24 They called

Spin balance cover picture

They called



I have to go the lab tomorrow



 Did you tell them no?



 Lydia asked me to come in



 She say why?



 Questions about Jonathan

That’s all I know




Randall’s recollection


 Team meeting, Daniel’s lab

Don Smith leads


 Thank you for all your work


 I will spare you the hyperbole

About service to country and truth


 Aside from a few remaining blanks

You found what we wanted


 Ingress access is a gold mine

And so is the data you found


 More on that later


 What we still need is a why


 We are hoping Randall

That Jonathan Warbel shared

What these Civil were up to



 (Randall pauses)


 Some things he said were lies

For my protection


 Jonathan spoke of the Civil

He said you couldn’t defeat them


 They wanted to use his work

To use him as their mule


 Jonathan thought if he was unstable

He could block them from doing so


 So he committed himself

To destroy his own credibility


 In my article

I tried to help him do that


 Then all this started





 We know from your interview

What you’ve been through


 But we need Jonathan’s input now

Can you tell us more on that?



 Yes, I’m sorry


 I reviewed my notes this morning


 Jonathan spoke of balancing a tire

But the tire was the Earth


 He shared concepts

Like mass and frequency

Gaussian process regression

And “Letting the data speak”


 He said the Warbel Effect

Was based on what wasn’t there

Instead of what was


 I don’t know what that means


 He found “the Lion’s roar”

Magnetosheath waves, whistlers

In the very low frequency spectrum


 I’m sorry the notes seem scattered

It was like that at times.


 He said the Hubble space telescope

Saw things it shouldn’t have seen

So it was corrected


 Jonathan’s work must hold clues


 He said the Civil

Were trying to balance the planet

But that was one of his lies


 He said he saw the face of evil


 Then he said

They weren’t balancing at all


 I understood it to mean

They wanted to destroy


 Then he said

It’s time to go home

And he died


 That’s it




Movers and shakers


 Daniel’s lab

Don debriefs the team


 The tensor field study is real


 Communications and planning

Are real also, so it seems


 Moving mass and studying effects

They seem to be concentrating

On influencing plate tectonics


 Earthquake studies suggest shifting

And moving of the Earth’s figure axis


 Even changing the duration of a day


 It’s laughable except for the fact

Seismic activity and tilt is increasing

Rotation is slowing and Earth’s orbit

Around the sun, is changing


 If this is manmade interference

We want to know how it works

How much has been done

And how to stop it


 Your work here

Bought us a ticket to that dance


 For some of you the dance is over

And you can return to your lives


 Sparks data is above top secret

It’s compartmental information


 It will never be declassified

You will not share any of this


 As of this instant Sparks data is over

Liquidated vanquished disappeared

Never to be mentioned again


 The new name will be USIIFNC

US Intelligence Infiltration

By Foreign National Conspirators


 Kind of catchy don’t you think?


 Without tipping our hand

We will obtain warrants necessary

To gain wideband data access

Dating back decades


 We need to determine

The depth of the breach


 Deep State will have no choice

But to concur


 Randall, if you are willing


 We want you to break our story

And other information as it evolves


 You will cite unnamed sources

And government whistle-blowers


 You’ll get the lead before anyone


 This is how it works


 Effectively you are off the project

Except as a reporter

Reporting in an official capacity

No more surveillance



 (Randall smiles and nods yes)



 As for my team


 Haley is headed home

Her expertise is needed there


 Tenison will remain here at the lab

Tasked with shredding and transfer


 Liamsi if you could please stay on

To help Tenison with that task

At current pay and compensation


 It will be greatly appreciated



 Thank you Don

I will be happy to do that



 Rothells should come!



 Daniel has a job here Haley



 I’ll go!


 If I can?

I’ll go



 Alright Daniel

I’ll see what I can do


 That leaves Lydia and Phillip

Your expertise would be valuable



 I’m out Don

I don’t need the excitement


 I’ll stay on to help in the lab

And then I’m gone



 That’s fine Phillip

Thank you



 I’m in



 That’s very good to hear, Lydia

I was hoping you would come


 You and Daniel can see me after

I’ll get paperwork started


 Ok so that’s it

Thank you all again


 Your nation owes you big time

I think you know that


 Beyond that I thank you

For truly excellent work




Are you coming

Because of me?


 Because I want you to?



 Yes I am



 (Haley smiles)





 Because with you

There’s no pretense


 You say what you mean

And I feel I can do the same


 It’s honest and it’s open


 I need to see where it goes



 Need to see or want to see?






