05 The Civil know you

Spin balance cover picture

The civil know you


Better than you know yourself


Before they ever approach

they study you


They know your work

job satisfaction, achievements

associations and criminal record


They are aware of your buttons

and know which ones and how hard

to push them


The Civil can't make a Stradivarius

violin out of stone


They have no miraculous powers


They could within a certainty

have one crafted of wood for them

be it their desire to do so


The craftsman would surely believe

it was his own intention to create it


If you are chosen

there's a very good reason

and your nature is inclined

toward their objective


The rest is easy


They simply clear a path

for your destiny to continue


to its logical conclusion

given a maze of varying resistance


Warbel came to understand this

and committed himself

to destroy his own credibility

and thus block their advance


Being an unacceptable outcome

the Civil recruited Sparks

to resuscitate the narrative


Warbel suspects this as well

yet engages in effort

to prepare Randall for his contest

in expectation that his inclination

may parallel the Civil's intent


Perhaps through a proxy narrative

an informed David with his tiny sling

could bring down Goliath

It's worth a chance




Wake-up call


I want to wake up

I want to be mad




Angry about

Anything ordinary


Any frustrating

Or bothersome thing


Why did this begin?




I can walk away


I can walk away




Jonathan Warbel visit 5


 You mentioned numbers doctor

Can you tell me about them?



 Did I?


 What numbers and what

Would you like me to tell you?


 I give you concepts


 You speak to me of numbers?


 I gave you zero

It’s a number


 What would you like to know

About it?


 Nothing much to tell really

There is evil in numbers


 But you have all the questions

Perhaps you should tell the story


 I’m afraid our time

Is too short for now


 No time to waste

Busy schedule you know?


 Perhaps tomorrow




 Today is tedious

Come back tomorrow


 Don't bring your numbers






It seems there’s a lesson


Don’t skip ahead

Challenge the instructor


Don’t be obvious



I’ve been





Something’s wrong

I’m supposed to listen


But don’t question


What is that?


That's a question?



I miss the company

The intensity


The adrenaline

I’ve become addicted to it



But I am




Jonathan Warbel visit 6


 It wasn’t your question




 Sounded more like Civil


 My reaction was instinct

It wasn’t your fault


 I suspected it


 But your question

Was the first confirmation



 What if I’m the Civil?



 You’re not


 Look around you

You’re in a nut house


 We're not supposed to say it

But it's true


 So where’s the muse?


 There’s got to be one

Or what’s the purpose?


