28 What a hideous sound

Spin balance cover picture

What a hideous sound


Ships steam toward China

With their chests full of sand

Replace ore that was taken

From an Emerald land


Russia lends muscle

As it was in the past

To hurry the mend

That can’t happen too fast


The pieces advance

On a Chess board of Earth

Striking rumbling roars

From vast crumbling floors

Of tectonic birth


Horrific sounds

As mantel rebounds


Indigenous souls

Moved to higher ground

From locations too low

Although some would not go

Fear the voices of gods

As they hide in their pods

While the first of dams break

Claiming life in their wake

From the flooding below


What a hideous sound


Mankind must understand

There is no perfect plan

When the shifting begins

Adding ointment to sins

To secure from regret

Once the trap has been set


First doubts are mounted

As bodies are counted

Trust loses affection

As fear questions direction

Scowling skeptics look on

From a miserable dawn


What a hideous sound


Still the course is embraced

Through adversity faced

Smiting doubt is rejected

As some loss was expected


Hard to tell at first

If your voyage is cursed

Waiting ships approach land

From the sea


A year and six months pass




Don asks for answers


 Small conference room - NSA

Don Smith leads


 In attendance

Dr. Lydia Carnegie

Dr. Rock Greisen

Randall Sparks


 I asked to meet with you

Before the oversight meeting

To go over your arguments privately


 You’ve had eighteen months

Well over a trillion dollars

Much to America’s protest


 Earthquakes are increasing

What’s going on?


 Lydia first



 At the start there were stumbles

Efforts focused on China exclusively

This mistake was caught quickly

After seismic activity increased


 Some tectonic plate influence

Centered in South America

Requiring simultaneous reversal


 Resources were divided accordingly

But it slowed progress


 Hiram Mills is project administrator

He’s been responsive and attentive


 Thanks totally to his expertise

We achieved 28 percent completion


 He’s asking for twice the resources


 We have spot checked for errors

And we’ve found none so far

But data is seriously backlogged


 We must increase staffing

And that’s a problem

Engineering resources are tapped


 We have scientists doing grunt work

It’s a waste of resources


 We need university student support


 As for increase of seismic activity

We expected this to happen

Due to stress modification

And mass redistribution


 All this change took place

Over a fifty year period

We’re trying to correct it in five

That’s a recipe for disaster


 Many people have been moved

To higher ground for safety

But some still refuse to go


 The people behind this threat

Had years of experience


 We are well behind that curve


 World Hope United and Green Relief

Have facilitated the relocation

They’ve offered to do so at cost

But cost is still considerable


 That’s where we’re at Don



 What do you have to say

About Dr. Greisen’s argument?



 Dr. Greisen is extremely qualified

His opinions must be respected


 In this instance the data disagrees

That’s no reflection on his merit

His objections should be explored

If he’s willing and staffed to do so


 I would be happy to assist



 Dr. Greisen

That’s quite an endorsement

What say you?



 Give me a staff and I accept


 Dr. Carnegie’s offer is appreciated

But she represents the project well

And should remain where she’s at


 We’re no longer in the same place

We were a year ago Don


 I said it would have to be done

In broad daylight

With the whole world watching

That seems to be happening


 At this point I hope I’m wrong



 And Mr. Sparks

Do you still hold to your objections?



 Do I think the Civil are behind it?



 Do I believe they are deceivers?



 Can I prove it?



 So nothing’s changed



 At this meeting

Let’s stick to what we can prove




The recovery review


 Expanded conference room - NSA

Don Smith leads


 In attendance

NSA USIIFNC task force

Administration cabinet officials

US Senate Intelligence select

US House Appropriations select

US State Department diplomatic

STEM community representatives


 Ladies and gentlemen

Officers and honored guests


 My name is Don Smith


 Eighteen months ago

Our objective was to reverse threats

Introduced by Eco-terrorists


 We’ve made gains

And we’ve faced challenges


 Seismic activity has increased

Causing thousands of fatalities

In Asia and South America

Along with substantial damages

Both geographic and infrastructure


 Our focus of recovery

Has expanded to include

Targets in South America


 We’re committed to these people


 Simultaneous recovery is necessary

To reduce seismic events


 Not doing so results in fatalities


 We must expand data verification

From spot-check to comprehensive

Redundancy by a second team

To eliminate possibility of error

Unintentional or otherwise


 Dr. Greisen

Will lead a dissenting study

To critique recovery models

And confirm findings


 As sole dissenting opinion

To our original plan

Dr. Greisen’s study

Will provide critical oversight


 Due to a shortage of engineers

We’ll recruit engineering students

From top universities

To supplement staffing


 Double the effort

Will require double the budget


 That’s two trillion dollars annually

It'll require Congressional approval


 Other countries will be required

To match the increase


 Need I remind you

There is little time for debate?


 In conclusion

I’m sure you will have questions

Please contact or see me personally




Eco-correction updates


 By Randall Sparks


 Governments work together

To right environmental wrongs

Committed by Eco-terrorists


 Congress approves 620 Billion

“Emergency funds” increase

200 billion diverted from military

Totaling 1.82 Trillion dollars

Doubling the debt in ten years


 75 partnering countries commit

To increase obligations in kind


 Correction focus expands

To include threats in South America

In addition to concerns in China


 Engineering efforts double

With focus on data confirmation

Adding college STEM students

In exchange for tuition credits


 China and Russia work with Holland

Employing ‘Sea wall technology’

In support of dam upgrades

As new dam projects continue


 ‘Sea wall technology’


 Steel walls isolate existing dams

Construction reroutes spillways

Dam walls are fortified

To withstand earthquakes


 “Can’t be built fast enough”

Scientists say


 Seismic frequency increases

Smaller magnitude energy release

Scientists say to expect more


 Volcanic and vent field activity is up

Near mid-ocean ridges of the Pacific


 Two large earthquake events

7.2 seventeen miles off the

Coast of Chile

And 7.4 event in the Indian Ocean

No significant waves reported


 Shipping companies receive credits

In exchange for materials transport

To Asian and South American ports


 You will hear it tomorrow


 But if you want it first

Get up with the Daily Sun


 Sparks - On the record

For the record




Randall’s dream





Dark night

Hooded cloak


Silent park






Beautiful lips



What do you see?



