16 Liamsi Malles

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Liamsi Malles


Works alone in his study

With his vintage DOS computer

His input device armada

And his books


He studies the Illuminati

Secret societies

Ancient law, the occult

Power of numbers

Geometry and the stars


He shares an insight

That few can see

Shares it with the few

Who dare to look


Liamsi believes in dreams

Views both light and dark

As interdependent


Believes that darkness

Contrasts our faith

Without it

What light could shine?


We all play our part

Or have played our part

Or are waiting to play our part


The point is

Liamsi believes




Written in the stars


 Mathematics department, MIT

Phillip Sanders summons the team


 Daniel, Miss Lydia


 I asked you here because

I think we’ve found our answer


 I sent off an email


 Actually I sent several

But this response from Vintage Tech

I think you need to see


 His name is Liamsi Malles

And he mentioned you by name

Or almost Miss Lydia


 He said you were in his dream

I was too


 The rest of it didn’t make sense


 Perhaps it might to you

Have a look



 I know the bench he’s talking about

The people sitting opposite

Are Randall Sparks and myself


 Mr. Sparks is still in England


 But the sun or stone steps?

I have no idea what they mean



 Liamsi offered several options

He didn’t seem anxious

Or motivated to assist

As you can see


 But he does seem connected

As if it were written in the stars



 He’s right L

About the voting machines


 But I don’t think we want to go there



 Danny I’m shocked

Where’s your faith in government?



 Same place as yours



 I’m uneasy about his dream

Yet he says he thinks I’m the man

Or could be

So he’s not sure


 And the bench vision

Well that’s remarkable isn't it?



 Spooky is what it is Phillip


 But he is in some way connected

You’re right about that


 And I believe the man in his dream

Must be Mr. Sparks


 He’s the one I’m helping



 Is there a rest of this story

I should know?



 Yes Phillip

But it’s a very long story

And it gets complicated



 It gets worse?



 The more you know


 Suffice to say

We need this Liamsi on board

And he’s already involved



 Can we trust him L?



 Probably not Danny

But he knows


 So if we bring him in

At least we can watch him



 And then there were five


 So do we bring Liamsi here

Or do we go to him?



 Can we get him here guys?

We need a lot of room



 I suppose we can Miss Lydia

If Daniel can secure a lab


 Why is Mr. Sparks in England?



 He’s on holiday with his fiancée


 He helped me find the hard drive

It was in England


 They stayed on for a bit



 Liamsi won’t come here for free

We’ll need funding for him


 Daniel we need to do this together

Joint project between departments?



 Are you sure Phillip?

I thought it was all academic



 Oh I’m curious now

I want to see behind the curtain

Academic or not




Sparks data punch


 So what should we call it Phillip?



 Our little project?


 How about ‘Sparks data punch’?



 That sounds good

Not too revealing but technical

I like it!


 What do you think L?



 It’s fine with me Danny



 Then ‘Sparks data punch’ it is


 Daniel if you could initiate

The project acquisition request?


 Then I’ll get hold of Liamsi

And see what's required

To get him here


 Miss Lydia

When will Mr. Sparks return?

Since this is his project now



 A few days?


 I’m sure it won't be too long

He’ll return before the cards arrive




How many cards?


 And where are they Miss Lydia?



 Saint Paul Minnesota

There are two storage units


 We moved boxes all day


 We stacked boxes

Eight wide by five high

By ten deep by two units


 Each unit had a box missing

So take away two



 You moved the boxes?



 Yes, it’s a long story



 Seven hundred ninety-eight boxes?



 Correct Phillip

That was our count



 Each box was filled with cards?



 Actually yes and no


 Eight punch card packs per box

I believe


 We brought two cards with us



 That makes sense

Punch cards shipped

In two thousand card packs


 That’s a lot of cards!



 Yes Phillip tons of cards


 Can the project fund freight

And some airfare?



 Some freight Miss Lydia?

That’s a lot of freight!


