26 International summit

Spin balance cover picture

International summit


 Hong Kong geological symposium



 Extraordinary circumstances

Brought you here today


 You are the best engineers

The best minds of several nations


 Welcome to this conference

And thank you for coming


 My name is Lydia Carnegie

My field is Geodesy and Geophysics


 We are here in the interest of peace

Someone’s threatening that interest

We need your skills to sort it out


 Most of you have heard the news


 What you heard was fabrication

Created to get you here


 Outside these walls

There is much suspicion and fear


 I’m asking you to set that aside


 In here we are one team

United in one search for truth

Nothing less or more


 In the interest of world trust

One country’s facts alone won’t do


 Information continues to come in

New data arrives hourly


 Everyone here will receive it


 Our governments work together

To provide and discover evidence

We call it data, they call it evidence


 They search for perpetrators

While we search for truth


 We won’t give you facts


 We will give you full access to data

And access to all resources

Including secure communications

With all other teams


 We will all work together

To secure the facts of the data


 These facts will give us the truth




A delicate balance


STEM: Science & Technology

Engineering & Mathematics


You can’t simply unbalance Earth

by moving mass to another place

like moving a weight on a tire

as Dr. Warbel suggested


Perhaps that was one of his lies


First of all, Earth weighs a lot


The largest mountain range

the mid ocean ridge system

spans roughly 65,000 kilometers

that’s about 40,000 miles

moving it, even if possible

would be like throwing a rock

at a passing train


Place the rock on the train

no difference at all


But place the rock on a track?


The right rock in the right place

could make a profound difference


Earth is not made up of trains

it’s built upon seven huge

and moving tectonic plates

plus many smaller ones

floating lithospheric pieces


Some plates converge


They come together

causing volcanoes

trenches and mountains

also exposing mineral deposits


Some plates diverge


They move apart

causing volcanoes and trenches

mid ocean ridges and vent fields


The Himalaya mountains

are said to be formed by orogeny

Vast colliding continental plates

the Indo-Australian and Eurasian

now India and Eurasian plates


Rising five millimeters per year

Himalayas are geologically active


China leads in world steel exports

followed by Japan, then Russia

and South Korea


Half a trillion metric tons of iron

mined just from China alone

in geologically active regions


Well over 130 dams in China


Half a trillion metric tons of water

held in seismically active regions


Dams built of earth and concrete

rock blasts and mine tailings


Decades of tensor field studies

fault stress and reservoir levels

seismic release of kinetic energy

affecting tectonic plate stress

nearby and half around the world


Stress in Asia and South America

curious enough alone by itself


But coupled across Ghost-net

through an ancillary network

of tensor field studies


Timing and feedback reports

coordination through Ingress

conclusions point to specific rocks

on specific tracks

of specific tectonic trains



is putting rocks on the track


Seismic coordinates identify

three antipodal possibilities


Two of these relationships

fall under the same authority



Authority having jurisdiction

US Environmental Protection


Tensor field and seismic studies

Limited capacity for regional control


China/India/Pakistan/South America

Authority having jurisdiction

Peoples Republic of China

Ministry of Environmental Protection

Tensor field and seismic studies

Mass redistribution near plate faults

Substantial regional authority


Indonesia/Japan/Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Authority having jurisdiction

China claims regional authority

Tensor field and seismic studies

Limited capacity for regional control


People’s Republic of China

lacks competition for authority

because regional competition

must originate from

Japan Russia or South Korea

all substantial trade partners



China enjoys unchallenged authority




They know we’re here


 Situation room - NSA

Don Smith leads


 In attendance

NSA USIIFNC task force

Administration cabinet officials

US Senate intelligence members

US State Department task force

Pentagon task force

CIA task force


 Ladies and gentlemen

Officers and honored guests

My name is Don Smith

I know some of you


 Several weeks back

We uncovered intelligence

Suggesting network infiltration

In high levels of government


 The cover story at that time

Was foreign intelligence hacking


 Soon after that we identified

Probable data sabotage

Compromising infrastructure


 Engineering teams assembled

To determine extent of damage


 The cover story morphed as well

To suggest foreign sabotage


 What we’ve discovered since

Is an international network

Of nested terror operatives

Inside environmental agencies

Of every developed country


 Their goal from what we can see

Is to commit seismic atrocities


 In lay terms they’re moving mass

To focus stress on fault regions

Of specific tectonic plates


 Their roadside bomb

Is an earthquake and possibly

A tsunami to follow


 This is an uncharted war


 Our investigation’s uncovered

Logistics planning and prediction

Accurate to within six months

Of an influenced event


 The nexus of operation is China


 Exports involve steel and iron ore

From Mainland and South China Sea


 But Japan Russia and South Korea

Export right behind China


 China admits to nothing

But they are cooperating

With ongoing investigations


 They approved

An international conference

That took place in Hong Kong


 Does it mean they can be trusted?


 Absolutely not


 They seemed surprised by the news

And even their own reports


 These cells exist in many countries

Including ours and NATO

We were certainly surprised


 Has China infiltrated our EPA?

I hope not


 In any event, someone has


 Who they are and how many?


 We have some idea on that

Because today 156 people

Didn’t show up for work

At the EPA


 They’re not at home

Everyone just disappeared


 We’re receiving similar reports

From other countries


 All chatter has gone silent

On the network they used


 Ladies and gentlemen

They know we’re here




The threat is still active


 Situation room - NSA

Don Smith welcomes questions


 Senator Short go ahead



 Are you saying

156 people just disappeared?



 Yes Senator



 You’ve no idea where they are?



 We’re working on it Senator


 But so far, no



 Well if they’re gone

Why do you think a threat remains?



