20 Trace route

Spin balance cover picture

Trace route


 Daniel opens a command session

as the others look on


 First the Russian site


 < C:\MITC>tracert >


 < Tracing route >

 < to ip- >

 < server.net.srr [] >


 < over a maximum of 30 hops: >


 < 1     1 ms     1 ms    >

 < 1 ms >

 < 2   67 ms    68 ms    67 ms >

 < p3nw8sh122.shr.prod.p >

 < hx3.secureserver.net >

 < [97.74 .215.168] >


 < Trace complete >


 Now here goes China


 < C:\MITC>tracert >


 < Tracing route >

 < to ip- >

 < server.net.prc [] >


 < over a maximum of 30 hops: >


 < 1     1 ms     1 ms    >

 < 1 ms >

 < 2   67 ms    68 ms    67 ms >

 < p3nw8sh122.shr.prod.p >

 < hx3.secureserver.net >

 < [97.74 .215.168] >


 < Trace complete >


 Last but not least NSA


 < C:\MITC>tracert


 < Tracing route >

 < to p3nw8sh122.shr.prod.p >

 < hx3.secureserver.net >

 < [] >


 < over a maximum of 30 hops: >


 < 1     1 ms     1 ms    >

 < 1 ms >

 < 2   67 ms    68 ms    67 ms >

 < p3nw8sh122.shr.prod.p >

 < hx3.secureserver.net >

 < [97.74 .215.168] >


 < Trace complete >



 Daniel, scroll up for a minute

Do you see it?



 I do Liamsi

Same destination

No matter what trace we try



 Daniel, they match NSA

And look at the times

They’re the same also



 Same site same times


 At least it’s a nice connection

Lightning fast but severely limited

(Daniel smiles)






 The trace isn’t getting out Lydia


 It’s like it’s being trapped



 (Suddenly the computer display

clears to black and characters

appear on the screen)



 < This is becoming tedious >



 (Daniel stops)


 Here we go folks



 < We should talk >


 < Hello are you there? >






 Maybe so Phillip


 (Daniel types)


 < Who are you? >



 < We have many names >


 < How about Zeus? >


 < And your name? >


 < Be honest >



 < Daniel >



 < Hello Daniel >


 < Please >


 < Allow me to explain >


 < We are connected now >


 < You and we >


 < We notice >


 < You’re on a different PC today >


 < Would you like to try another? >


 < You may if you wish >



 What do you think Liamsi?



 It won’t make any difference

They’ve got us cold


 That’s what they’re telling us

We might as well continue



 < Not necessary >



 < Thank you Daniel >



 < For what? >



 < For being honest with us >



 < Who is us? >



 < ZEUS >




 < Who do you work for Daniel? >



 < Who is Zeus? >



 < You answer a question >


 < With a question? >


 < Interesting >


 < Would you like to know >


 < Who you are? >



 < Sure >



 < You are Daniel Aaron Roth >


 < You are Phillip Robert Sanders >


 < You are Mark Curtis Teals >


 < You are Liamsi Malles >


 < You are Lydia Erin Carnegie >


 < Do you work for >


 < Randall Taylor Sparks? >


 < Or are we still playing games? >



 Ok definitely not good people!



 Ask him what he wants Danny



 < What do you want? >



 < You’ve been meddling Daniel >


 < The sites are trusted >


 < You’ve discovered a gateway >


 < We want to know how? >



 < It was a mistake >



 < Tedious again Daniel >


 < Not nice >


 < Ok then let’s play a game >



 < Game? >



 < Word association >


 < First association >


 < Good work >



 < Praise? >



 < Close >


 < Outstanding >


 < Next association >


 < Meddling >



 < Interference? >



 < No >


 < Standing out >


 < But not bad >


 < Last association >


 < Zeus >



 < NSA? >



 < Close again >


 < Try this >


 < Standing outside your door >



 < Excuse me? >



 < Your lab is surrounded Daniel >


 < Please let us in so we can talk >



 Could you get the door Phillip?

They want to talk to us






 Hello folks


 Please don’t be alarmed


 Allow me to introduce myself

You may call me Mr. Smith



 Is that your real name?



 At this moment

That’s not important son


 You would be Daniel?



 I am


 Are we under arrest?





 As of now

Think of yourselves as guests

Of the United States government


 These nice gentlemen and lady

Will serve as your escorts


 They will take you to a location

Where we might

Get to know each other



 Do we need lawyers?



 For what son?



 To protect our rights


 Shouldn’t you read them?



 Oh, you have no rights


 Criminals have rights


 You’re guests


 Are you a criminal?






 Are you sure?


 Have you done anything wrong?



 (Daniel remains silent)



 Like I said


 You’re guests



 Guests can leave





 Almost guests then

Shall we go?



 What about the lab?



 The lab will be fine son

We’ll take care of the lab


 You’ll be back, don’t worry!



 And if we don’t go?



 Now is that friendly?


 The relationship is new


 We talk we learn

We build trust


 You trust me I trust you

We get along


 It’s the best option



 But if you arrest me

I’d have the right to remain




 Somewhere in the world son

That would be true


 But you stepped into my world


 A right son

Is a world away from an ability


 Trust me when I say

Trust is the best option





 (Daniel’s shoulders drop)



 Right this way folks






Individual interviews

Conducted in private rooms


At times seemed like



Questions in circles

Repeated again and again


Answers Interrupted frequently


Mark Seals was debriefed

Sworn to sequester


Released subject to recall


For the most part

The story unfolded


No one had any reason

Or agenda to lie


What was there to lie about?