 I’m guessing box weight

At thirty to thirty-five pounds


 That’s twenty-eight thousand

It's about fourteen tons


 Freight will cost a small fortune

Couple thousand at least


 Expensive project Daniel

We’re going to hear about it



 Yes but we can handle it

It’s what we do


 As for the airfare L


 Since you’re not on staff

We’ll have to hire you

To get the cards here


 Airfare will be separate

It's a reimbursable expense


 So keep your receipts



 Thank you D



 We need fourteen tons

Of punch cards right Daniel?



 Yes fourteen tons of cards

For ‘Sparks data punch’


 (Daniel smiles)


 We could do it with less

But it wouldn't cost as much


 And you’re right Phillip

We’ll hear plenty








 We need you onboard

We want you as part of our team


 Just you

No one else should know


 We will procure the funding


 What we need to know is

How much will it cost

To get you and your equipment

Here to MIT?


 Sharpen your pencil

And give us your best estimate







mathematics.edu - 2


 Dear Phillip Sanders

I will be happy to join your team


 Services cost $2500.00 per week

Plus $700.00 per week lodging

Plus $700.00 per week meals


 I can be there in 7 days

Upon confirmation


 I will cover transport costs


 Looking forward

To working with you!






Liamsi@VintageTech.com 2


 Dear Liamsi


 Right then


 We will pay you $1400.00 per week

With an additional $700.00

For food and lodging


 We need you here yesterday

There will be a flight scheduled

In your name on our dime


 We will cover the cost

To ship your equipment


 Do we have a deal?







mathematics.edu - 3


 Yes we have a deal

How long do you think it will take?






Liamsi@VintageTech.com 3


 That will depend on you

And your equipment


 Approximately 12,784,000 cards

Resources will be at your disposal

And free Twinkies


 You will be here for the duration






Returning home


Randall is renewed



Marked fresh beginnings

With Susan


Strolls on the Thames

Hands inseparable

Nights amore


Brief instant

Nothing else mattered


They were free

From worry



More than that

It was possible

To forget about home


A nightmare in waiting

That won’t sleep


Before he arrives

The nightmare

Has a name


‘Sparks data punch’




Good to have you back



 Randall calls Lydia

using the disposable phone


 L it’s Randall


 You were right

It was the best week of my life

And Susan’s too


 Thank you!



 Good to have you back Sparks


 The drive worked

And the data is unlocked


 The project’s named after you

‘Sparks data punch’


 A punch card expert is flying in

It’s all happening


 I’m heading to Saint Paul

To ship the cards


 We’ll go to MIT

So you can meet the team

When I get back




Cray-1 to today


 By Randall Sparks


 It began in the sixties

With the CDC 6600

Control Data Corporation


 Then the CDC 7600

It ended with the CDC 8600


 Out of those ashes

Thanks to Jim Thornton

A star was born


 The CDC STAR-100


 Times were tough in 1972


 So when Seymour Cray

Went to William Norris


The answer was ‘no’


 The STAR had vectors

And promise


 But it also had limits


 Much to do with the world

Involves the stars and limits

And what is being done

To exceed them


 Facing up to challenges

And maintaining balance

Seymour Cray and his team

Left CDC and started HQ anew


 They also studied and exceeded

The limits of the stars

And the Cray-1 was born


 With phrases such as


Million instructions per second


Million floating point operations

Per second


 Words like

Registers, pipeline and scaling

Memory and Integrated Circuits


 Acronyms, abbreviated short-hand

Such as CPU, IC, I/O and SRAM

Sprang up from the ground


 Today what once took rooms

Freon gas and copper cooling plates

And bent machine frames

With short twisted wires


 Can fit neatly in a thimble

Or in your hand and dial someone

Half-way around the world


 It all started with those

Words, phrases and acronyms


 From Los Alamos National Labs

To Time Square New York


 We press on to tomorrow

With the past in our pocket


 So you tell me

Was it worth it?


 Sparks - on the record

For the record




The freight

Will arrive Tuesday


 Hi Danny, it’s Lydia


 I’ll be home tonight

The cards will get there Tuesday


 Has Liamsi arrived yet?



 Tomorrow he gets in

We’ll pick him up at Logan



 Sparks is back from England

I think we should all meet there


 Can Phillip make it?



 I’ll let him know

I’m sure it’s fine


 Say one o’clock?



 One o’clock



 Very funny L



 (she laughs)


 One’s fine Danny

See you then