 We can’t assume it doesn’t


 We still find bombs from WWII

Mines that surface time to time


 But it’s more than that Senator


 These people didn’t run away


 They all got up at the same time

And walked off the planet


 Spies and terrorists do that

They don’t need their job


 They have exit strategies


 This exodus was planned

They leave if they’re discovered

Or if their work is complete


 And if their work is complete

That represents a problem


 We don’t know the answer


 So for now

The threat is still active




US House committee

On foreign affairs


 Disaster aid subcommittee

Chairman Kenneth Camp presides


 Mr. Schindell

CEO of World Hope United

Thank you for attending today


 Ms. Judith Smithers

Founder of Green Relief

Was scheduled to appear today



Ms. Smithers died of heart failure


 We were very sorry for this news


 We are very happy for your health

Mr. Schindell


 We don’t want to keep you long

So I will get to the point


 What’s your Zodiac sign sir?



 Excuse me Congressman?



 Your Zodiac sign, what is it?



 I’m a Cancer



 Yes you certainly are


 Are you also a psychic?


 Or do you employ one?



 Congressman Camp

What’s this questioning about?


 I came here today in good faith



 Oh so you’re a praying man

That might explain your good fortune


 You see sir


 Your corporation

World Hope United

Supplies relief logistics and support

To disaster events around the world


 And Mr. Schindell

For the past twenty-five years

Your business has been identified

As the nearest accessible provider

One hundred percent of the time


 And more often than not

Shortly before a disaster


 Multiple times, it says here

Along with Green Relief


 Seems you have a Midas touch

Were you born in Turkey?



 I’m sorry congressman

Was that a question?



 Mr. Schindell


 In September of 2004

You shipped equipment to

Was it Chennai or Ennore port

In India?



 I believe it was Kamarajar



 Yes thank you, I stand corrected


 It was Kamarajar port in Chennai city

In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu


 It was formerly named Ennore


 It’s the only publicly owned port

In India


 Is that true sir?



 I couldn’t say Congressman

It’s possible



 One second please




 In July of 2004

Did you change course

Opting to go to Kamarajar

Instead of Balboa, Panama?



 I’d have to check my records

We move equipment frequently



 You were in Balboa in 2000


 I’m sorry that was a question sir

You were in Balboa, Panama

In November of 2000, correct?



 Again I’d have to check the records



 You were in Balboa in 2000 sir


 In fact you’ve got a very hot hand

At choosing where to be

Right before a natural disaster


 So again I ask

Are you a psychic?


 Or how do you explain

Your exceptional insight?



 I’m just lucky Congressman



 You are indeed that sir

And I would like you to take

Very good care of your health


 We are looking into these disasters

And we may soon have you return

To help us with more details



 It will be my pleasure Congressman





You have to go back


 I’m good Susan


 We’re out of it

I won’t put you through it again



 No you are not good Randall

You’re still in it in your heart


 You can tell yourself you’re out

But I love you I see you I know you

And this you, is not my paperboy


 I want my paperboy back

So you have to go back


 And I will stay with you

Which means we have to go back


 It’s not up to you Randall

This is what I want




Joe’s office


 Daily Sun Chronicle


 I need to follow this story Joe



I need you to assign me



 Susan set you straight Sparks?

Well, that didn’t take long


 She’s one heck of a girl Sparks

You’re a lucky man



 Why do you think it was Susan?



 Look at me Sparks

Tell me it wasn’t



 (Randall has no words)



 Like I said Sparks

She’s one heck of a girl

Hang on to her


 Go with God my son

And bring me some print


 You can cover these tangents also


 Congressional investigations

Political controversies

Democrats and Republicans

Pushing to capitalize


 Our numbers are way up

Time for us to capitalize




Lydia sees a ghost


 Don we have a huge problem


 Findings from China Japan Russia

And South Korea all confirm

Dr. Warbel’s model

Is intrinsic to this planning


 When Jonathan went away

Much of his work was discredited

No one wanted the association



 Dr. Jonathan Warbel

Who Mr. Sparks visited?





 Jonathan’s study was astrophysics

Mine is geodesy and geophysics

We were working together


 All the sudden, he shut it down

He said it was best for me if I leave


 I didn’t understand at the time


 He said he couldn’t help me

He couldn’t even help himself

And then he went away


 The Warbel Effect is a model

To study variations of the Earth’s axis

It’s laced through tensor field



 Earth’s North-South axis

And the figure axis aren’t the same

They vary by 10 meters


 The magnetic field varies as well


 Earthquakes, natural tectonic shifts

The moon, tides, currents and winds

All cause Earth’s figure axis to shift

As much as a meter every year


 Researchers measure the shifts

Using Jonathan’s model


 Without his model’s accuracy

These shifts are ignored


 Tensor field studies

Define a figure axis relationship

Between plates, winds and axis

Affecting Earth’s wobble


 Astrophysics has accepted

That this doesn’t affect solar orbit

But that conclusion is not absolute


 According to these studies

The figure axis shift is cumulative

It adds up but it usually recovers


 A major geophysical event

Could trigger enough effect

To alter celestial attraction

Beyond the lesser success

They’ve achieved already


 By stressing the tectonic plates

They’ve set a snare for this to



 Water has been used as balance

For critical mass they’ve exported

550 Billion metric tons

Removed over fifty years


 It’s worked well enough so far

So long as the dams stay in place

And remain filled at balance


 The reservoirs are built on faults

In geologically active regions

Only the newest dams were built

To withstand a major earthquake


 They’re dominoes


 If they fall

It could trigger a major event


 According to their numbers

It would be a matter of time

Before we intercept the sun


 Perhaps a hundred years