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Jonathan Warbel Visit 7




 Assuming you’re not "them"

And I am not "they"


 And you're not

Punching out strawberries


 And I’m not nuts for believing


 What are your thoughts?



 Punching out strawberries?


 That's an odd metaphor

Where did it come from?



 I don’t know

I’ve no idea



 You've heard of the Hubble?

HST as they say?


 The house that Jack built?



 Technical faults and delays

Unfortunate Challenger loss


 Way over budget


 Twenty years from start

Until 1990 found it broken


 Main mirror ground incorrectly


 Do you know why Randall?



 The lens was blurred?





 The lens saw the truth

So it was corrected



Aligned to fit the template


 By 1993 it saw

What it was supposed to see


 The mission served its purpose


 Truth avoided errors dismissed


 Not all the errors were erased

Some were intentionally misplaced


 And some were shared

Though the context was modified


 Develop a system

Of weights and measures


 Once you decide on an inch

And build a ruler

No one questions the inch


 It’s assumed to be precise


 And precise it is but not accurate


 You know this conversation

Has nothing to do with a yard stick




 My mind dabbles here and there

The subject becomes un-constant



 You mean inconsistent?



 I mean

I was shown the truth


 But the truth had changed


 And now the looking glass

Saw something else entirely


 I wanted desperately to see it


 But the truth made my study a lie


 It pitted my desire to see

Against my will to discover


 My quest of discovery

Spanned many regressive models


 Depending upon which medium

Which data and assumptions


 Regressive means to go back


 Science assigns a pattern


 A data point map

Of a process in reverse


 From its present point

To its previous location


 Then project forward

From the information gathered


 It’s an extrapolation or prediction

Of where the successive points

Might likely follow


 It’s a way of mapping a process

Before it's actually happened


 Some models stall others succeed


 That’s the hope anyway


 It was Gaussian process regression

That revealed the Warbel effect


 Gaussian process

Doesn’t assume a pattern

It lets the data speak for itself


 My data consisted of error

What's not present but should be


 The absence of data

By common standards


 It’s what you have with a lie

Or preferably two lies


 The more information the better


 You must let the data speak


 Make what assumptions you can

Add and subtract facts and noise


 Regress back then project forward


 My primary suspicion

The Civil were affecting my choices


 Projections of balance and orbit

Fidelity and celestial grace


 I pretended to embrace it


 Truth of their truth became clear

A discomfiting truth


 Their intentions were apocalyptic

And I was to be their mule


 Mental instability

Presented a rational escape


 I don’t know if they knew then

But they know now


 So you see Randall


 Either you’ve been empowered

Or sacrificed by my friendship


 Today I’ve told you no lies


 Time for us both to go home






Time to go home

Sounded like goodbye


Was it?


Caught in the pace

I’d dismissed an ending


I hadn’t considered it


So much left




Where from here?








Who was my only known


The Civil


Can I stop them?


Can I save him?


What do I have

They can use?


I can’t identify them

What can I prove?



Let the data speak


List assumptions


They sent me to Warbel

Told me about the calendar


They know I know


What do they want?

Control balance?


Warbel blocked them


So they’re using me now

To get to him


Or get around him


To preserve his block

He must be crazy


He must remain so


I’ll write about him

Honor his achievements


Confirm his delusion

And wait


Sounds reasonable




Intra-Care 3


 Behavioral Health Center


 Mr. Sparks

Please have a seat in the lounge



 Is there a problem?



 Mr. Williams will see you there



 (Everyone behind the counter

Lasered on their work


 Bad sign


 An early tell

When someone’s gone


 Unfortunate task

Reserved for the receptionist

When death makes an entrance


 Compelled to wait

For news you don’t want

That you already know


 It’s a checkbox


 Here he comes)



 Mr. Sparks I’m Pastor Williams


 You were a friend to Jonathan?



 It’s Randall father


 He’s gone?



 Yes I'm sorry

It started just after midnight


 He passed at 4:12 this morning


 It was his heart

They say it swelled and failed


 Doctor said it was Edema


 He’s gone home


 Is there anything you need?


 Any questions?



 No needs Pastor


 But I don’t understand


 Was it expected?


 Were there signs?


 Did he have a history?



 Not to our knowledge


 Edema’s typically chronic

But no reference


 Nothing in his records


 His affects were in order

Perhaps he knew and didn't say


 Sometimes they don’t

Out of fear


 Being hooked to a machine

Being unable to get off


 This Saturday

We’ll hold his service


 Again I am so sorry



 Thanks Pastor


 I’m sure you’re right


 I’m sure he's gone home




Pounding moments


Warbel wasn’t sick

Wasn’t suffering


He knew


Accepted his fate


“They wouldn’t think twice”




I’m not ready






What now?


The path’s end








I don’t accept it

I won’t be prey



Tiled floors













Dawn on the shade


He’s still dead

The world keeps going


His funeral


The article





Time for new coffee



Is silence

In the noise of life


Can you hear it?




“It’s a joke son

Try to keep up”


I hear you doc