 (Haley smiles)


 That’s good Rothells

Me too





Clearance interview


 NSA interview room


 Why did you volunteer Daniel?



 This feels big Don


 I’m already involved

And I want to do my part



 So honor and country?


 Well that’s refreshing


 Haley seems attached to you

Has it anything to do with that?



 Yes, that’s part of it

I’m attached to her too



 That’s frowned upon Daniel

But since you’re status is temporary

And Haley lights up around you

I’ll allow it under one condition


 Haley deserves to be happy

And she doesn’t get distracted

So that’s not a problem


 But I can’t show favoritism

So no open fraternization at all




 Yes sir, no holding hands

I understand



 You won’t be working with Haley

Haley works in the cage

It’s a classified environment

And you’re not cleared to work there


 Does that affect your decision?


 Do you still want to work here?



 Yes I do

I want to help





 Your IBI is nearly complete

But your EBI could take awhile



 What’s an IBI?



 Background investigation


 IBI is Intermediate

It follows a PIBI

Which is a preliminary impact


 You passed it ok



 I didn’t know

I was being investigated



 (Don laughs)

No, you did not


 You hacked NSA, Daniel


 Investigations are compulsory

They’re on the house


 Had you not passed

You’d be in prison now


 IBI clears you for some work


 An extended investigation

Clears you for the rest

But an EBI can take time


 We need to make sure

Your dear sweet grandmother

Wasn’t a war criminal



 I think we’re ok there Don




Daniel’s assignment


 Don continues



Then let’s go over your duties


 You will basically be performing

The same work you did in your lab

But this time in a very secure lab

With a secure staff


 And with specialized equipment

Probably ten times more efficient

Than anything you’ve ever seen


 You will scrub wideband tapes

For color and coordinate files

Like the ones you found before


 The team leader

Will assist you with things

Until you catch on

Probably half a day or so


 You will flag data locations

Your staff will collect them

Your time is too important


 Data will be logged, serialized

And sent on to analysis


 Ok so far Daniel?


 Any questions?



 No I’m good Don



 Ok then

Now for the rules


 You’re the only one

Who knows the process


 Your staff collects the data

That’s all they do


 Analysis works the data

Without knowing its source


 And that’s everything

You’re allowed to know


 Your staff is assigned to you

You’re not their boss

They’re not your friends


 So do your job, don’t share

And you’ll all get along


 That’s the rules




Haley works in the cage


She monitors Ingress traffic

Just as she monitored Daniel’s lab


No one knew she was there

But with Ingress

She never speaks


Haley collects in real time

She traps everything


At the end of her shift

Another operator sits down


And after their shift

Another fills in

Until Haley returns


Only the best operators

Work the cage






 By Randall Sparks


 Unnamed sources claim

There’s been a concerted effort

To infiltrate data communications

Of several US government agencies

And some private US entities

By more than one foreign country


 While specific targets are unnamed

At this time sources suspect targets

To include power grids, interior

Shipping, lands, weather, dams

And infrastructure


 Suspect countries include

But are not limited to China

Iran, North Korea and Russia


 Investigations have begun

Under a press blackout


 More information

Is expected soon


 You will here it tomorrow


 But if you want it first

Get up with the Daily Sun


 Sparks - on the record

For the record




Second NSA phone call


 Mr. Connor it’s Ethan Stearns

National Security Agency

We spoke awhile back?



 Yes Mr. Stearns

What can I help you with?


(Joe waves at Randall

to come to his office)



 Mr. Connor

Your reporter Randall Sparks

Was made aware of a data breach

Before we were aware of it


 How do you suppose it’s possible?



 Is it false?



 That’s not the point Mr. Connor


 Leaks threaten the United States

Your country Mr. Connor



 What secrets did we expose?



 Now you listen



 No Mr. Stearns

You listen


 Read the first amendment?


 No law shall abridge

Freedom of speech or free press

Of which we are part of


 Our print revealed no US secrets


 Embarrassment isn’t classified


 So if you want to set up a liaison

To proof before print, I’ll listen


 But you don’t get our sources

And you don’t get to intimidate me

Or anyone on my staff


 Because I have a US Congressman

And two US Senators in the rolodex





 Perhaps we could send a liaison



 He better be available all hours



 That sounds fair Mr. Connor


 We’ll be in touch

Good day sir



 Goodbye Mr. Stearns


 (Joe gives the ‘high fist’ sign to

Randall sitting across from him



 Randall mouths ‘yes!’

Neither man speaks)