Rain forest – part 1

Angels of the meadow cover picture

A poem about a poem


She jotted down

Glimpses of life


Some questioned her age

What she contemplated


Offended by errors

Not sophisticated


Unworthy of time

Insufficiently articulated


They couldn’t see

A simple beauty


Laid before them

Just beneath the surface

Of the sand




All the times


You looked for love

And wondered

Where it went


I offer mine forever

Until my entire soul

Is spent






I don’t know when

I stopped being mine

And became yours


But now

It’s all I live for


You’re in me

And I’ve found heaven

Before death


Which gives me new life

Which gives me new breath


You give me new hope

In so many ways


I give you myself







My soul is thunder

I seek quiescence


Yet storm

As a sun turned inward

Trembling in stillness

I know no rest


A prisoner to violent rapids

Of my own blood

Thirsty to steal

That which others own




Rhythm too silent

Too subtle to notice

Invisible to the pulse

Of humanity




At the time of this writing


Born in 57 it is 2002

I’ve been alive three years

At the time of this writing


The dust of twin towers

And the echoes of souls

Are 163 days old

At the time of this writing


Regrets of lost time

I might have spent

Being a father


I guess that’s why

I tend to overcompensate

With my grandchildren

At the time of this writing


God’s placed miracles

In my heart and my bed

Allowed me to become friends

With myself

At the time of this writing


I’ve cowered and cheated

I’ve loaned form to truth

I’ve hurt and I’ve killed

At the time of this writing


I’ve also seen wonder

That gave life to tears

After standing alone

For so long

So many years

I’ve seen

Angels in every smile

At the time of this writing


To win or to lose

Is within

The view that you choose

At the time of this writing




Before you touched me


I thought I was awake


My closeness was safe

Behind walls of protection

Layers of disappointments

Callused over time


Truth brought you close

As my walls would allow


Standing before me

Your head tilted slightly

In subtle and healing ways

You undressed my scars

One layer at a time


I opened my mouth to speak

Your fingers touched my lips

As if to say “hush”


The smile of your eyes

And silent lips

Told me it was ok


Once my fear was gone

Your intense passion

For love beauty and faith

Consumed my soul


Before you touched me

I didn’t know






I’m of the wave

The wave is good and fresh

It will not stop

Until it washes over you

Or drowns you in its wake


I’m of the wind

The wind is strong and free

It will not be halted

Without breathing life into you

Or blowing you down


I’m the forest

Though it may seem

I stand alone

Look farther to see closer

Revealing those with me


This is your call

Your purpose

Your moment

Soon has arrived








I’m smaller than God

I believe in miracles

I love

I care


I can make a difference


If you want to kill me

For that

I’ll not run nor hide

I’ll affirm my faith


I’ll stand

And I’ll fight


But I’ll pray for you




Below the street


I lie below the street

Without name

Nor origin from which I came

Unworthy of view

Per your eyes refrain


For I may just be

The haunting elusive smoke

That lies in a future

Beyond the melting

Of your own ice palace


The street has wolves and bears

Demons and packs of jackals

Among its victims lost and many

But only dead heroes


So I lie and scratch and tare

And hide to get by

Because no one lives

In the street you only survive


Once beaten and robbed

By a child

That for miles and miles

Could see no other way


Now passed over I’m allowed

And destined to lie

Below the street

My bottle

My blood

And my life

Spilled out before me






I want to challenge the world

With many thoughts

Challenge precedes growth

Growth humanity needs


It’s not acceptable

To leave well enough alone

Alone infers isolated


Humanity alone

Serves no purpose


Desperate for nurturing

Rage doesn’t want to be alone

Just acknowledged


Humanity provokes hope

Hope justifies challenge

Completing the circle






Crap can’t be created

Or destroyed


It’s to be dealt with in kind

As it is said…

“Do you see the kind of crap

I have to deal with?”


