21 Welcome to the land of Oz

Spin balance cover picture

Welcome to the land of Oz


 Miss Fisher, Mr. Sparks

Mr. Smith is waiting for you


 This way please



 (They enter into a small conference

room Lydia Daniel Phillip and Liamsi

are already there)



 Welcome to the land of Oz


 Again my name is Donald L. Smith

L stands for Leonard


 Yes Daniel, it’s my real name


 You can call me Don or Mr. Smith

And I don’t use the word son

Outside of interviews


 Sometimes it helps


 As stated previously

Here we can get to know each other


 I apologize

For the disruption of your lives


 Be assured it’s necessary


 It’s my privilege to welcome you


 Thank you for your honesty

During your interviews


 You all passed


 For better or worse

We are family now


 Your comfort is a priority


 That said National security

Remains the top priority


 As you can see

Your escorts aren’t here


 You’ll see them again


 What follows

Will never be declassified


 We’ll be discussing

Some of your nation’s

Most protected secrets


 And treason’s a capital crime

Punishable by death


 You’re here

Because you’ve seen something

You weren’t supposed to see


 Now your life’s changed


 As an example of this change


 You’ll never be alone

Under anesthesia


 You’ll be escorted


 The Civil you spoke of do exist

Regardless of the name they use


 We call them Shadow government


 Some might say Deep State

New World Order or Bilderbergers


 Take your pick


 Your interviews mark the first time

We’ve heard them called Civil


 We don’t believe them to be

Fallen angels


 More like rising power brokers

Masquerading as philanthropists


 Circles of affluence and influence

Heads of state and such


 This explains the gravity of power

But it also confounds a solution


 It’s like this


 They see us coming


 To quantify identify and expose


 Means your career is over

As soon as you raise your hand


 And that is why they don’t exist


 It’s also your first secret


 Now we’ll take a short break




Cuban missile crisis


 Agent Smith continues


 President John F. Kennedy

Faced many obstacles

Throughout his brief tenure


 After Soviet nuclear advancement

And consequent US naval blockade

That postulated the prospect threat

Of all-out-world demise


 It’s rumored that…


 President Kennedy convened

In secret behind closed doors


 To establish a secure means

Of direct communications

With every superpower


 The hope


 Was to discuss matters of state

Outside of public scrutiny


 Allowing calmer conversations


 This presented an opportunity


 From that meeting it is theorized

That a ghost network was conceived


 Woven into DNA of the ARPANET

And future of all internet protocols


 Ghost-Net was born


 From its inception it was marketed

As security and encryption




 Government involvement

In development and research

In any such matters

Would remain forever classified


 In a vision of brilliance

And innovation the US government

Surrendered the internet backbone

Along with its bandwidth

To the private sector

For development and dissemination


 Titans were chosen

For their promise


Assisted with grants and policy

And groomed for compliance


 See early machine code warriors

Were obsessed with code speed


 Success rewards

A better mousetrap


 This was a problem for Ghost-Net

Because efficient code

Provided limited wasted space


 So modular empires were built

Upon applications libraries


 Templates were designed

With ample space for security


 Internet and technology advanced


 Applications and security shrunk

While application size expanded


 Computers and memory evolved


 Satellite communication streams

Connected the developed world


 Philanthropy and government

In public private partnerships

Exploded as the information age


 A new day and expanded world


 Who would question progress?


