Angels of the meadow – part 4

Angels of the meadow cover picture

Pure joy of you


My love celebrates

Pure joy of you


Life inside your smile

Innocent laughter

Gentle blink of eye


As you dance

In intense simplicity

Beneath consciousness

Of skin


Your presence

Breathes life into me


I will spill colors

Across chords of my soul

Create a forest pool

Where you can play


Perfect happiness




Beneath moon


Stars whisper silent

Twilight kisses grass




I want you


I’ve been

To the soul of the ocean


To death’s grip of love

Cast castles of joy

In the sand


I’ve fed feverishly

Upon emptiness

Cried without sound

Run away from scatterings

Of myself on the ground


I know nothing

And have it to offer


In white truth

I’m afraid of myself


Kelp collects on my shores

Birds fly over my thoughts


I’m unworthy to walk upright


I need to know

I mean something


I desperately want

To make someone happy

Perhaps save a flower


These are colors I’ve bled

As rhythms devoured me


These are the flesh of me

My fears and hopes

Ashes of my trust


The point is

I want you




Worthy truth


In ways I’m scarred



My skin is aged

But I’m not weak

Neither are you


If I may share


You’re beautiful

You have strength

There’s calm in your smile


You laugh

To disguise your heart


You’re reluctant

To step in error

Or face critique

So you’d rather not lead


Your thoughts are deep

You pretend they aren’t

To deflect


It makes you quiet

Willing to please


If I’m correct

You may feel uneasy

Threatened perhaps


Don’t be

They’re your secrets


I’ll never tell


Poetry is honesty

From the front lines

Of every emotion


Poetry is truth


Don’t stop writing

Yours is a worthy truth




Working in clay


I imagine you playing

Wearing makeup of clay

Perhaps a mud mask


Smiling creating

Living and loving

All mess and mischief

You rise to the task


And what have we here?

And what have we there?


You mold and design

Scrape and you paint

Watch out for that hair

Say hey isn’t that quaint?


And then when it’s finished

No clothing’s un-smudged

Well it’s off to the kiln

To be fired then judged


Well done you!




Hopelessly lost


Million beautiful girls

But none of them is you

Not one of them stops me

The way that you do


None owns my thoughts

None ever will


All focus and fade

As each is weighed

Against not being you

Tinsel and gem

Is lost on me


So when your horizons

Become speckled with gray

Send me a blessing

And smile my way

My wanting has never

Wandered astray

Since I noticed you


My hopeless want

Just wants to be found

But it’s hopelessly lost

On you




You are a river


Chasing my heart

Passionate love

Emotion and intellect

Creative art


Currents flash wild

Mist surrounds your allure

To the edge of the ocean

A path swift and sure


Given to you

I’m carried away

Swept up in your tow

Dissolved in your love

Till my end of my days


Bridges cross over

They dare not follow

You are a river

I love




Pulpit of your dollar


You’re too this

You’re too that

You can’t cope

You’re not right


But there’s an answer



Consumers consuming


Take this pill

Life will be right

If you think life’s right

Take this pill instead

If you don’t have this shape

You’re better off dead


We choose your values

Your morals and cares

What children should wear

Don’t worry about life

Just sit there and stare


We’ll provide everything

You need to know

So you don’t have to think

And you don’t have to grow


Did you really care anyway?


Media will be the pulpit

Of your dollar




Morning kisses


Good morning love


I’ve kisses for you

That’ll make you smile

Kisses that won’t let you

Sit still all day long

On this glorious day


This day of you


Wild kisses

That deserve slaps

But maybe not yet


I see your name

Written in hieroglyphics

On the walls of my heart


I picked a flower for you

In the form of a poem

Conceived and nurtured

From my love


A kiss

To take away your tears

And steal your heart


So rise my love

Stretch your bones

Wrap my love around them


Forbidden kisses

To caress your day

Morning kisses

For you




Proof of love


I wanted to keep

Every record of our love

Every talk and letter


Now what?

I’m supposed to let go?


I removed your poems

From my heart

Tossed them


Tore up your letters


I tried to take your name

Off the door


I smell you in my coffee


I choke on wanting you

Whisper your name

Over and over

And it’s killing me


Is this what it’s like

When hope dies?


Don’t you dare

Pick me up

And not mean it




Tomorrow’s smiles


I will always

love you









I can’t

Come back

Change past

Mend chords

Replace silence

Track dirt










We must




Friendship may live

In tomorrow’s smiles

But yesterday’s tears

Have a place


They must cut a course

To tomorrow’s smiles


Is it possible to

Love me

And hate who I am?


I don’t know




I don’t often question


Hey God

Why am I here

What do you want from me?


I think I know

What everyone else wants

Their expectations

Their worry and concern


I feel you near

And don’t often question

But really

What do you want?


I’m out of control

Harming people I love


Did I run from you?


What lesson is this?




Hey you, it’s Jackie


You were my friend

Always there

With encouragement

With love


I didn’t believe in myself

In anything really

I was empty


You made me feel

Reach inside myself

Deal with pain and fears


I began to believe

Started to live


No telling

What tomorrow holds

Today we live forever



Then just like that

I was dead


So much I wanted

So many things

Thanks for believing


Wish I had more time

Left without a goodbye

Often thought of you


Very curious

This thing called ‘death’

We know it will come

We never prepare


Things left unfinished

Unshared unforgiven

Truncated desires


We waste today

Counting on forever

Immortal hubris


If we knew

A minute before

We could say goodbye






The sun eclipsed

And I took pause


What if it didn’t return?


What would we do?

Live in darkness?

Die, cold and alone?


It always comes back

But what if it didn’t?


My sun came back

And I was glad




Fall free


Rock face expands

Infinite before me

Warmed to the touch

By the morning sun


It’s late afternoon

Time’s left its meaning


Below endless peril

Above reaches heaven


Quaking tendons

Live in my stomach

Assisting my heart


A climb without lines

Is a death wish

Wrapped in a bow


Mercy of concentration

I steady my nerves

And find the next hold


They’ll say it was awful

An unfortunate event


You pick your jump

 To leave this stone


The fall is beautiful

You must take time

To enjoy it


Breathe and live it

Before it ends


Everyone falls