23 Aggressive

Spin balance cover picture



 Why did you say I was angry?



 Why did you say

You could take me apart

With your cell phone?



 Because I could



 That seems aggressive Haley



 I’m direct Rothells



 You think?



 People are going to run anyway

Or treat me different for my ASD


 Like they could catch it


 I just save them the time






 For my autism Rothells


 That’s why I’m different



 You are different Haley

But in a good way


 You’re honest smart and strong

You don’t waste words


 You’re fresh and attractive


 Some people are shy

Or afraid of confrontation



 You didn’t run

You said I was angry


 Do you have a girlfriend?


 Does it bother you

When I call you Rothells?



 (Daniel laughs)


 You surprise me

You constantly surprise me


 No and it doesn’t bother me



 You think I’m attractive?






 And you’re not afraid of me?



 No I am not



 I like you Rothells




Coordinate test results


 Team meeting, Daniel’s lab

Tenison reviews the results


 Our results came back inconclusive

Which means there’s nothing there


 We hit dry land 43 out of 124 times

Twenty were in Antarctica


 By far most were in the ocean


 Do you want to take it Phillip?



 Seems we’ve found the secret files

Of Jacques Cousteau


 (Phillip smiles)


 Kidding I hope


 We wasted forty searches

On polar coordinates


 Polar coordinates

What am I saying?


 Not polar coordinates

Coordinates of polar locations


 Start over


 We wasted forty searches

On polar locations

And got nothing


 That was my fault

It won’t happen again


 We’ve got a lot of work to do


 We’re narrowing our search

Equator +/- 3 degrees

Latitudes from 87 to 93 degrees


 The more data we get

The better our chances


 Good luck everyone









 Our extra coordinate set?


 Did it land in the water?



 It hit twice in the Pacific

Once in Afghanistan

And once in Tibet


 But there was nothing there

Sorry Daniel



 Thank you




104 and 99999


 Phillip look at these longitudes

And their set two data


 It jumps from 108 degrees to 212

All within the 999 set pattern


 That’s 104 degrees Phillip

999 is ocean



 What if 999 is land

On each side of ocean?



 Yes it’s possible


 But it would require 104 degrees

Of land with nothing in between


 999 continues through 234

And then disappears completely

Until we get to 290 degrees


 We’re looking for 150 degrees

Of contiguous ocean

With possibly some islands



 Ok Tenison


 Sort the data first by set two

To split out the 999 set data


 Then sort each group by longitude

Let’s see what that gives us



 Already done Phillip

And look at this


 134 degrees could only happen

From Indonesia to South America


 32 degrees of South America


 Then 88 degrees

From South America to Africa


 That doesn’t fit the span


 8 degrees of Africa

That isn’t right either


 60 degrees

From Africa to Indonesia


 That works


 And 37 degrees of Indonesia


 Indonesia would have gaps

It’s got lots of islands



 I think you’re right Tenison


 Try it like this


 Add 28 degrees to Africa

Then Africa spans 36 degrees


 That’s about right

And it leaves about 60 degrees

From South America to Africa


 That would make sense

Anyway it’s very close


 Let’s get accurate longitudes

East sides of each land mass

Right at the equator


 We’ll review it with the team

And search for latitudes

On or near the equator



 East shores?



 Yeah I meant east shores


 East shore of Africa

Indonesia and South America


 Right on the equator



 Ok I get it




Test 2 scenario


 Team meeting, Daniel’s lab


Phillip leads


 We think we found a way

To isolate our zero longitude


 Tenison’s found a longitude gap

In specific coordinate sets

Having data that starts with nines


 We believe this data represents

104 degrees of ocean

Stretching from New Guinea

To South America


 We’ve accounted for 134 degrees

Roughly a thousand miles short


 But it’s the closest match we see

So we sent for some numbers


 Here’s what returned


 On the equator


 The east shore of Somalia, Africa

Lies at 43 degrees east longitude


 We have it at 7 degrees west


 That’s 50 degrees off

If we assume our coordinates

Are on the coast of Africa


 Likely they are not


 Next we took New Guinea


 131 degrees east on the equator

Is Waigeo island


 Our numbers show 88 degrees

43 degrees off


 Finally the east shore of Brazil


 Another small island

At 49 degrees west

Our numbers are 122

73 degrees off


 The largest difference yet


 Definitely not on the shoreline


 So here’s our newest plan


 First we narrow the search

Looking at latitudes +/- 0.75

Plus or minus 3/4 a degree

Off the equator


 Then offset east by 50 degrees

And trace west incrementally


 Until we find a latitude match


 When we hit at the latitudes

Longitudes should align also

And we have our key


 For this test

We’ve picked eleven latitudes


 One in New Guinea two in Africa

And eight in South America


 Ok with everyone?


