25 Ghost-Net activated

Spin balance cover picture

Ghost-Net activated


TPT-66 Sunfish


Threat Priority Thread 66

‘eyes only’

Heads of State

Trusted officers


First order

Ignore hacking reports

Do protest accusations


Second order

Ghost-Net trespass

Shadow actors



Third order

Assemble teams

Engineering Sciences

Mathematics Mechanics Civil


Fourth order

Assemble teams

Physical sciences

Geo SMD/Astro Quantum


Common resource

All information shared

No public disclosure

Thread stop


Confirm duplex








Communications can be sent

in several modes and mediums


Radio operators sending and

receiving on the same radio

frequency are using simplex mode


If an operator sends on one

frequency and receives on a

different frequency they are using

duplex mode


A cellphone conversation is simplex

a text conversation would be simplex

but if questions were spoken

and answered in text or vise-versa

requiring two modes to be acquired

to monitor the conversation

it would be duplex



requested duplex confirmation

with no mode specified

rendering collection difficult




White pages

With many colors


Daniel expects color files

on the wideband tapes


He finds colors and numbers

in no apparent order


Nothing makes sense to him


But there is an order


White begins each message

and numbers Identify the message


It’s called a preamble


Following the preamble

is a succession of colors

each one the base of its series

except for the last one


The last color

is a shade of its series


Yellow ends the  message


It’s a type of shorthand


The decoding process

loads each color’s series

plus the partial series

of the last color


Silver splits the color sets


The number of colors used

depends on the message size


The encoding process

randomly assigns the colors


A short message

might use a partial color set


Decoding copies ahead

and processes behind

it’s a practice called buffering


RGB encrypted pages

are called white pages because

white starts each message


A white page can contain

a vast spectrum of colors

encrypting hundreds of messages


White pages

hidden in satellite feeds

can travel around the world

virtually unnoticed


After his initial confusion

Daniel becomes proficient

at trapping white pages


For each abbreviated color

there’s a parity file match

that’s 128 times larger




Editor’s cut 25003


 The concept of color vector

encryption can be a lot to wrap

your brain around so let’s break

it down to a very simple analogy.


 Imagine you have a bag of colored

nickels and each nickel is divided into

five equal sections, similar to five

pieces of a pie.


 Each pie slice represents one cent.


 We have a message that’s equal to

27 cents.


 We can represent 25 cents with five

colored nickels in any color order.


 For the remaining two cents of the

message we only need two pie

pieces of the last nickel.


 Think of the last color change as a

partial nickel.




A question Don?


 Yes Daniel?



 Back in the lab

Color and parity files were consistent


 The files were the same size


 Now we are finding

Compressed color files


 Parity files can’t compress


 So how do we find them?



 Your team leader is Chip?






 Did you ask him?



 You said not to share



 That’s true Daniel


 But your staff needs to know

What to look for, right?






 So let’s bring Chip in


 (Don calls for Chip)



Daniel has a challenge for you


 The color files you’re collecting

Are in a different format

Than the parity files


 Go ahead Daniel

Tell Chip what you want



 Files we had were the same size

These color files are different



 What did they have in common?



 They were assembled like a wheel


 For color files, yellow was the

Ending, followed by white


 White was the start


 Then a preamble and then colors


 Parity files used blue to end

Followed by black for the start

The ones complements of the colors


 The preambles were the same



 Yellow came before white?






 And the preambles are the same?






 No problem Daniel


 Your parity files begin with black

Followed by the preamble


 Then the data, followed by blue


 That sounds easy to find


 If blue is before black

We know the data’s in wheel form


 Otherwise blue will be the end


 So we’ll trap for that


 Anything else?



 Thanks Chip



 You’re welcome Don


 (Chip returns to his work)



 (Don smiles)


 Before Haley worked in the cage

She worked in wideband collection

Just like your staff


 They train to find anything


 Only some of the best

Make it to the cage


 Give them the leads

They’ll find your code









 You didn’t tell me

I was the dummy in the room



 No, I didn’t


 Don’t worry Daniel

You’ll catch on




Within the collection bay


Bulk data storage tapes

streaming digital history

decades back


Armed with Daniel’s leads

and his staff’s expertise

collection explodes


Two additional shifts are added

two more bays with three shifts

five bays of analysis

three shifts again


Satellite communications

audio and video streaming

corporate government private

shipping financial medical

all encrypted and protected traffic

piggybacked hidden data

white pages parity sets coordinates


A subnet teaming with chatter

a bureaucracy that never sleeps

planning studying sharing

global logistics



Global networks

eclipsed in shadow

unsigned deliveries


Let the data

speak for itself




There’s a problem


NSA doesn’t employ

engineers listed on TPT-66


Teams must be assembled

to translate the findings


Containment will be stressed


The Genie

becomes too big

for the bottle


Network infiltration won’t do

the threat must expand

to infrastructure




NSA to the Daily Sun


 Ethan Stearns arrives


 Mr. Connors, Mr. Sparks

I’m Ethan Stearns

Thank you for seeing me



 I remember you


 What can we do for you

Mr. Stearns?