The Civil were exposed

To the degree they were known

And dismissed as abstraction


No evidence


Data was not dismissed

Data led to the gateway


Led to Ingress




It’s your lab, Daniel


 Your butt’s hanging out

About a mile here son


 This is your one opportunity

To change that


 I’m here to help you


 Is anything I’ve just told you

Confusing or unclear?





 No I understand



 You understand?






 Well that’s good




 I’m going to ask you some questions


 Three-word answers or less


 Not four words not five


 Is that clear?








 Who is Phillip Robert Sanders?



 Friend and math professor



 Lydia Erin Carnegie?



 Friend and scientist



 Who do you work for?






 Are you asking me for an answer?






 Then who do you work for?






 What department?



 Computer Science



 Who’s Randall Taylor Sparks?



 Lydia’s friend I suppose



 That’s four words twice!





 Lydia’s friend



 Who is Liamsi Malles?



 Computer tech



 Do you work for him?



 Work for Liamsi?



 You work for Liamsi?






 Who’s Phillip Robert Sanders?



 I told you!



 Remind me!



 He’s a friend!



 Who does he work for?









 Math Science



 Do you work for

Randall Taylor Sparks?



 What do you mean?



 Four words again!


 Yes or no?






 Have you ever been a citizen

Of a foreign country?








 It’s just a question son






 What is Sparks data punch?



 A project name



 Who is Randall Taylor Sparks?



 Lydia’s friend



 What is his involvement?



 They’re his cards


 His files




 Which is it

Cards or files?






 Do you work for Mr. Sparks?



 I’m helping them



 Who’s them?



 (Daniel pauses)



 Who is them?



 She’s helping him



 Lydia Erin Carnegie?






 She’s helping who?






 Lydia Erin Carnegie

Is helping Randall Taylor Sparks?






 You work for Sparks?



 We work together



 Who is Mark Curtis Teals?



 My lab assistant



 What’s his involvement?



 He’s not involved



 Who is Liamsi Malles?



 We’re a team



 What does Liamsi do

For the team?



 Data punch cards



 What is Ingress?



 A big mistake



 A big mistake?




A huge mistake



 Explain the mistake



 On question first?



 Go ahead



 How did you trap us so fast?



 When you sign in online

To a secured bank account


 The server knows your location

And if your device is registered








 It’s something like that


 Many private innovations

Have military origins


 Now tell me about Ingress



 (Daniel shares all he knows)




The report in conclusion


With nothing to hide

All told the truth


Randall Sparks

Was not a mastermind

Rather a reluctant nucleus


But for what reason

Was not determined


Randall Sparks and Dr. Carnegie

Were linked to the cards and Warbel


Dr. Warbel’s significance

Rose from his ashes

Through compromise

Of the Ghost network


‘Sparks Data punch’

Became ‘Sparks Data’

A classified intellectual property

Of the United States government


No one was found guilty of treason


They were briefed and then read in

To their own project ‘Sparks Data’


Susan Fisher had to be read in

Due to her relationship with Randall

Who was unaware of her inclusion

Until conclusion of the interviews


Background investigations ensued


Impact clearances granted

Need to know established


Impact means clearance now

And paperwork follows


Conscripted to government service

They were compelled to volunteer


While this granted no privilege

To peek behind the Ingress curtain

They remained accountable


A peculiar destiny for those

Who know too much




Another security twist


During the interviews


Several interviewers

Held insufficient access

For information exposed


It happens


They had to be read in


Some aware of a Ghost network

Were unaware of its details




Be careful what you ask for


Expanded access

Is a leash not a privilege




Interview room C


 Mr. Sparks, a moment?



 Mr. Smith?



 Please come with me

To interview room C


 Susan Fisher is waiting there



 Susan’s here?



 Right this way

I’ll leave you two alone



 (Susan greets Randall with a hug)


 Wow paperboy

You’ve really done it this time!


 What did you get us into?



 When did you get here?



 They questioned me for two hours!

Right after they arrested me!



 They arrested you?



 They said I was a guest!

But I had to go with them!


 I couldn’t leave Randall!

What kind of guest is that?



 It’s ok



 What’s ok?

What do they want?



 They get grumpy

When people hack their network



 Randall you don’t hack!



 I know


 It’s complicated



 I have to work for the government?


 What’s that about?

And who are the Civil?



 The Civil is ‘them’

At least I think so


 Remember Minneapolis?



 Tickets for you and Lydia?




We found things there

Computer drives and data cards


 Lydia took the drives to a friend


 But something happened to one


 So we went to England

To look for the last drive


 Then a team was formed

Lydia Daniel Phillip and Liamsi


 They needed a project name

Lydia said it was my project


 They named it ‘Sparks Data Punch’

Before we even got back


 The files on the drives and cards

Accessed the government’s network


 So now here we are




You don’t hack networks



 The team hacked it


 We didn’t know what it was



 So why am I here?



 You’re here because


 They thinks it’s my project

And you are my fiancée



 Ok so tell them it isn’t

And let’s go home



 Like I said it’s complicated


 Civilians can’t know what we know

So we can’t be civilians anymore



 What does that mean paperboy?



 It means I’m sorry


 And I don’t know