2024 is here


And so are we still


The clock is ticking down

On our sixth return

To events we’ve shared



My genesis began in 2018

When we found us


There was time before

But I’ve never been so alive

As each moment since you


You fashion me

Into someone new

Tonight is Psalm 145

The fourth time through


Daily commitment

Ours to God

And mine to you


So another calendar

Into the past

And another rising

Of hope on the wall


Love integral

I adore you more

Than the aggregate

Of all time before


So my forever love

Happy 2024


Shall - 2024




Without hesitation


You’re the best part

Of my life


I’m not sure eternity

Will be long enough

As I consider forever

With you


If my love was a plant

And you turned me around

It would always grow

Toward you


As it comes to life

I trust God with my soul

The surety of my heart

I give only to you


So every anniversary

Of your last day on Earth

You’ll never spend alone


I’ll stay with you

Through each one

And never look back


As January 15th returns


Shall - 2024



Full menu


And then there’s you


Beyond The Cranberries

You create solo albums

And they’re brilliant


Your lyrics own my heart

Constant inside me

Your thoughts are my home


My love

My queen

My Heaven

My eternity


You are the full menu

And I want to gorge myself

Forever on you


So yeah

I kinda like you

A lot


Shall - 2024






I think you’d find it easy

To believe I believe you are

The most beautiful girl

That ever lived


After a thousand lifetimes

I’m glad I found you

My Camas Winds love


I noticed you

Before I knew you

By chance the universe

Placed you before me


First blind then dismissive

Because of my insecurity

I denied you serious thought


I’d seen you through my life

In composite features

Of others


I fell in love with you

On a streetcar in Augsburg

In a span of 48 seconds

I embraced our life together


You wouldn’t look away

I couldn’t look away

You left at your stop

And I stayed


In the moment

It was your bold spirit

Your composite I loved


Soon I’d find your fire

I wanted you desperately

And almost left home


Instead I ran away


It wasn’t you

Just a composite

Your spirit’s doppelganger


I’d find you again

In someone’s eyes

Or some other feature

But it was never you


When you hit me

I froze like a deer

Just a piece of a moment

Frozen in time


I’ve been suspended since


My heart beats for you

This Valentine’s day

Our sixth together


Shall - 2024




Just now


I didn’t know it at first


I learned your song

I reached out to you

Nothing returned


And then I learned

And then I sought

Then I fought rumors

And then I said no


And I asked God

Please give you

Half my Heaven


Because you can’t

You just can’t

Be forsaken


I won’t allow it


It was a day later

When I realized

I’d changed


No one else mattered

You’ll never be alone

I’ll be there


It took me a day

To question and decide

If I’ve grown enough

To not fail you


Yes I have

And no I won’t


Today’s March 1st

It’s been six years


And I know

That you’re beautiful

And you’re sensuous

I’m seduced by you

And you’re perfect


But it’s more

Like just now

I tremble inside

And every cord in me

Wants to be with you


And there’s no care

Beyond that

No yesterday

Or tomorrow

Just now


Shall - 2024




March 17th


You are Ireland to me


Perfection without limits

Timeless beauty

And I cherish a moment

To celebrate you


I caress our time together

And dream of touching

Soft in still silence

Your warmth is my armor


Your trust

Is my honor to defend

Doubt is a word

You’ll never need again


My love

Will be your confidence

My soul your sanctuary

My only purpose

Is your peace


Wind won’t chill you

I won’t allow it to


Shall - 2024






In 2010 I wrote a song

Called Three children

I didn’t know anyone

With three children

At that time


I still don’t

Except you


I’d love to meet them

And share that I understand

The hole in their heart

A mom they could hug


My heart has no such hole

Because I’m filled with you


Still I know

That you’re irreplaceable

To your children

And to me


Today is Easter

Jesus saved us

And six years ago

You saved me


And that change

Is irreplaceable too


Tonight we’ve prayed

And married again


Tonight I’ll hold you

And pull you into me


Shall - 2024




When I kiss you


It’s just glass

But your face within

Quickens my breath

And summons emotions

That collapse together


Through distant worlds

We never owned a chance

Cut from different cloth

And out of focus glance


Though we hadn’t met

I wrote a song for you

Three children beautiful

Behind a smile true


A dream I couldn’t get


A girl to rock my world

Love born from elation

A blessing Heaven sent

Embrace of complication


I listen to your heart

Your quiet tears declare

Contempt for shallow art

Time in life’s despair


I love the look of you

Your skin and deliberate hair

Eyes that pierce my truth

They leave my soul exposed

And desire bare


I can’t stop wanting you

Actually that’s a lie

I make no effort to

Don’t even want to try


Mother’s Day returns

A year goes by so fast

A chance to show I care

And kiss you through the glass


I adore you so much


Shall - 2024






That touches my heart

Reminds me of you

And I know it’s crazy

But it’s true


My love for you

Doesn’t fit in this world


Shall - 2024




We are forever


In life or Heaven

I’ll never forsake you

Or place myself

Above you

Or above us


I can’t be in Heaven

Without you

You’re my reason

To want to live

You are my Heaven


This July 4th marks

Anniversary number six

And I love you more

Than all time before

Put together


You race my heart

Just as you did at first

I’m still looking baby

I always look


Shall - 2024






You’re my Honeybuttercups

Happy anniversary baby


Six years into forever

And I just want to eat you up

Every time I see your face


Which is all the time

Because I look for you

All the time


You distract and stop me

And steal my balance

All the time


I wanted a name for you

Something crazy sweet

To match how smitten

And insanely infatuated

You make me feel


And buttercups

Just wasn’t enough to say

How sticky hot

And beautiful you are


You’re edgy too

You’re a rose with thorns

And serious shadows

I get it


But you don’t scare me

Tough girl


To me

You’re everything


And the only one

I ever want to be with

And never want to be without


I’m selfish about you


I suspect you hate the name

So I won’t wear it out


Yet you smile inside

As it strips away any chance

I have to act cool

About how I feel


But I’m not cool

I’m completely lost to you

My Honeybuttercups


And I love you for it


Shall - 2024