08 Nothing’s changed and everything has

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Nothing’s changed


And everything has


Jonathan Warbel told stories

of great deception and peril

at the hands of the Civil society


Would such an alliance

simply pack up

and return to the shadows?


Randall knew

they most assuredly would not


His reassurance to Susan

was a precocious dance

between a lie and hope

that they might lose interest


After all, other than serving

in a second person capacity

to witness a mad man's testimony

exposing the Civil's agenda

what additional use

could he possibly be?




Saturday in memory


 In honor of Dr. Jonathan Warbel


 (A well-dressed woman

Her soft voice speaks

From behind a black veil

Addressing those gathered)


 My name is Lydia Carnegie

Jonathan Warbel was a friend

And colleague actually


 He allowed me to intern with him

It was truly an honor


 (her words fall to tears)


 I’m sorry


 He had his moments

His quests, his victories


 And at times

His difficulties


 But to know


 To know him


 (she pauses in silence)


 I'm sorry


 I can’t do this

I’m sorry


 (she steps away in tears)




The pastor asks


 If anyone else would like

to say a few words


 (Some of the staff

from Intra-Care speak

sharing kind thoughts

and memories


 The pastor continues)


 Jonathan Warbel

Cared about those around him

Many have told me

He watched out for them


 Toward the end

He spoke of going home


 His departure was sudden

It leaves us with a sense of loss


 Yet just as he lived

He has gone on before us

Once again


 And once again

Carrying our thoughts

And our prayers


 He’s gone home


 And a little bit of us

Goes home with him




I have to speak with her


 I must speak with her

After the ceremony



 I don't think so



 She was close to Warbel


 She might know something

Some background




 Careful there paperboy

She’s very lovely


 I will kill you

And save others the trouble


 (Susan smiling with just her lips)


 (Trust is one thing


 But girls know attraction

and Miss Lydia Carnegie

was definitely attraction

especially behind a veil


 Attraction without ceremony

precedent, or time


 Something about her

whispered trouble

enough to justify concern

and it wasn’t the veil)



 I won’t be long

I must introduce myself

And ask for an interview



 I’m telling you Randall

I will kill you


 This is not fine




Susan's trust of Randall

is solid


She knows

life may present challenge at times


She's confident in herself

and their life together


“It never hurts to check the reins

kick the spurs and threaten death

to keep love alive and let them know

you care” - unknown




Miss Carnegie?


 My name is Randall Sparks

I was a friend


 Can we speak?









 (lifting her veil)






Returning to Susan


 What did she say?


 She said no






 Yeah, just no

(shrugging as he spoke)




(Susan replied in thought)


 Did she say why?







She refused?




 Perhaps she needs word

From an old friend



 To convince her?





From someone she trusts






 Just a little encouragement


 And a path

From someone deceased




Two packages


Six weeks later

After the memorial for Dr. Warbel


A package arrives

at the home of Randall Sparks


Another at the residence

of Dr. Lydia Erin Carnegie


Both postmarked United Kingdom

from A. Phepps


Inside each package

a note in an envelope

with an address


Along with

a name, a number

and a key


Two notes

that shared one message



“Warbel is gone

It’s impossible alone


He told me

you each hold a key

to the other’s success


I made him a promise


I’ve kept it now

and I’m done


I’m sorry for everything





Lydia’s note had an extra line


“You have to help him L”




We must meet


 A recorded message

on the answering machine

at the residence of Randall Sparks


 Mr. Sparks


 You asked to speak to me

I told you no


 I’m assuming you know who this is


 Meet me

At the Boston Public Garden


 Enter from Arlington street

Find the Marriage Ceremony site


 There’s a flat bench

Sit facing the path


 If someone is sitting there

Wait until it’s empty


 Saturday 2:00P.M.

Wear a winter scarf


 Wait for me and don’t speak

Listen only


 It's very important

Don't speak just listen


 Don’t look for me

And don’t look at me


 These are the rules

Break them you’re on your own


 No calls no contact no names

No second chances






Boston 1821


In 1821 Mill Dam was built

separating Round Marsh

from the Charles River


Out of this ripe beginning

the first public botanic garden

in the United States


Became a reality

with quite a rich history


Winter ice skating, early Spring

swan boats on the Lagoon

late Spring flowering trees


Summer roses, to Autumn cherries

a colorful collage of turning leaves

and endless pathways


It's almost possible to forget

urban chaos emerging

from the world outside of

the Boston Public Garden






Boston Public Garden, 2:00P.M.


Randall waits

and waits

and waits




He leaves at 4:00P.M.




It was a test


 A new message

on Randall’s machine

waiting when he arrives home


 You know who this is

I’m sorry you had to wait


 But I needed to be sure

That you could follow directions


 You left after only two hours

Anyone could do that


 Next time wait three



Same time same place


 Same rules






 Boston Public Garden, 2:15P.M.


 Eyes forward Mr. Sparks

Don’t look or speak

Don’t even nod


 Beneath your seat is a bag

I just placed it there


 Inside the bag is a recorder


 We are being watched


 They are listening and filming us


 And they can read our lips


 My scarf makes it difficult to hear

And my hand blocks my words


 If you understand this

Cover your mouth with your scarf

And say yes






 Good, then listen

In a moment I will leave


 You will get the recorder

And the ear buds


 On the left side is the on-off switch

Push on until the screen lights up


 Plug the ear buds into the left side

But don’t put them on



Toss them over your left shoulder


 I will return with more instructions

If you understand this say yes






 Good, begin now


 (Randall recovers the recorder

and ear buds from the bag

adheres to the directions given

and awaits her return)


 Well done Mr. Sparks


 You will feel my ear buds

Fall on your shoulder


 Put them on



 (Randall inserts the ear buds)



 Can you hear me ok?



 Yes I can hear you



 I can speak to you now Mr. Sparks


 It’s natural to nod

So don’t nod

Just listen


 There’s a button on your recorder

Marked REC for record


 Press it once

And the red light blinks


 It’s in rehearsal mode

Rehearsal mode doesn’t record


 If you press it again

It's on steady in record mode


 We don't want to record


 If the light is on steady

Press the button with a square

And start over


 The square button stops it


 Make sure the red light blinks


 After the red light is blinking

Hold the recorder next to your mouth


 Cover the recorder with your scarf

And speak softly into it


 Say I understand



 I understand





 I think you know why

But this is how it works


 They can tap our phones

Read our lips

Intercept radio transmissions

And record sounds


 The scarf muffles the sound

Garbles intelligibility

And blocks the view


 Recorders allow us to speak softly

Into each other’s ear buds

And still hear clearly


 They know we are talking

But they can’t tell what we say


 Recording is a threat


 Recording requires deletion

Sometimes it’s necessary


 But that will come later


 For now

Unless I say otherwise

Make sure it blinks


 As you may guess

I’ve done this before


 Jonathan came up with it


 The recorder electronics

Are too low power to intercept


 So we can hide what we say

Right in front of them


 Jonathan took satisfaction

At the irony of it


 I didn't think it was necessary


 It turns out he was right