 Ghost-Net was everywhere

And no one knew it


 Until you chimed in




Which brings us

To why you are here


 Again with Agent Smith


 The Ingress gateway you used

To access Ghost-Net

Is a unique routing program


 It connects names with networks


 Ghost-Networks are private

They’re unaware of each other


 Ingress is aware of all of them

But routings are encrypted


 In theory we could simply

Reverse-engineer the encryption


 But once we obtain access

The shadow government will know


 And we’ll never get close


 NSA protocols, and USC 18-2511

Along with a ton of statutes

Prohibit collection of friendly traffic

Public, private and military data


 Except under specific conditions

Such as with a FISA warrant

Friendly data is strictly off limits


 In short

To look at the shadow government


 We must ask for their permission

To access the wideband data


 That’s not a good plan


 Now here’s some information

That I never said to anyone


 You’ve got a lab full of data

They don’t control or know about


 And you also have an access

That we didn’t previously have


 We have you and they don’t


 Now add to that the fact

That you don’t know any better


 There’s no reason why you should


 And that is a beautiful thing


 As far as the world is concerned

‘Sparks Data’ is a shadow


 And we can’t stop

What we can’t see


 Also, you will have help


 A select team of specialists

Assigned to the search


 The absolute best of the best

They are excellent at what they do


 You will not go online again


 A collection liaison

Will remotely trap anything you need


 The same protocol

That keeps us from seeing them


 Long as it is done within the network

Keeps them from seeing us


 If we discover something actionable

We’ll make up a story to match it


 To be clear


 This is highly illegal


 If you’re caught you’re responsible

You will be arrested for treason


 We will try to help

But no promises




There is one final detail


 Agent Smith concludes


 We do care and understand


 We want this to be over with

As much as you do


 Until it’s completed

To minimize disruption of your lives

We are chancing a security risk


 We will allow you to leave the lab

And return to your homes


 Your activities will be monitored

Your communications trapped

Your escorts will remain near by


 Should there be any activity

Anything you do not want discovered

Pick a different time to do it


 If any security is compromised

Or if anyone’s life is threatened


 Everyone will return to the lab

And remain for the duration


 Please understand this opportunity

Is being provided at great expense

Of both resources and energy


 Your escorts are risking their lives

So you may have yours


 Appreciate their dedication

Consider it a gift to you


 And if they ask you to do something

Do it without discussion


 Trust me


 Their death due to your ignorance

Is something you don’t want

On your conscience


 And it is definitely something

You don’t want on mine


 Now it’s back to your lives



If you don’t want it heard


 Don’t say it


 Good luck!




Tenison Ezekiel Stewart


Samuel Tenison Stewart

Son of Ezekiel Stewart

Learned math from his father


Ezekiel was taught as a slave


Faith in God spelled hope

Math spelled future


Neither man learned to spell


During the great depression

Samuel worked on a cargo ship

On its way to Nigeria

Land of his father’s father


1960, Great Britain concedes power

Nigerian independence follows


Hausa/Fulani in the north

Yoruba in the west

And Igbo to the south


Colonel Yakubu (Jack) Gowon

Rises as the country’s leader

1967, declares a state of emergency


Biafra secedes to the east

Colonel Odumegwu Ojukwu leads


July 6, 1967 - Biafran war begins

Nearly two million people die

January 15, 1970 - Biafra surrenders


Samuel marries Oluebube Ngozi

Her name means miracle blessing


Oluebube dies giving birth in 1971

Tenison Ezekiel Stewart is born


Samuel returns to America in 1971

Teaches Tenison faith math honor


Tenison teaches his father to spell


1989 - US Army entrance exam

Tenison scores high marks

Enters Signal Intelligence Command


Advanced placement

Direction finding, Collection, Maps

Navigation, Analysis, Cryptography


Samuel Tenison dies in 1998


Shortly thereafter

Tenison gets assigned to NSA

Where he meets Don Smith




Haley Alison Lang


Haley is autistic

Though you might not notice


Luckily it was caught early

She can converse when she must


If her focus alternates

From her work to you and back

She’s trying to get you to look


She craves games puzzles colors

Figures them out in a flash


Haley loves music and plays guitar

Reads books and writes poetry


She studies sound frequencies

Hacks networks and video games


NSA hired her when she was 22

Been there five years




Randall I’m upset


 I know and you’re right to be



 I know it’s not your fault


 But I don’t want to live this way

People in our lives

No privacy!


 You have to find a way



 You’re right

What do you want?



 I don’t want to be alone


 You’ve got to hold me

I want you to hold me






 All night!



 Yes, we’ll be alone



 I agree with the way you hold me



 I love you too




Meet the team


 MIT - Daniel’s lab

Don Smith makes introductions


 As promised allow me to introduce

Haley Lang and Tenison Stewart


 I think you will find them to be

Invaluable assets


 Haley and Tenison

Welcome to the Sparks Data project


 Mr. Sparks couldn’t be here today

He had other matters to attend


 This is Dr. Lydia Carnegie

Dr. Phillip Sanders

Dr. Daniel Roth

And Liamsi Malles


 This is Dr. Roth’s lab



 Daniel Aaron Roth?



 Oh my God it was you!


 You’re Zeus?



 You were easy to break!


 I could take you apart

With my cell phone



 Play nice Haley



 Nice to meet you too Haley!

You seem a bit angry



 I’ll take this one Don



 Dr. Sanders

An honor to meet you sir


 I’ve attended your courses

But not in person



 Thank you Mr. Stewart


 I’m honored that you’re honored


 You can call me Phillip

We’re not big on titles here



 Thank you sir, I mean Phillip

And it’s Tenison


 Dr. Carnegie I’ve read your work

Along with that of Dr. Warbel

And Dr. Phepps


 It’s truly an honor ma'am



 Welcome aboard Tenison



 I’ve seen this meeting in my dreams






 Everyone’s here Phillip

Just like it was in my dream





 Well I’m sure you have work to do

I’ll leave you to it


 Tenison is your point of contact

With online collection or myself


 He’s project lead from my end

And quite proficient




Parsing the data


 In teams of two


 As you can see Tenison

We’ve sorted some files into groups

Separating data from applications


 Lydia and Liamsi on punch cards


 Haley and Daniel take a set


 You and I take a set



 These are coordinates Phillip

And quantities


 Maybe distance



 I’m seeing colors Rothells!


