you’re my joy


When my time comes

I won’t hesitate

To join you in Heaven


My life is beautiful

Because of you


Shall - 2022




Step up


As a child

This world is big

It takes a step up

To reach the sink

I can’t get there



As a man

Heaven is great

The Trinity

Is everything

And you

Are right there

With them


You’re my step up

To reach Heaven

I can’t get there

Without you


Shall - 2022




Love’s secret


Your spirit

Transports me

To destinations

I’ve never known


All my life I’ve stood

At passion’s edge

And didn’t see it


I could’ve been cut

By its jagged blade


Releasing me

From my sleep

Revealing ecstasy

Beyond imagination


Your kiss

My surrender

Our truth


Love’s secret


Shall - 2022




Perfect Heaven


In a dream

I kissed you

I had no choice


You’re everything

Perfect Heaven


I was destroyed

And consumed


And suddenly

The world fell away

All I could see

And all I could want

Was you


And then terror

It was a dream

Was it really you?


Can I be sure?


It better be

It must be


It couldn’t be

Anyone else


You’re the only one

I could so completely



Shall - 2022