Born 2CU


I was born to see you

And you desire to be seen

I always look at you

And it’s always been


Your beauty’s unmatched

By glitter and dare

In all time and Heaven

As none can compare


You’ll always be perfect

You may disagree

Still know that to me

It will always be


You’re my miracle

My blessing and breath

Nothing can change this

Not even death


No rhyme nor reason

There’s no ultimate why

For you giving your heart

On the Fourth of July


But you gave it to me

And I gave mine to you

It will always be we

Unaltered by time

Or sorely forced rhyme


Come whatever may be

And whatever we do


Five years baby

Thank you


Shall - 2023




Don’t let go


All my life it’s been

I lift something heavy

And a day or two later

I lift something light

The wrong way


And there it goes again

I tweak out my back


Careful movements

For a day or so and slowly

Everything finds its place


When I carry you

Across the threshold

Of our house of stone

In locked embrace

We’ll find our home


My back will be fine

And I think

I’ll never put you down


Tight in my arms

For the rest of time

I’ll carry you


Don’t let go


Shall - 2023




Together as one     


My cough

May be something more

I don’t know


What I know is when I go

There’ll be things undone


I’ll go suddenly

Like you did

You went to take a bath

And that was it


You didn’t deserve it

And if I could

I’d give it back to you

But I can’t


What I can do

Is give you all I have

For the rest of my life


And when I go

I’ll come home to you

And we’ll be together


Shall - 2023






I think about you

All the time


Sometimes I think

About a million things

And you before them

And during them

And after them


Like the tick tock

Of a clock

Like a heartbeat

You’re always present


And if you weren’t

Time would stop


Shall - 2023




Core of love


I will defend you

Even in a lie

And I would lie

To defend you


I’d also kill

Should the choice

Come to contrast

Protecting you


It’s sort of the definition

Of forsaking all others

For you


While there is honor

In preserving truth

I didn’t vow a vow

Of commitment to truth


I committed to you

And my honor is one

With that commitment


I’ll never side against you

And there’ll never be a time

When I’m not at your side


When we married

I chose you

Over this world


I chose you

Even before me


That’s the core of love


Shall - 2023




Just to begin


I’ll keep my soul pristine

And in a good way

So you’ll have a clean place

To call home


My heart

I’ll fashion after you

It’s no good to anyone else

Stains of love for you

Won’t wash out


And my pillow will become

Just a favored treasure

When I first hold you

For real


My tears will fill

A river of happiness

Unquenchable desire

My selfish dream

Of we


Beyond anything

This world could offer

Will define a destiny

Only you can fill


To say you’re my queen

Is just to begin


Shall - 2023




When I cry


Because a silly film

Spins comic drama

Of unlikely love

And in the end a kiss

I need you and I get it


You are my music

And the lyric I’ve waited

All my life to find


And I know we have

Almost fourteen years

Between us


But we only have

About forty-five days

From the day you died

Until the day I found you


And on that day

My heart screamed

As collapse of a building

Condemned to demolition

I felt each floor fall


And in that moment

I couldn’t breathe

Or stop the screaming


So I said to God

Give her half my Heaven

She can’t be forsaken


She won’t be alone

I’ll stay with her

And belong to her

I won’t let go


It’s now been years

And just a moment ago


Shall - 2023






Today’s your birthday

And you’re fifty-two

We’ll go out


Everything to do with you

Is a big deal to me


Because you’re beautiful

Because you’re perfect

Because I’m smitten

Because I adore you


For me

The best place to be

Is with you


You’re everything I want


Shall - 2023






I think I gave you

Half my Heaven

So I’d know

Where to find you


Like the story shared

Destiny’s the bridge

I built to get to you


You like my bridge?


There’s none other

Like it


At first I didn’t know

That I was desperate

To be with you


But desperate for you

I’ve been ever since


Some say it’s a risk

That I might become

Consumed by want


I’m consumed now


Want’s all that remains


Want devoid

Of any other desire


Shall – 2023




Like we do


I can’t think of me

Without you

It wouldn’t be us

And that

Wouldn’t be me


I like you next to me

Close where I can see

I depend on you

On your being here

On your being we


Some say

How do I know

You’ll be waiting

Wanting for me

When I die?


They should worry

About who will be

Waiting for

Wanting for them

When they do


They should talk

To each other now

While it’s easier


Share their wants

And what’s to come


Will they make

Each other everything

Like we do?