 (Haley’s attention shifts rapidly

From her screen to Daniel and back)



 (Phillip smiles surprised at Daniel!)



 (Daniel shrugs his shoulders

back to Phillip)


 What have you got Haley?



 These are colors

Without hashtags


 Six-character groups RGB

Can you see it Rothells?



 What does she have Rothells?

(Lydia smiles)



 (Daniel blushes a little)


 Let me see




Coordinates 1


 Let me see what you have Tenison



 Here, here and here


 Two groups, five to seven digits

Followed by fifteen digits


 Then it repeats the sequence


 For the first two groups

Look at the last four numbers


 Minutes and seconds


 They’re all less than sixty


 And for the degrees


 Nothing over 180 in the first group


 All less than 360 for the second


 Possibly geodesics for the fifteen

But I don’t think so Phillip


 More like quantities or mass

I don’t know for sure


 But the first two

Are definitely coordinates



 Good call!


 You’re right they are coordinates

Possibly radian conversions


 Latitude ranges +/- 90 degrees

Let’s assume polar angle there


 Longitude ranges +/- 180 degrees


 Let’s assume it’s an azimuth

For the 360s


 Seems they’ve eliminated notation


 No degrees, minutes or seconds

No plus-minus or decimal points


 All nice and tidy

Just numbers


 Now that we have a what

Let’s try to find a why



 Identify a conversion

Then triangulate a fix?



 You got it Tenison


 We’re looking through a haystack

In search of a needle


 Where’d you learn all this?



 I really can’t say sir




Editor’s cut 21010


 Various concepts in the remainder

of this chapter deal with DOS

commands RGB color codes

Hexadecimal ASCII equivalents

and abstract cipher schemes.


 All of the commands, numbers

colors and ciphers are true and

functional. You can recreate the

results if you desire to.


 If such disciplines aren’t

comfortable for you, you may scrub

the articles for any dialogue and

dismiss the rest.


 For example, in the previous article

0 to 360 degrees is mentioned…


 Prior to recent navigation

360 degrees was common in

determining longitudinal magnitude.


Using 180 degrees to represent

latitude is known as the ‘polar angle’

and originates at the north pole.


These concepts will return in later



 While true and accurate, they may

be  dismissed as well, without

adversely affecting the story.






 Let me see what you have Haley



 They are Hex codes for RGB

FF FF FF makes white

FF FF 00 makes yellow


 They only appear once in this file



 Ok I see it



 C0 C0 C0 silver is special


 It comes before a color change



C0 C0 C0 00 00 00



C0 C0 C0 80 00 00



C0 C0 C0 FF 00 00


 Each change starts a new series


 I double-spaced so you could see



00 00 00  00 00 01  00 00 02



80 00 00  80 00 01  80 00 02



FF 00 00  FF 00 01  FF 00 02


 Increasing through FF Hex

Or 255 Decimal


 I checked five files Rothells


 Different progression same rules


 They are easy to find

If you look for colors



 Hey guys?


 Haley is on to some kind of code

We need your input



 (Haley smiles, her focus alternates

between Daniel and her screen)



 We have those files here Daniel



 Over here also D

Lots of them



 Ideas Phillip?







 Look for 3F






 Look for 3F 3F 3F



 (Lydia shouts)

I’ve got it several places



 We have it here too Tenison



 Look for 00 00 FF

Followed by 00 00 00


 It should be written

Only one time in each file



 (Phillip answers)


 It’s right here



 Haley found it



 It’s ones compliment Phillip

3F and C0 switch color wheels


 The others are start and end points

It’s a cipher system



 Tenison, tell me


 How do you come up with this?