 Mr. Connors, I’m your liaison


 And Mr. Sparks

I’m your unnamed source

You can call me Ethan if you like



 Is this some kind of a joke?

We don’t exactly get along

Mr. Stearns



 We’re on the same side Mr. Connors

I just do my job


 And as of yesterday

I’ve been assigned to assist you

Unofficially of course


 As of now that’s my job

And I am happy to do it



 After your last visit Mr. Stearns

You called back, remember?






 Your grasp of our conversation

After you left, was quite curious



 Your offices were bugged

Mr. Connors


 They’ve been swept for bugs

And that’s not happening now



 You bugged our offices?




Someone did



 Someone as in the government?




These things aren’t confirmed



 So you bugged us

And we’re supposed to trust you?



 Yes and no


 If you will draw the shades

I can prove what I say is true



 (Joe draws the shades to his office)



 Don Smith

Said to say hello Mr. Sparks


 He said Sparks data ended

And it doesn’t exist

But it does

And you are no longer part of it


 You agreed to report


 Do you need me to name

The others?



 No, I believe you





 Your office is not bugged

I am your liaison

I want to help you


 I brought details of your next story

All true


 We wouldn’t ask you to lie

Withhold some of the story, yes

But not lie


 Is that ok with you gentlemen?



 (Joe smiles)





More than a breach!


 By Randall Sparks


 Unnamed sources confirm


 Foreign infiltration of data systems

May have corrupted specifications

Reports, tests and commissioning

Of vital infrastructure projects


 Adversely affecting integrity

Threatening public safety


 Additionally, government officials

And some watchdog groups

Question reliability of our power grid

In the event of disaster, or attacks

Such as magnetic pulse bursts

In near proximity strikes

Or acts of terrorism


 Speculation holds such disasters

Could overwhelm medical facilities

Emergency response, life safety

Communication, transportation

Air travel and defense


 Engineering teams assemble

Study findings and evaluate impact

To alleviate inevitable tensions

And head off stock market panic


 Under such threats

Financial markets can be frozen

With martial law at the ready


 International tensions escalate

As fear of threats rise


 US State department teams

Mobilize direct communications

With foreign state officials


 Adversaries protest accusations

Agree to meet with US officials

Dispute claims and avoid conflict


 Some suggest the United States

Is projecting a dangerous hoax


 The President’s cabinet is focused

Press secretary calls for calm

Until threat assessment

Is completed


 Threat level yellow

High risk elevated


 Congress turns about


 Governmental Affairs, Finance

Commerce and Transportation

Energy and Natural Resources

Foreign relations and Science

Defense, DHS, DOJ and FBI


 You will hear it tomorrow


 But if you want it first

Get up with the Daily Sun


 Sparks - on the record

For the record




Everything in this report

Is true?


 Yes Randall

Essentially, everything you wrote

Represented facts


 Although some information

Lends itself to subjective context



 What are we doing Ethan?



 We’re chasing the bad guys

And protecting the homeland


 Don said he could tell you

But you’d have to be read in


 Right now you’re just a reporter

Isn’t that what you wanted to be?



 (Randall thinks of Susan)


 No, you’re right


 You’re right




Design Engineers meeting



 US assembly of engineers


 Welcome valued colleagues


 My name is Lydia Carnegie

My field is Geodesy and Geophysics


 Several fields and disciplines

Are represented here


 Thank you all for coming


 So why are you here?


 Allow me to explain


 We are here to define a design

Evaluate that design’s validity

And design countermeasures

To that design if necessary


 The first task is definition


 We have immense amounts of data

Tensor field studies, seismic activity

Volcanic and vent field observance

Logistics and mass distribution


 We must define the objective

We want to know what it’s for


 With the objective defined

We must determine its viability

And possible consequential results


 If the results we identify

Represent a destructive purpose

We must design and implement

Effective means to defeat them


 We don’t want study

Based upon suspicions

We want conclusions

Based upon your study



Speculation will be withheld

As it might prejudice your inquiry


 Now for our standards and rules


 All findings may be shared


 To avoid interdisciplinary confusion

A standards reference will be used


 It will be updated as necessary

Each team will receive a copy


 For example, we will be using

The GRS 80 ellipsoid reference

Or WGS 84, if and when appropriate

And IGSN71 gravity standardization


 If your calculations

Vary from schedule standards

For any reason

So note the changes


 In many instances data you evaluate

Will use different references


 References will be provided

Along with schedules you’ll receive

If and when possible


 Some references may be absent


 Expect this to be a fluid

And challenging process


 Be accurate thorough and quick

In that order


 See me for questions


 Good luck people




Abundance of grants


Provide global data


Seismic studies

Tectonic plate shift

Volcanic activity

Vent fields

Mid ocean ridges

Sea temperatures

Ocean currents

Tidal variation

Wind and weather


All without question


To save the planet

Of course