I see a banana



Peel it


Taste it





Wet citrus



It tastes of sin






Can read your will



Can write your thoughts


Tell me

If you knew it was a lie

Why did you believe?


See all that you’ve done?



“I was shown the truth Randall

But the truth had changed”



Tell the rock to check the logs


We can read your will


If you knew it was a lie


If you knew

It was a lie


If you knew


See all that you’ve done?


We can write



“I was shown the truth Randall”



Tell the rock to check the logs



“You’ll come around to the truth”



See all that you’ve done?



Honey wake up






 Randall, wakeup


 Wake up






 You were having a bad dream

You were shaking


 I thought I should wake you


 What was it about?



 I heard Jonathan Warbel


 And then

Tell the rock to check the logs


 But it wasn’t Jonathan






Tell Greisen!


 Don, this is Randall Sparks

You need to get hold of Dr. Greisen



 What’s this about, Randall?



 Ask him if he checked the logs



 What logs?



 I can’t explain it right now

Just ask him that question




Did you check the logs?


 Dr. Greisen, this is Don Smith


 Randall Sparks just called me


 He wants to know

If you checked the logs?



 Yes Don

We checked the data logs

They were fine


 Calculations were accurate

We didn’t find anything wrong



 What about the shipping logs?



 Shipping logs?


 No, we didn’t check them

We assumed that had been done


 Wait, nobody did that?






 They didn’t check the logs!



 They didn’t?


 Oh my this is splendid!

And now it will take years!



 It will take years to figure out!



 Years to figure out!



 Well done you!



 Well done you!







Questions and conclusions


 Expanded conference room - NSA

Senator Silvia Short leads


 First question to you Mr. Smith


 How did this happen?



 We failed Senator


 In the face of a sea of data

It was our responsibility to verify

Collected and shipping data matched


 We did not and they did not

 So we failed



 Who’s responsibility, Mr. Smith?



 It was mine Senator



 The blame, Mr. Smith

Is not yours to bear alone


 No one expected

The data to be false


 Other countries didn’t catch it


 We all assumed it to be correct


 Now that activities have stopped

Do we have a damage assessment?



 We’re working on it Senator


 I’m afraid the damage is grave


 We’re unable to recover some logs

Over time they’ve been destroyed


 Engineers have created a new model

Its predictions are grim


 Axis shift has begun to accelerate


 We’re trying to reverse damages

But we don’t have the answers yet



 What answers can you provide?



 Dr. Greisen is leading that effort

He’s best qualified to explain


 Dr. Greisen?



 Thank you Mr. Smith


 Axis tilt is at x3 three times normal

Affecting sun exposure and seasons


 Solar orbit is unaffected

But tilt recovery is failing

It’s not recovering


 Celestial drift is ok for now


 If our model is correct

That won’t last long


 Equatorial perspective

Will change as tilt progresses

Causing a domino effect


 Centripetal forces

Natural to equatorial norms

Will shift geologically

Amplifying plate stress


 In layman’s terms

The equatorial bulge will move

Causing tectonic plates to shift


 Earth’s mantel isn’t rigid, it moves


 As it moves, stress and tilt increases


 The plates will crash

Resulting in natural disasters

Of biblical proportion


 The model projects five years

Until critical celestial shift begins

That’s when orbit changes


 After that we can expect

Seventy years to solar impact


 In thirty-five years temperatures

Will not support human existence

Even if the atmosphere survives

Which it won’t



 Dr. Greisen


 You’re saying

The model that brought us here

Has now predicted our extinction?


 It was wrong before



 The model was right

The data was wrong


 Someone used the model

To alter the data projections

They figured out how to set this up


 They cooked the books Senator

And we fell for it



 If word of this reaches the streets

We won’t last thirty-five days

I trust everyone understands this?



 Who pays?



 The gentleman will be recognized



 Randall Sparks, Senator


 I’m sorry for interrupting

But who pays?


 You all took a consensus

Of five-hundred experts

You Ignored the objections of two

And you ran with it


 As our federal government

You’re immune from responsibility

And now it doesn’t matter

Because it’s over for all of us


 So I want to know, Senator

Who pays when you’re wrong?



 Mr. Sparks

I don’t think I like your tone

Are you a prophet now?



 No I’m just a reporter




They’re not going to tell?


 Senator Short warned us not to


 She said it would start a panic

And you know she’s right



 Oh baby this is crazy

It’s been crazy from the start



 I blamed her but it was my fault

They sent me to Warbel


 None of this would have happened

If I hadn’t gone there



 Slow down paperboy

You think it was the Civil?



 They contacted me

That’s when it started



 Do you think they were angels?



 I don’t know

They were in my dream

They said it was my fault



 You tried to stop it paperboy



 They never checked the logs

It wasn’t your fault


 As for the Civil Randall

They don’t control our lives

They don’t control anything

God does


 You’re going to be a father

And we’re keeping this baby






 She’ll be smart like her daddy

She’ll marry some day

She’ll grow up

And come visit us with flowers


 With God there’s always hope






Tower of Babel


Babylon, Iraq


Latitude 32.5363° north

Longitude 44.4209° east



A large temple tower in Babylon

Also known as the Tower of Babel


Sumerian name E-temen-an-ki


"House of the foundation

of Heaven on earth"