 I really can’t say Phillip



 (Lydia whispers in Daniel’s ear)


 I think she likes you Rothells




Liamsi’s batch file


Forgotten arts of the batch file


The DOS arts


Compare, searching for preambles


 Preamble is the file’s serial number

Preambles were never encrypted


Preambles followed the start keys

In color, parity and destination files


Start keys always followed end keys


That is to say

FF FF 00 always followed FF FF FF

In color files and

00 00 FF only followed 00 00 00

In parity files


In color files 00 00 00 meant black

Black was followed by 00 00 01


Each file is an information wheel


 A circle of data with a start key

And an end key


In this manner

An end followed by start

Could be any place in the file


 Decoding begins at the start key

And continues until the end key


Three variables are required:

1 Name of the color file

2 Name of the parity file

3 Name of the destination file


The Cipher engine does the rest

By combining the two source files

And writing the destination file


Small adjustment to the code

And Liamsi’s punch card program

Can sort the cipher files too


He’s not just a seer


Color files can be messages or data

Number files were exclusively data


Numbers 0 to 9 are preceded by 3

30 31 32… 39

So they’re easy to recognize


Special characters and operators

Range from 21 to 2F and 3A to 3F

Plus 20 (space) and 40 (@)


Also easy to recognize


Hex code is usually shown

As number pairs with spaces

So it’s easy for humans to see


It’s been that way since ‘Debug’


In the actual data file

The spaces aren’t there


Because each space (20 = space)

Would be a waste of space


So 012345 in hex code

Is actually this 303132333435


But Debug shows us this

30 31 32 33 34 35


Because it’s easier to see




The quick red fox


As parity in black

(3f 3f 3f 00 00 00)


The quick

AC 98 9B E0 8F 8C 97 9D 97 E0

red fox

8E 9E 9C E0 9E 91 88 E5

jumped over

96 8B 99 90 9B A3 E0 91 92 9B 8E

the lazy

E9 8C 98 A5 E0 94 AA 86 87 EC

brown dog’s

9E 8E 9E 89 92 EE 9C 91 A8 D4 8D


F0 9E 9F AE 95 D2


As parity in green

(3f 3f 3f 00 80 00)


The quick

AC 18 9B E0 0F 8C 97 1D 97 E0

red fox

0E 9E 9C 60 9E 91 08 E5

jumped over

96 0B 99 90 1B A3 E0 11 92 9B 0E

the lazy

E9 8C 18 A5 E0 14 AA 86 07 EC

brown dog’s

9E 0E 9E 89 12 EE 9C 11 A8 D4 0D


F0 9E 1F AE 95 52


As Haley saw it in black

(c0 c0 c0 00 00 00)


00 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 02

00 00 03 00 00 04 00 00 05

00 00 06 00 00 07 00 00 08

00 00 09 00 00 0A 00 00 0B

00 00 0C 00 00 0D 00 00 0E

00 00 0F 00 00 10 00 00 11

00 00


As Haley saw it in green

(c0 c0 c0 00 80 00)


00 80 00 00 80 01 00 80 02

00 80 03 00 80 04 00 80 05

00 80 06 00 80 07 00 80 08

00 80 09 00 80 0A 00 80 0B

00 80 0C 00 80 0D 00 80 0E

00 80 0F 00 80 10 00 80 11

00 80


“I’m seeing colors Rothells!”




New world order


 I’m the shadow



 No I’m the shadow



 You’re the deep state



 I’m the deep state?



 New world order



 Not the civil?



 Not the civil



 What do you take?

On your Bilderberger?








Can you be described by a tensor?


What is a tensor?


What do you think?


It sounds tense right?


Well it is in a way




It’s a way to explain tension


Rules to describe stress


Ok, so what is stress?


Stress is pressure in a direction


Stress of weight on a steel bridge


Stress of scoring well on a test


Stress of rejected love


Are there more?


A steel beam has many stresses

Bending breaking twisting splitting


High School graduation

Represents stress


Successive grades

Toward completion

Twelve steps in that direction

Each step a scaler or scale


A vector has a scale and a direction

Stress can have multiple vectors


Disenchanted love

Has vectors of attraction

Vectors of repulsion and fear

Vectors of trust and betrayal


Can any of these

Be explained as one vector?


Distraction and success

Are contravariant


Contravariant vectors

Act in opposite direction


Fidelity and trust are covariant


Covariant vectors

Share similar direction


Bridges school love

Include both types


Independent vectors

Simply don’t care


But they’re still there

Like some relationships


Success or failure of any of these

Can’t be described by a single vector


But they can be mapped

With a tensor


Because a tensor is a method

Used to explain

Complex combinations of vectors

Combinations of stress and life


Engineers and Physicists use tensors


Albert Einstein used them


Counselors might use tensors

To help them study emotional stress

And they might not even know it


No worries


It’s all relative




Defined as Warbel


 Lydia come look


 Did you see this?



 See what Daniel?



 In some of the data

We found this communication


 Lydia it’s about Johnathan





 “The error illuminates the dance

It’s not a failure of resolution


 The error is the effect

Defined as Warbel”



 Is there more D?



 I don’t know, maybe


 That’s all we found


 Does it mean anything to you?




Was also the name of his project

Before he went away



 Anything more L?