Crap’s to be accumulated

At yard sales in bunches

Stored in nooks and crannies


You can take or give crap

But you can’t take it with you

Nor should you want to

Unless you are backpacking


You can take someone’s crap

You can give someone crap

Better be willing to take it

As well as dish it out


You can recognize it

Or know when you’re in it

By saying “Oh crap”


You can have crappy days

You can have crappy weather

You might find yourself

In a crappy relationship


But if you find yourself in

A crappy relationship

On a crappy day

During crappy weather

It’s the shits




Dearest Paige


When the time’s right

Angels will embrace you

With sweater hugs

You’ll see all beauty

Know all love

And understand


Watch over

Mommy and daddy

They need you most now

They’ve lost you

Now they’re lost


You’ll be their light

You’ll lead their way

Visit them in sunset

And breaking dawn


Call out to them

From forest meadows

And mountain shadows


Let them know

You’re close at night

You’ve been chosen

And blessed for this


Mommy and daddy

Don’t withdraw inside

You could drown there

You must be together

For each other

And for Paige






Steals pictures of God

In the clouds of the sunset

Attempting to fill

The endless galleries

Of her soul


You can see them all

On the subtle expressions

Of her love


My picture is there

But the canvas is torn




Distant time


I say we’re supposed

As opposed to never meant

Existing in the path

Of distant time approaching


Revealing what you’ve owned

For so long so completely

So unaware



Be very aware

With cautious cloak


Afford no hastened effort

To know me well and true

Before that time

Or you too

Will long

For its arrival






I suppose you’re offended

By my lack of ambition


My disdain for material crap

Desire to keep my feet bare

Until the very last minute


Be a good soldier

Don’t make waves

Follow the carrot


You say, if everyone

‘Felt that way’

Nothing would get done


Perhaps, if everything

‘Was done that way’

Nothing would be felt


No pause for stillness

Beauty and God


I get by

I’m not your burden

Your responsibility


I’m beyond your control

I’m driven to be at peace


What makes your driven

Better than mine?




Fellow travelers


We each set out

Upon our own beginning

And together

With Gods love and guidance

We help each other

Discover paths to our end


Thank you for sharing

My path




From shore


I swim from shore

Toward myself

In this sea

My life


I lust for answers

Question depths

Distance and tides

Is this all that it is

To be me?


Beaten down

By relentless time

I bend my soul

A hollowed shell

To a bearing true

A thought of home

I’ll return to







I miss you sorely

It hurts most

When I’m with you


Unanswered looks

Words ineffective

To turn your heart


My arrogance

Tries to chain the wind


You are a ghost

Eden’s fragrance

Deaths tears




I miss descending

Through your lips

Beyond consequence

In a sea of your kiss

As my soul drowns

To forfeit myself

Is all I want


Yet here

In affection’s absence

I become illusion

I’m a ghost




Gods voice


I hear Gods voice

In the laughter of children


Through their innocence

Gods truth is revealed

You can hear it

If you listen






How many of us

Are tied to the past

By hate



Unable to grow

To find tomorrow

Or reach fruits

Of happiness?


How many of us

Hide in hate

Because it’s simpler

Then love or trust?


How many of us

Are humbled by hate

Longing to belong

Therefore unwilling

To stand against

Our surroundings?


How many of us

Have wasted years?


How many of us

Don’t welcome tomorrow

Because we fear

Reflection it brings?


How many of us

See hate as a path

Exclusive to our future?


Hate holds no answer

I’m sorry






Drips from your pen

Spewing precocious lyric

Rhyme and poem

Which finds my heart

Stuck as a fly to your paper


Each word in verse

Giving life as though

It were the marrow

Of my bones


I ponder the gentle touch

Of your moist breath

Your kiss on my chest


Envision your smile’s call

Guiding me home

From meadows edge


Your voice owns my desire

Renders me helplessly void

Of other consciousness


It’s as if

 I am being schooled

In the arts of passion

For the first time


Caressed by your love

And honey of your pen