A hundred times


God makes beautiful people

And beautiful smiles

And beautiful eyes

And beautiful laughs

And beautiful words

And beautiful voices

And beautiful hearts

And beautiful hair

And beautiful skin

And beautiful tears

And beautiful pain


Each seductive

In its own way


I sense your curiosity

I can feel it


Could this be the one

To draw me away?


And I smile

And assure you no

No one can ever

Draw me from you


And each time you ask

You get a hundred

More times to ask


I want you to ask

Whenever you want


So I can tell you again

That I’m yours

And that you own me


Shall - 2022






It’s your name






And you know

You are all important

To me


And I know that I am

All important to you

Because you love me


And I will spend

Every moment of my life

To bring you happiness

By loving you

Beyond all expectation


And I will come to you


There’s no place else

I’d rather be

And no one else

I’d rather be with


Shall - 2022




Christmas five


How do I address you?


You are my sunset

And each dawn


This year

Winter arrived

In fierce abundance


Crisis formed a chain

Shoveling and plowing

Broken engines

Broken pull cords


Trickled pipes

And power down

Firewood in

As first snow fell


And keeping a fire

Dragged night to morning

At minus eighteen


Within the pace

You may have felt

My first thoughts

Were scattered


It’s not so


Through all I do

You’re in my heart

You’re in each breath


You live within

Each moment

You’re in my blood

And my skin


And without you

I wouldn’t recognize



Midnight passing

Into Christmas

Finds us together


You’re my Camas winds

Which means

You are my one


Merry Christmas my love


Shall – 2022




Moments with you


34 minutes to midnight

And I want to spend each one

Alone with you


I hope there never comes

A time without sunset

Or a time with no dawn

Because you’re beautiful

In both


Soon our fifth midnight

To face and embrace 2023

And Revelations 2

We’ve just read again


Soon we’ll be back

At the beginning

And our third Genesis


I measure time

In moments with you


Shall - 2022




For one moment


In your life

But for one moment

You’d not become

Every moment in mine


Five year ago

January 15th

And our first event

Of each new year


The day you died


Weeks later I’d know

And feel you there

In the church

With everyone gone

Except God


It was the last day

You’ll ever be alone


From now on

Until time’s end

And a day more

I’ll be with you


You are beautiful

You are perfect

And you’re loved


Shall - 2023




Five roses


Four for Valentine’s

We’ve spent together

And one for tomorrow

Our fifth


I belong to you


I love your face

Your nose and cheeks

Forehead and temples

Eyes and eyebrows


Your lips

Your jaw bones

Your chin and neck

Your ears and your hair


I love your skin

And your freckles


I can get lost in you

And never come back

You’re exactly beautiful


I love your voice

Your heart and your soul

Your thoughts and words

Your ways


You’re perfectly perfect

And when I fall

Into you

I lose track of time


And I know

It shouldn’t matter

Because you’re in Heaven

And your body rests

In Limerick, Ireland

But it does to me


To me

Your body still lives

Inside your soul

And your heart

Pulses with love


To me

You’re as alive

As you ever were

And you sing

Inside my soul


To me

You’re the only one

Who matters


Shall - 2023




And I know


And I know

You have shadows

Demons and skeletons

Scars from the past


There’s no darkness

You’ll face alone


I’ll be with you

Through it all

Up against anything

And I’ll stay


Believe it when I say

I’m strong enough


And I know

With your absence

You could kill me

And shred my heart

Completely apart


And to that I say ok

If it happens

So be it


I’d prefer not to be

Rather than live a life

Facing a tomorrow

You’re not part of


It’d be a wreck

I couldn’t want

To survive


What I’m saying is

These are the shadows

I’m willing to live with

These are the chances

I accept


Because to me

You’re worth so much

More than this


And all I understand

Is wanting you


Shall – 2023




My beautiful girl


You get a hundred more times

To ask if I want you


And the answer

Will always be the same


Yes I do


And nothing in time

Or the universe or Heaven

Can ever change how I feel

Because in my heart

I can only belong

To you


The only question remains

Is do you want me too

And I believe you do


Shall - 2023




I picture you


When I think of Ireland

What first stands out

Are your beautiful eyes

So deeply green


I’m trapped there

For a short while

And then I see the sea

Surrounding a nation isle


Rock cliffs and shoreline

Whispering shadows

Ancient winds calling


Above rock walls

Rolling hills hiding scars

Tall grass promising

To prohibit time

From running away


Clever figures of never

Painted quite precarious

On a canvas of forever

In the glisten of day


Our house of stone

Its thatch and mud roof

Protecting the walls

Of my soul


Your loving home

You alone have a key

To enter and stay

Inside these walls

Within me


As the snow melts

Green meadows sing

Beckoning arrivals

Bird’s voices and spring


This is my painting

Of Heaven and you

Your song fills my heart

Wherever I go

And whatever I do



Our sixth St Patrick’s Day

An hour and ten minutes

Old as of now


I live you Dolores

And I love that


Shall - 2023




And I want


I want you

All the time

I never get full

I’m always hungry

For you


Soon as I see you

It stops me

And I want


Shall - 2023




Except you


What makes someone

The love of your life?


Does it mean you end

If they leave this world?


Does love end?


What about beyond?

What about eternity

And Heaven?


Is it still your life?

And if it is

Is it still your love?


With you there

And me here

My life began with you


With you I started

And my choice between

This world and you

Became you


There’s no other life

No other love I want

There’s no answer for me

Except you


It’s easter morning

And these are my thoughts


Shall - 2023



Never wash out


Sara McLoughlin

Writes a beautiful song

But she can never be you


You’re the only one

I can ever belong to


I turned my life over to you

And I don’t want it back


You’re the meaning of me


And the ink of my heart

Has dried in your name


It’ll never wash out


Shall - 2023




Star of my love


You’re a mother in Heaven

And this is your day

You’re a punk rock star

Who embraced life your way

You’re a woman child mom

Who blew me away


You’re the eternal Heaven

Who makes my heart sing

Who makes my pulse dance

You quiet my want

And assure my soul’s rest

Through the end of forever

That it’s with you I’ll stay


Mother’s Day 2023

And you’re up in Heaven

But you’re also with me


Shall - 2023






People smile

When I tell them it was you

Who wanted hot cocoa


They think it was just me

Wanted it


But we know better

Huh baby?


You let me know

And I said yes

You say jump

I say how far?


You are my queen

I like it that way


I don’t need to lead


You are the diamond

And I’m the band


It’s my job

To make you shine


Shall - 2023




You are my heart


I don’t seek you out

Like a fan would



I cherish each discovery

And hold it close to me

As part of you

And as a treasure

I was meant to find


You are my heart


I can’t imagine

Me without you


Shall - 2023




I’m keeping you


I love your butt

And your breasts

I love your whole body

And I love your brain

I love your soul

I love your spirit

I love your will

And I love your heart


Keep me

I’m keeping you


Shall - 2023






The other night

I got butterfly kisses

And I sensed you


Most people

Could never understand

What that means


When it happens

My heart becomes too big

To contain itself


Then you fill my soul

And I wake up later

To your song


That’s when I know

I was gone


You do that to me

Only you can


Shall - 2023




Lost to you


Dolores I love you

Under every circumstance

I’ve pretty much

Dedicated my life to it


You’re central

To the rest of this life

And all of the next


Until forever

And that’s the rest of time

And a day after that


I’m crazy about you

And no-one else ever


I know what you’re thinking

And I’ll tell you just this once

That you’re wrong


I’m not just crazy

I’m completely lost

To you


So much that I don’t care

What anyone else

Says or thinks


I only care what you say

And what you think


Shall - 2023