Rain forest – part 2

Angels of the meadow cover picture



Seeking safe harbor

A hundred times before

In saner days than now

I can’t turn from this storm

That knows my name


In preparation

I release the anchor

Cast it overboard

Lash sheets and lines

To violent winds before me


Under full sail I’ll embrace

The glory of this tempest

As it consumes all spirit

In the seasoned planks

Of my soul


I’ll give thanks to God

Content I didn’t fade

Into the wood




Obsessive love


Selfishly wanting

To keep what we hold dear

So tight and intensely

We sometimes waste

Precious little time we have

To hold these things near


We drown in self pity

Fear loss before it’s gone

Instead of embracing time

And drinking wonder

Of what we have

As long as it lasts




I’m sorry


Your jealousy demands

What I can’t give


I’m sorry

My kiss finds resentment

Instead of acceptance


I’m sorry

I came alive

And grew thorns

That cut you


And I’m sorry

All I can give you

Is my absence




I do not believe


There exists

A path too difficult

To walk for you

Sadness too deep

To stand for you

Time too long

To wait for you

Sacrifice too great

To make for you

A prayer too good

To pray for you

Or a breath

I wouldn’t take

For you




Jagged pieces of calm


Labor to learn

Someone’s name

It’s exactly important


Fragrance of a flower

Provides perspective


Evil has many names

Cleanse windows of priority

Countless angels are near

Attend only your own voice

At your own risk


Frustrated reflection

Of shattered self

Can leave

Jagged pieces of calm







Of all we know

And everything we have

Love can’t be depleted

By giving it away


Love’s not a threat

Some take it that way


Some conflate love

With selfishness


Love’s selfless


It can’t be redistributed

Love’s recipient specific


Love is within us

We may share it

With all the world

And those nearby

If we allow


A simple message

“I care about you”

Can you imagine?






I stand here naked

Afraid of all you see

All I am and have been

All I’ve done

All I’m not


I want to hide

But I can’t






Webster’s dictionary situates


‘That place of perfect happiness

In which the self becomes part of

The supreme spirit of the universe’


Between ‘biting cold’ - Nippy

And ‘lice eggs’ - Nit


How appropriate

To find good nestled with bad

Gems buried beneath sand

Missed meanings

Lost in common ways


Some dare brave beyond

Guardrails of interpretation

To find treasures in trash


Others see only waste

How sad


Presented opportunity

Would they be too busy

Too opaque

Too cold

To find ‘Nirvana’?






Ripples of our father

And our mother

As raindrops strike the water


Ripples spreading growing

Merging with millions

And millions of ripples


Each blending to propagate

Their own cascading ripples

Continuing just as those

Who came before


Is it at all fair

That we ask a sunny day

To pardon us?




Rising intensity


You flash across my skin

Focus blurred

I’ve lost where I end

And you begin


I pull you on

Over my head


Entangled in you

We spill noise of our souls


Through us millions

Of butterfly wings dance

As mist above water

That cannot still


Lost is control

Of which I’ve no need

Nor want anymore


Faint is all I feel




Rodeo whore


It was your boldness

Your nature

That beckoned

Your wearing of the label


A badge of sarcasm


The shock caused my heart

To fall without relief


Shock was the intent

Wasn’t it?


Thorns of your spirit

Left cuts in my core


I’ll embrace the pain

It won’t be the last time


Nothing to forgive

Just accept it






My secrets

Aren’t buried deep

You can find them

If you want to


There’s no reward

Nor acknowledgement

For death of a privacy


So drink it as you must

Then please move on




Selling your soul


To put bread on the table

Makes for a shallow meal


Soon you’ll be hungry again

With nothing left to offer





Dark sand suffocates

Without emotion




Fading song


Exhausted bones

Anxious tingling


Rapid heart

Empty pulse

Draws me

To its rhythm


Deep breath perpetual

Isolation ringing





Are you ok?

What’s wrong?




Sinking again

Beneath silence






I try to handle you so careful

So as not to spill a drop


Occasionally some of you

Makes its way away


Loveliness grows

Complexity is born

As beauty of rose

And reality of thorn


I’m crossed at wits

Gleaning frustration

At common sense


Because it’s too common

To gain my association


Drawing measure to

Whether they’re wits at all

Or wits in absence

Of my station


So if I hold you not so tight

Don’t think it’s because

I do not want to


I just sense that spills

Give back so much more

Of what I love about you




Still with me


In a dream it came


We were in a place

With two women around us

Anticipating the arrival

Of your new twin daughters


The suburban pulls up

You’re crying and happy


I notice the tears

And your thin wet hair


I kiss the top of your head

And tell you

Get ready

To hold your babies


You say

I can’t do this

Can you take one?

And in that moment

My whole universe shines


I awake

Kissing your picture

And the closeness

Is still with me






A river doesn’t try

To move a mountain


It brushes up against it

Caressing it with love

And ultimately gets its way


The mountain knows this

So it tries to be strong

But eventually concedes

It’s nature’s way


Neither is the same

Without the other






Inner cowardice

Ancestral discretion

Threatened by difference

Riled insane rabid


Light traverses black to white


Humanities spectrum

Spans from fear to acceptance

Ignorance to compassion


Cloaked and camouflaged

In pack stench of fear

Your pride descends

Boasts ignorance


I do not share


If you do

Do you know why?




Tangled together


Who told you

It wasn’t your turn to shine?


Who told you

That passed some time ago?


Who told you

Days would grow long

Cold and still?


Who told you

It didn’t matter anyway?


Raise up your eyes

And your head will follow


Raise up your smile

The Heavens will glisten


Raise up your hopes

And pick one for me


In waters reflection

You’ll see me

Just over your shoulder


In tangle of sheets

We’ll be tangled together


Turn around I’ll surprise you

When you least expect it


Crush you with timber arms

Kiss you into me


And you’ll know

That you’re special


And you’ll know

That you’re wanted


And you’ll know

That you’re lovely


When I tell you

I love you and need you

You’ll know that it’s so


And you’ll know

That you’re home




The glass


The glass is half empty

The glass is half full


Passersby see it as a glass

Not two parts of a whole


They conclude illusion

Secured by bond

Suspend inclination

To ponder beyond


One half’s content

To provide stability

Admirable feats

Within its ability


No perception or care

Of a separate reality

The opposite half

May have to bare


Reflection and pause

To exist without purpose

Burden without cause


Tragic to feel invisible


Don’t be silly

It’s just a glass

Half empty or full

Depending on your view


Or is it?




The voice


A voice spoke in my sleep

I could have my sight back

If I’d let you go


What good is sight

In a world that’s gray and cold


It said I could own you

Just by wishing it so


What good’s love of a spirit

That’s not free


I told the voice

If I could choose my path

I’d choose a path

That chose itself


I haven’t heard

From the voice again