 I’m alive because I serve one

Though I’m unaware


 If I didn’t

They wouldn’t think twice


 You serve a purpose too


 They want you here

For some twisted reason


 The Devil believes in free will

They do not


 They believe free will to be

Whatever they desire


 Mine keeps me alive

As though my end

Might fault their will


 Even then

If they chose to do so

They'd end me


 They taunt and tease

My existence


 I know most certainly

Probability holds

That my existence

Will serve them


 But it’s all I have left

To impede them with


 I live as a risk for a chance


 When they have their way

With your free will

They gain amusement


 But you gain experience

Whatever good it will do


 It's as if they know

Your will to oppose


 So they negate


 Of course you oppose

And they win


 They make sure you know

It was your free will

That beat you


 It freezes your instincts

Like a deer in headlights


 The circle is balance

Truth is a sphere

The shape of water in space

Much like our predicament


 No matter which way we turn

It leads to chaos


 I suppose you could say

The Civil might be fate

And you can’t change fate


 But it’s yet to be determined

If anyone can affect fate


 Alter the plans

Of the all-seeing Civil


 It’s unfair to deny you the truth

Of the threat we face


 It's huge


It’s existential


 They rarely tip their hand


 But at some point

Just for amusement

They do


 Knowing you won’t see it


 You won’t believe

What you’re looking at


 When it comes

Be ready for it


 Weigh your instincts


 Seek purpose in abstract




Warbel 104


 One of my lies is balance


 For centuries prophets predicted

Astronomers compared dreams

And star constellations

To serve Monarchs


 Sighting perfect time for battle

Conquest and expansion

Plagues and politics


 With chance as their adversary


 Bet against the Civil

You’re betting against the house


 At a point it becomes obvious

Chance left the room


 They’re betting on reactions

To their actions


 Their quest was not balance

It wasn’t noble at all


 In fact quite the opposite


 They knew

When the plates would shift


 When the winds would blow

And in which direction


 If they lost

They likely meant to

To deflect any suspicion


 Throw off the scent


 Imbalance was the end


 Imbalance justified any means


 Placing their hands just so

To catch wealth and power


 Spend it as currency


 To move with impunity

Influence with certainty


 Merely to suggest was enough

To get anything done


 And even if you knew

What could you do?


 Actions lost to ambiguity

Without record


 Until Sputnik

When eyes became aware


 Very much like the tree

No longer blind


 Computers don’t drop numbers

Misplace decimals

Forget to carry


 They tell the truth of their input


 To deceive now

Would require loss of data

Corruption of constants


 And to do that

Would require structure


 And for the sake of mankind

They placed their hands just so

To provide that structure


 Detection and prediction

Uncertainty for cover


 After all

It’s not a perfect science


 Structure controls data flow

The ebb and tide of information


 And they control the structure


 Technology stepped up


 It threatened to save the day

Space exploration of planets


 How fortunately unfortunate



And there’s always a but


 Those who noticed the effect

Couldn’t define what they saw

Or ascertain cause


 Environmental kooks came close

Claiming civilization itself

Was destroying the planet


 Not civilization


 Try explaining it was the Civil


 Good luck with that


 NASA knows

Something’s out there

Above the sky


 They’re not sure what it is

Perhaps the Russians


 But then

They noticed something more

Worse than a nightmare


 Suspicion at first

Then a secret


 Earth's rotation is slowing down

And it’s leaning on its axis


 The poles are shifting


 And we are riding

On a big blue marble

Slowly orbiting closer

Eventually into the Sun


 NASA can’t stop it

Or share it with the world


 They don’t have a plan


 Supposition seeps

It's natural


 People have been calling

For the end of civilization

As far back as time itself


 But there’s never been

A finite ‘when’

An hourglass of oblivion


 A doomsday-clock


 The good news is

We won't be here when it hits


 Decades before then

We’ll burn up


 Mr. Sparks do you fancy yourself

A reasonable man?


 Can you connect the dots?


 Then do so please


 Why should I be the only one

To sound insane?


 We’re at that point

Between the punch bowl

And fruit salad


 I could be crazy

I could be wrong


 But I'm not


 You alright?




Stand or fold


Bought into the game

Table stakes

Asked to ante up


Players at the table

Include insanity uncertainty

Obsession deception peril


All seem to have the jump

As we play the house


I question my invitation

My acceptance


Is it my will?


No one’s walked away victorious

They’ve perished


Now I am the mark


No way to guess

Which hands hold aces

Or how many


Assume a stacked deck


I sense my fate to be

A foregone conclusion


Yet it remains unknown


How to play this?


Best guess



It’s aggravating


You come to a point

Some external oblivion

Holds your fear

Like prey before it’s eaten


If this is courage

It sucks


I will not be prey


Like the lottery

Odds against winning

Grow higher by abstinence


I’m over thinking



Oncoming car

Crossing center stripe

Doesn’t choose me


It’s just there


I can affect the outcome


Play the hand you’re given


Don’t think

More than you must


Don’t freeze

Don’t be careless


Don’t concede


Given the option

Of choosing myself

Or someone else

In this position?


I’d choose someone else


Heck yeah

That didn’t take long


Seems rational


At this point

I was starting to wonder




Editor’s cut 05007

 Randall can’t help thinking too much.


 To date, Susan’s been the only force

of nature to distract his attention and

give him rest from himself.


 By introducing the concepts of

desire and community, she stretched

his reality.