After the end – part 2

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Between the lines



Can you hear me

Do you care

Do you grasp

These words I share?


I'm screaming in cipher

Can you see?


The words are just words

To disguise meanings

Inside of me


I look at you just so

I need to know

Can I trust you

Do you understand or

Am I just reading in?


I can't say what I want to

What I desperately mean

I mustn't

I won't


But I tell you the truth

With my gestures

With my eyes


Within these words

Of my lies


Crack open the bottle

Taste the wine

Desecration of grapes

Once vibrant on vines


Truly to hear me

You must witness the signs

And be vigil to listen

Between the lines




I will answer you


My love

I’ll never ignore you


I’ll answer with my eyes

Respond with my sigh

Soft brush of my touch

Back of my arm on your thigh


Innocent, but not so

I’ll answer with my smile


Taste your hair in my mouth

Feel you laced through my soul

I’ll look through your image

Wherever I go


And one day

Soon as I can


I’ll answer with my kiss

Ask for you with my ring

And surrender everything


In you I found light

Now I want to be yours

For the rest of my life




Caring is clutter


Caring for you

Clutters my life

I find myself

Thinking for two


Without you

I can do what I want

How I want when I want

Where I want or choose

To do nothing at all


I don't have to think

About you


Caring’s like a three-leg race

Two legs tied together

Restricting movement


I'm better off

You’re better off without


Thoughts cloud with laughter

When you call


When you don't

It's anticipation

Of when you will


The only relief comes

After you’ve called

Then I can move freely

But can I?


You clutter me and I’m confused

I must accept new concepts

Learn new things, your things


Just walk away

And take this fog with you

Give back my life, as mine

Not ours


Because I can't

I’ve neither the will or ability

I'm trapped within us


The loss would be clutter

It would fade in time


Why me?

Why did you find me?

Why seek me out?


But you’ll have to do it


Make the cut, because

Given clutter or freedom

I’d choose you






Never fails

Every time you come around

I catch you like a cold


And it takes a week

Maybe seven days

To get over you


And you never ask

And you never call

You just be contagious


I wish there was a shot

To protect me from you

Or better yet a shot

To make you catch me too


Then you couldn’t

Get over me so easily

We could be sick together


You make me sick




Let go and let God


There are six billion saints

On the planet


But most of them can't see

Beyond their own circumstance




The world stops


When I’m near you

The world stops


And I feel like

God's inside me


I become anxious

Afraid, and my eyes

Brake just before tears

Watching and waiting

I listen


All I care about

Everything is you

I feel guilty

Of letting the world go


You're my obsession

My addiction


Because of this

I’m afraid of you

And I’m in love, of you


Can't just disappear

I’d be nothing to you


So I do my best to please


You’re my joy

You’re my stress

You’re my pain

And you’re my reason


I wish you knew that




Supervision enhancement


Any grandparent

Worth their salt

Knows just how

To teach a child

The correct prefix

To call China


On Mommy’s cell phone




Light up the night


My glass isn’t half empty

Because you’re not here


It is half full

Because you were


We spend life looking

For answers we hope to find


But when you found me

I found something




Risk metrics


Initial impression



Pleasant smile

Sound of your voice

Your eyes and lips


Symmetry silhouette

Your hands and touch


Ease to be near

Bright light of your soul

Allure of your darkness


Soft-spoken impact

Sharp passion and wit

Quiescent strength


Ok, I’m compelled


Can it age like wine

Are you vulnerable

Are you sure?


Did you cause me

To write this at 3AM?


How’d you do that?


Against my heart

Are you dangerous?


Could we find harmony?


Dare I allow you

Next to my side

Near, to stain me?


Know what’s wrong

With your metrics?






What a mess


If we focus too hard

On the mess we’ve created


We’ll miss the mess

We’re about to create




Love thy neighbor


Think about

The great people in your life

What do they have in common?


They listen

They encourage

They’re happy to see you

They ask about your day

They take time to care


They don’t judge your actions

Never seem to have problems

Or try to solve everything


They’re always positive

They’re always there

And you’re drawn to them


Because a life of faith

Is a life of serving


Everyone has problems



Great people

Aren’t driven by their troubles

What motivates them

Is being there for others


Being there for you

And calming your fears

That’s true greatness


There’s potential for greatness

In each of us



She matters


Respect things important

To a girl

And find contentment

In your life


Respect things important

To a woman

And bring contentment

To your wife


Accept the two

As one the same

And make the husband

Wall of fame




Competition you


Life’s a competition

But it’s not with another

It’s with yourself


The part that wants to succeed

Against the part that doesn’t


Who’s side are you on?


Athletes train to win

Always searching to achieve


You’d best get after it

You only have so much time


Anyone can achieve failure

But if you seek excellence

Everyone will notice


The cheetah sprints because

‘It’s how you get there’




Change and strength


Do you cry

For the end of a chapter?


Or for fear

Of the next one to come?


Do you exalt in a promise

Only tomorrow can bring?


And what if you fall

What if?


Look around you


The strongest people

Have fallen the hardest

And gotten up

They get it


Assess your path

Distinguish what works

Discard what fails


Embrace your stride

The quickest path forward

Holds the least steps back


You can’t embrace your future

With arms filled with past


Put down regret

And pick up tomorrow




To the girl who chased me


Saturday night

You pulled over

East Jump Off Joe


Saw you at the gas pumps

Peering through reckless hair

You were looking too

Out through the glass

I saw you


You were fine

Too young I thought

Best let it go


Then you were gone

Nice, but good riddance


Of course then I turned off

And there you were


Icy roads

I couldn’t let you catch me

Spoil the fun


What do you think you know

Angel Flats?


I wasn’t going home

You couldn’t know


We sought the same I suspect


Love that lives for fire

Perilous danger

Matter and antimatter

A new sun a new dawn



It’s not real you know

It‘s why I’ve come not to expect

Not to imagine or want

Perhaps hold for a moment


Tonight you were my smile


It felt nice to be sought again

Worthy of pursuit again

You made love good again


Tonight you made me feel




Butterflies in Heaven


Bullets turn to butterflies

In Heaven


If gangsters wake up there

And try to shoot each other

Only butterflies come out


And they finally see

The senselessness of fear

And greatness of love


Maybe it’s Heaven

But maybe it’s not


Either way

They’re stuck there




Secret to happiness


The natural law of the jungle

Is every man for himself

With a focus on self


I need I desire I want

I did I got I don’t have

I should have

I’m entitled to

It’s mine


My body my looks

My faults my weight

My wealth my phone

My friends my image

My pride my things

My troubles myself

My my my


There’s no bitter person

Who doesn’t covet life

Through their own reflection


I lack begins with I


There’s no gracious person

Depressed for lack of someone to help

There’s no shortage of need


A parent’s first thought

In a car accident is their child


I find the less time

 I spend thinking about me

The richer my life becomes


Time’s better spent


Bitterness steals your life

Steals your looks your health

And leads to discontent


It serves no other purpose


We can’t control life

But we can control

How we receive it


So maybe

Natural law is wrong


Try this law


[infinity – πr2 = happiness]


‘It’s the area outside the circle.’


There’s a crazy wonderful life

That begins just outside of you




The beginning


Thank you

For sharing my journey


I’ve been candid

Shared my heart

Perhaps my anger

At times shame


Not every word is true

Though many are


I hope you’ve discovered

That you’re ok

And it’s good

To be honest

At least with yourself


So this is the end

Thank you again




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