 Good, then we go




Bon Irau


The highest peak

In the Tamrau mountains


In the north central region

Of the Bird’s head peninsula


In the province of West Papua


A province of Indonesia

On the island of New Guinea


It stands 2501 meters

8205 feet high


Near the Kebar Valley

Vogelkop Montane Rain Forests


On the Bird’s head plate

Bird’s head peninsula hosts

Over 300 species of birds


The Grey-banded Munia

The Vogelkop bowerbird

King Bird-of-Paradise


Many peoples some Dutch


Kasi, Api and Apriri rivers


And the Rusa deer


To the south Mount Arfak

Looks down on Bon Irau

From 2955 meters

9695 feet


But Mount Arfak doesn’t lie

At 39 minutes and 43 seconds

South of the equator


As Bon Irau does






Team meeting, Daniel’s lab

Phillip reviews the results





No, you go ahead Phillip





We added 50 degrees to 88.4692

To get 138.4692 degrees

Tracing west on wire -0.6619


I’m sorry back up


Wire is a nickname

For a specific latitude


Tracing west on wire -0.6619

We were off by 5.58 degrees


Which brought us to Bon Irau


A mountain

On the island of New Guinea


The next ten fixes

Were off by the same amount

From 5.5790 to 5.5792 degrees


We found it everyone!


I’ll go through the list

We made copies for you


Bon Irau

Mountain on New Guinea Island

West Papua, Indonesia

At 0.6619 south, 132.8892 east


Volcán Ecuador

Volcano on Isabela Island

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

0.0200 north, 91.5461 west


Volcán Wolf

Another volcano on Isabela Island

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

0.0419 north, 91.3336 west


Guagua Pichincha

Volcano in Ecuador

0.1711 south, 78.5981 west



Volcano in Ecuador

0.0380 north, 78.4630 west



Volcano in Ecuador

0.1300 north, 78.2700 west



Volcano in Ecuador

0.127 north, 78.154 west



Volcano in Ecuador

0.0250 north, 77.9889 west



Volcano in Ecuador

0.0070 south, 77.6500 west


Mount Stanley, a mountain

Democratic Republic of the Congo

0.3858 north, 29.8717 east


Mount Kenya

Stratovolcano in Kenya

0.1508 south, 37.3075 east


And our zero longitude

Lies about 44.42 degrees

East of Greenwich. England



So these coordinates

Are mostly about volcanos?



Two things we know so far Daniel


The first coordinate set is primary

And the data group following it

Includes a reference number


The second set is antipodal

The data group following it

Is some type of quantity


Our sets shared 1004 and 2303

1004 referencing mountains

And 2303 being volcanos


Now that we have zero longitude

We can check reference numbers

To see what we get back






We’ll be leaving

Soon Rothells


Did someone say?


Did Don say?





I can feel it


We broke the colors

We broke the coordinates


I’ll have to go back



Where’s back?



As if you would come



Did I miss something?



You say things

But you won’t call



Just maybe Haley

You don’t know everything




Maybe not Rothells




You don’t have to be alone



(Haley smiles)




Winter of 1556


In the Wei River Valley

Shaanxi province


The Earth opened up


Ground rose up as hills

Sank as valleys


Rivers replaced mountains

Mountains became rivers


Streams exploded


Buildings temples huts walls

All destroyed


Many took cover in Yaodongs

Artificial caves in loess cliffs


In the quake and landslides

Many caves collapsed


830,000 lives lost




Reference results


 Team meeting, Daniel’s lab

Phillip reviews


 We had 1004 and 2303

As volcanoes and mountains


 1052 is pyramids


 1179 earthquakes


 The 1556 Shaanxi earthquake

Turned out to be

Haley’s “China” coordinates



(Haley smiles at Daniel)



 1740 is mid ocean ridges

An underwater mountain range


 The sea floor cracks and spreads

Lava comes up and forms a ridge


 2131 open pit mines


 2214 vent fields

At mid ocean ridges


 Tenison was right

999 means under water


 2300 is vent field other

Don’t know what ‘other’ means


 2305 back arc spreading

Is another type of vent field


 2620 is large dams

Hydroelectric and reservoirs


 2986 is volcanoes again

They emerge as volcanic islands


 3303 is the Spratly islands


 Islands that China is building

In the South China Sea


 5230 is more vent fields

From arc volcanoes


 6211 is Basílica del Voto Nacional

A cathedral in Ecuador


 There must be more churches


 These numbers suggest

Many more fields


 We don’t have all the files

Not even close





What do you make of this?


 It suggests a geological study

Vast amounts of data


 What do you make of it Phillip?



 Geological, yes


 I see a tensor field study

An analysis model of the Earth


 My evaluation of the FORTRAN files

Was that they were academic


 This amount of research data

Goes beyond academics


 The question remains

What’s it for?



 Whatever this is

I wasn’t part of it Phillip


 Jonathan and Allen

May have worked on it


 But I wasn’t included



 I wasn’t suggesting that you were


 Geology is your field

Mathematics mine

Our conclusions concur


 You were the best person to ask

That’s all


 The point is


 We’ve reached a plateau

More data won’t change that


 We’ve found what there is to find

There’s nothing else we can do

Confined to this lab


 We’re here because of Ingress


 This is past Jonathan and Allen

Way past


 They might be gone

Because of Ingress


 It’s your lead Tenison

Do you have anything to add?


 Do you Haley?



 I’ll talk to Don, Phillip



 Randall saw Jonathan last

We should ask him



 That would make sense

Good idea Lydia