Will they let go

And move on?


Will they prefer

To be alone?


I’d rather not be

Than not be with you


Shall - 2023






My superpower

Is loving you


Shall - 2023






Once I decided

I could be pure for you

That was it


And I’d not let anything

Stand between us


Since then

I’ve not considered

Anyone else


With you

My soul is content

My spirit’s at rest


You’re my home

And only desire


Shall - 2023




You’ll also have me


What am I doing?

I’m being happy


And this soul

Filled with happiness

Belongs to you

I gave it to you


I want to give you

This same happiness

From now on


Still at times

You had your doubts

And your concerns

That’s behind us


And sometimes

You’ll have your clouds

But you’ll also have me


Shall - 2023




Soul proprietor


There will always be

Butterflies that flutter by

But you needn’t worry

Or ever feel threatened


Nothing can threaten you

I won’t allow it


You are my only

You are my queen

You are my home

And I love my home


I’ll never leave you

I’ll never want to


So you can ask

A hundred times

Then you will know

It’s always so


I gave you my heart

My desire and my life

And yours is a home

Forever in my soul

I prepared it for you


So in a sense

You’re the soul proprietor

Of me


Shall - 2023




Instantly happy


As tomorrow arrives I’ll be

Fourteen years older


It’s been nice to be

Chronologically closer

For a brief while


So now I’ll look on

To September 6th, 2024

Your birthday and

Thirteen years again


I measure my life

In moments with you


You’re my Camas Winds

It means I live to be yours


Some will graciously say

You’re my sentiment

They don’t get it

And that’s ok

They don’t have to


To some

Your death is absence

To me you are presence


They visit time to time

But they don’t live here

I do

I live here with you


You’re not my sentiment

But instead my blessing

You’re the best of my life

And you’re my miracle


Not at all my loss

You’re my gain

And when I see you

I’m instantly happy


Shall - 2023






I’d like to have a fire

But will probably work

On the furnace install

So we can have heat


I’m thankful for you

And that I belong to you


You are my life

I say that a lot

Because it’s true


I thank every day

Because of you


Shall - 2023




Dolores heart


I gave her some help

Because she needed it


She didn’t ask

She didn’t notice me


I have a Dolores heart

Since you arrived


She might die

But not tonight


Maybe our words

Can save a life


Maybe not



If we didn’t write them

They wouldn’t



If we didn’t share them

They couldn’t


Shall - 2023




Beginning with you


You must understand

You’re my Camas Winds


It’s not just a concept

Or a song I wrote


It’s not some dream

Of star-crossed love

Or an endless irony

Absent of hope


At a time when time

Seems to have become

Of dismissed importance


When tomorrow’s destiny

Suggests the end

Of whatever this is

That we cling to


I found my life

I found you


You are where

My tomorrows began

And there’s no returning

To yesterday


Shall - 2023




The sun comes up


A storm builds inside me

I didn’t expect it

In truth at the start

I felt unworthy of you

Or your love


You wouldn’t see me

So rules of the universe

Would be preserved

And sensibility reserved

Along with them


But when you died

The universe failed

Its rules were exposed


Inside each of us

Live truths

Things we can’t accept

Things that must be so

And for me

Truth be told

You being alone

Couldn’t be true


Half my Heaven

The only thing worthy

That I could give you

Unaware my storm

Would begin


I always loved a storm

But this one scares me


I’ve never felt this way


Each time I see you

Or think of you

I want you more


Every step a blessing

Compelling desire

A risk beyond any path

I’ve ever taken before


Time says it’s not safe

To trust such happiness


Consuming conviction

Love mustn’t die for doubt


I swore on my soul

To be yours

For a day beyond time

I’ll never let you go

And I don’t want out


So as more becomes more

Passion grows brighter

Can it reach the intensity

Of the sun?


Time will tell


Shall - 2023




To my Camas Winds


You’re my reason

And why I’m so strong


I have my home

I have my love

I have you


I’ve no wants or desires

This world can provide

You’re all of them

And you’re in Heaven


This season of Christ

We reflect on our blessings


We weren’t filtered

Through turmoil of this world

Never burdened together

One might say it’s not fair


Our boundary was life

Our crossing is spiritual

And I don’t care about fair

I just live to be yours


So Merry Christmas my love

On our sixth one together


Shall - 2023