Rain forest – part 3

Angels of the meadow cover picture

Warrior and the wolf


The warrior lives

For battle’s cry

He wants many battles

Before he dies


He stands to fight

For sake of kingdom

Every year adds scars


This is all he knows


The wolf stands to fight

With a warrior’s courage

To provide for his family

And protect their home

Every year adds scars


Each scar adds wisdom

Of knowing when to stand

Or choosing when to run

For preservation and love

Of the den


This is all he knows




Thirteen steps


An angel from hell

The coat of arms he chose

Fear dressed in fury and pride

For years destined to roam

On two wheels called home

An outlaw never alone

As he rode


Through the bars

Down on Main Street

Through the bars of prisons

With brother Rick and others

His sisters and brothers

By his side


Until broken and busted

Tired and rusted

He thought he’d reached

The end of his life

When he buried his wife


With his colors retired

He cast down his pride

Threw his anger aside

Accepted Gods love

From Heaven above

And learned to live

To love and to give


With tears in his eyes

For babies he’d care

Just a big teddy bear

Until that final thirteenth step

When we saw his soul rise




Three hours


Takes about an hour

I wonder if it will work

Oh no, it’s working


Takes about three hours

I wander how long it’s been

It’s been about three hours


Wonder if I’ll ever

Be home again


Takes about three hours

Wonder if I can last


It’s been about three hours

I feel sick and ugly inside

My world’s changed forever

It’s my fault


What have I done?




To some degree


Everything anyone

Has ever said about me

Is possibly true

At least

To some degree


I give you respect

For your own mind

I ask you to use it


Make your own assessment

Instead of allowing others

To decide that degree

For you




Two prisoners


Two souls

Cast into tiny cells

Of damp concrete

Mud and moss


So dark they couldn’t tell

What beetle or grub

Would nourish

To live another day


Neither knew the other

As distance and threat

Of beatings kept silence


Intermittent tapping sounds

Regarded by captors

As protest, instead of code


Each word a message

With long delays between

To avoid attention


I am here

Can you hear me?




Sometimes silence for days

So each message was cherished

As if It was a letter from home

With one significance

We’re not alone


They shared words like

Home Wife Boy Girl God


Each man dependent

Upon their bond

Feared absence

More than death


Until sojourn’s end

When cell doors opened

Freeing the men


As each advanced

They stopped


Compassion drained

Crashing down in angry pools


Fears rekindled

Bearing hatred and disgust

One man black the other white

As opposite as day and night


With throats that choked

As neither spoke

And never would again




Valentine for Deborah


Do you know I care for you

Beyond material things?


More than pride

Deeper than humility

My spirit tastes of you


If I could script

For you a promise

It would be intrinsic


As it is

Myself I give you

Fragile as a rose of ice

That cuts like jagged glass

And burns like fire


I’ve loved and hurt you most


So why choose

To pursue this madness we?


Of all thoughts pondered

Beneath the sun

Adequate reasons I

Can give one


I love you as the dawn

As day goes on

As night falls

As twilight calls

And each new day begins






Indomitable surge

Hopes white horses

Faiths perilous breakers

Teasing kiss of spray


Turning again seaward

As distance and time are lost

In perpetual cycle


Consuming hearts

With reckless disregard

Awakened souls surrender



A fate embraced

By the courageous

Who recognize

It’s less to do with wants


Rather that

Which they cannot deny


There’s no escape


From the edge most cling

To safe control


They say commit

But mean entrust

Reserving revocation



A natural instinct

Inflicts its own limits


Deceive not yourself

If you are in control

You can’t comprehend

The wave’s power

Or follow it


It’s not too late

To free your chains

And leave the shore




Wild horse


I’ll be your wild horse

Wait at civilization’s edge


I won’t be

The one you talk about

Not to anyone


We’ll abandon paths

Of conformity

Live a secret life



You’ll come for me

We’ll fly as rage


Soaring flame

From a volcano’s mouth


You’ll come to be free

And I’ll take you there




Without deception


I revealed a secret

To my best friend

Knowing it would hurt

The friend


Placed my faith

In friendship

Strength and love


Taking the chance

I might lose both


I couldn’t be me

And do otherwise


Inside love

Friendship or self

There’s no dark corner

To hide in


We stand cold

In the light of truth


It’s from this place

I give my love

Without deception

Secrets or lies






God created woman

From the rib of man

To prove more

Could be done with less


Woman walks with angels

She’s deliberate and mystical


She charms with her smile

While leading focus away

From her secrets


She holds unique power

Though she may not know it


She may be reluctant

To shine


She’s beautiful

She’s woman




You have no idea


Do you?


At times we’re so close

I can hear your breath

It steals my mind


I struggle to focus

Stay composed and away

Just far enough

To keep my secret


When your hands

Innocently touch mine

I feel weightless

Close my eyes and melt


I can’t stand it

I want more

But dare not tell you


When we part

The rush fades slowly

Hunger enters


All I want

Is to be near again


It’s so strong

It’s unnatural and yet

You have no idea do you?


Or do you?




Love is a bullet


That doesn’t get through


You hurt me

My emotions saw death

Now I hear shots

I see them but

They reach me no more


My heart is in slumber

My love’s in pain


I miss you



Will I be near you again?



I once was open

Willing to be hurt

Waiting to be close


Now I stare out

Beyond walls of stone

This must be love’s tomb

Spirit’s damp home