Angels of the meadow – part 3

Angels of the meadow cover picture



You’ve a calm about you

Perhaps a storm

A gentle and curious tilt


You listen with your eyes

And your voice

Speaks to my soul


I should run

From watermarks

Not to them


Please be gone

No longer disturb

The soil of my heart


Let perfection fade

Before inevitable end

The time would come

And I’d miss the tending


To escape the tow

Is hard enough


My want mustn’t matter

It’s not always best

And will therefore remain







I’ve come through

This storm of you


Out four years

Back nearly one


I’m torn

Weathered and sleepy

My bearing’s tossed

A thousand times


With one safe harbor

That welcomes


I Lost sight of a dream

That called me


A dream reborn

Losing sight of itself

And its past


Past that fills graveyards

With bittersweet memory

Ghosts of hopes live there


I used to see what others do

But I don’t anymore


Anxiety pulses

My veins disturbed

I taste life


With each breath

I hope you do


So fly to the sun little bird

Never look back


I hope you find

What you want

And want

What you find there


I’m still afloat

Better for the task

Scattered moorings

And distance heals


That I hate and love you

Is understatement


Distance holds secret

My day’s final number

Bright cloud filled skies

Are before me






In abstract space

If two points

Are farther from each other

Than any other points

It’s reasonable to assume

They’re at opposite ends

Of infinity


Even so

I feel your gravity




Innocent rain


Came by again today

You weren’t there



Hope sunk

Shallow breath

Heavy on my soul

Absence pulled inside


Thoughts and actions fade

As if taking place near by

Just out of view


Sometimes you want to

But you can’t leave


People spoke to me

My voice responded

I couldn’t hear it inside


And from clear sky fell rain


I wanted to hate the rain

But couldn’t

It was innocent


So I picked up my guitar

And laid the loss

On its strings




Live for rainbows


Some become familiar

With self-pity

They prefer it to life


In other words

Stare at a knife all day long

It can’t turn into a fork



It cuts

Out of resentment

A safe lonely suicide

Eventually abandoned

By those who live for rainbows


Life contrasts dream and tragedy

Uncertainty is inevitable

Warranty is foolishness


A playground for bold hearts

With magic and jagged glass

One must live to be charmed

And love to be cut






Hope dismissed

You can’t just pick it up

Sweep it away


Loose metal screws

Barely hold tin


It drags away

Distorted and sharp

Crumpled and rattling

Toward some place to die


They don’t look like hopes

They don’t look like anything

Not anymore


Just a rusty junkyard

Of discarded emotions


It’s not what I wanted




Just a bit longer


Your words play to my vanity

But it feels nice

And I can’t see the harm

In believing you

Just a bit longer




Just off


You don’t have to smile

For me anymore


It no longer masks your pain

And I know you do it for me

So I won’t feel bad for you


You watched me from just off

Lit up on my arrival

Protested my leaving

Gave me your heart


I’d be selfish

To ask more


I hear your pain

It’s your turn to go

My turn to smile

Disguise my hurt


I’ll be there

As the vet inserts a needle

That’ll take you home

And end your agony


And I know

You’ll be there

Watching me still

From just off






I’m feeling down tonight


Let my hopes out on holiday

Against the advice of time

Who says to keep them in check

So they won’t crash so hard


I callus my heart

To protect it


Wonder if I am as strong

As love is


Pain’s beautiful

Embracing it’s tough

It takes time


Some can’t see it

I do


I’ll open my heart

Again and again

Pick myself up

Let my hopes fly


Someday they won’t fall






Some poetry is beautiful

Some people are poetry


You’re both




Beware of dog


Don’t worry

The dog doesn’t bite

As long as she’s barking


Oh and did I mention

The cat’s a ventriloquist

With prankster tendencies

And a mean streak?


The cat

Feeds the dog peanut butter

And then barks


This makes the dog angry

And dangerous


So if you hear a bark

And you don’t see

The cat’s lips moving

Run for your life




Rogue lover


Let me be your rogue

And celebrate the you

Too often discarded


It slips through lines of age

Dismissed as leaves

Scattered on a quiet walk

By a careless breeze

On a vacant day


The loveliness

You scarcely grasp

Surrendered without protest

Seeps deep into cracks

Of cobblestone beneath


Can’t you see?


So much of you is missing

But it’s not missed by me

Let that be mine




Suicide by Tylenol


She took two for pain

A thousand times before

It never caused harm


But now

The pain was in her soul


Would someone please

Notice me?


Days gray with hope

She tossed the cap

Across the room


On the stand

A weepy note


Beside the bed

An empty bottle

Next to the phone


A plea for help

She wanted so


But what she didn’t know


4000mg three times past

And three weeks post

With kidney dead

She’d never more

See home




This is it


The last poem I’ll write

Though many will follow

Because if I stop

I’ll surely die

If not mortally, spiritually



I found a truth

That to love someone

Does not require they know

Or love you back


How often

Does something profound

Come from someone

Or something so pathetic

Only to find it’s not


I can’t tell you where


You’ll have to find

Your own adaptation

It’s a puzzle you see


When you do

It’ll make perfect sense


So it’s my turn to be pathetic

To encourage the same


I want to run through life

Vulnerable and stained

With those I love






My path takes me places

Where spirits must mend


But I’m no healer

A calm in the storm perhaps

Safe cove now and then


I walk with assurance

Never needing to know


To find weathered hearts

In all age of children

Love desperately needed

Wherever I go


And I must agree

In what others might ask

That I’m not qualified

Unworthy of task


It’s not up to me


But every unknown

Is one God’s allowed

And placed in my path


As if God trusted me






I have disdain

For this time

That discards worth

Of young women

And one’s self


Society chained

Trained to accept

Negative as positive



Unwilling to grow

Re-define losing

As winning

Feeling weak and lame

Unable to face

Their own defeat


Dis you?



How do we respect

Culture that eats it’s young

Starves its morality

Emotional anorexia

Temporal sickness


In the face of time

Your way’s not sustainable


Cancer kills the host

They die together


I know there’s hope

Just now I’m angry






Ever have a day so great

You feel guilty

For feeling so good?


You don’t want

To think of sad times

They’ve no right

To bring rain


You want to tape time

To the wall

So it stays now forever


You resent the sun

For lying down

Because tomorrow

Holds no promise


The day is this time

That I’ve had

Since I found you


The guilt is

I want you so much


Sad’s a world

That won’t understand

And rain’s objection

And scorn


Tape’s the hope

That binds us together

Forever a place we can hide


Sunset’s the day

When we lay down our lives

Tomorrow’s heaven above




Not afraid


I’m not afraid

To die


I’m not afraid

To live




And then there’s you


I want to dance

Frantic and insane

A pirate thief

On violent seas

Promiscuous passions



Buried sands


I’m lost

Without time’s compass

FM soul in an AM world

Waiting to be loved





Find a phantom

Ghost of my meaning

Shadow of essence


Drift as illusion

Past infinity


Slide between

Colors of the rainbow


Where am I?


And then there’s you

Who I run to


Fears yield to tears

Trembling finds peace

My heart calms

Eyes closed

I smile






I think of you perpetually


When I’m not telling you

I love you

Under my breath

I’m wondering

About your thoughts

How you feel

If you’re happy


Are you aware

I’m thinking of you?


Does it make you smile?


I imagine your hair

As it trespasses

The line of your eye


Close nights

Listening to you listen to me

As we hold each other


Candle’s heat

Dancing on our skin

Floating weightless

In timeless embrace


Snap conscious

Only to begin

Drifting again