Friday’s kiss – part 1

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Friday’s kiss


Loving you

Is the truth of me


I am exactly pleased

Love finds no measure


I want new love

That touches Heaven


I won’t hold back

Give you everything


Thoughts as rain

Petals below your steps

Kiss you with flowers

And love you exactly




You make life a love poem


If you asked me

Could I find a new way

To say ‘I love you’ everyday

I wouldn’t say no


I don’t believe in impossible

But I’d wonder how


I’ve no idea when I start

Sometimes I can’t think

I begin and it begins


Since you

Life’s become a poem

I write as I go


 You make life a love poem


I love you for it

And always will






Oh time

What have you done to me?


What years

Have you chained me to?


What era

Have you trapped me in?


What did I ever do to you?


Besides waste you

Take you for granted

Ignore you completely

And blame you for death


‘It must have been her time’


Now you’re killing me

Stealing from me

I can’t trust you anymore

You must be stopped


You pull at my skin

Haunt my bones

You can’t reach my soul


Take what you can, time


I’ll never give you

So much as a moment





I’m scared too


Never felt like this

It’s all so new

Maybe I’m scared too


So many things unfamiliar

Confusion surrounds


My fears scream

Ripping holes in me

Emotions dance in flames


Think you were the only one

Too frightened to move?


Did you think I was calm

Or unafraid to love?




For anything


For all who read me

Think tragic and sad


How foolish my smiles

Selfish my wants

Defective my life

Good and bad



Are the sounds of my love

Songs that make me live


I wouldn’t trade them

For safety


I wouldn’t trade them

For anything






Closer to you



That’s what I want


Digital pulses

Brain waves











Tearing sky


Bring us close

To say, hey you!








Came by again today


Held out my hand

As they flew past

But they wouldn’t land


For a moment

I thought of them

Forgot to write them down


They seemed like you

I smiled and watched


Your words

Have their own way

I love when they come


Try as I may

I can’t get them to land

Then off, they’re gone


I think of them

Pause and wonder

When they’ll return

How many will come


I’ll be happy then


Bet they still won’t land

I keep watching









Surface water

Must be filtered



Painful memory

Blankets mountains

Shameful thoughts

Settle in valleys

Of frozen souls



Still life


Sunlight peeks

Through angry clouds


Tears form streams

Erode soil and numb

Cut through rocks

Exposing heart


Crystal pure pools

Of filtered love

Find home




Love me


World of want

Falls on deaf ears

Not that they can’t hear


They don’t listen


Time served

From a teapot of haste

Noisy lust filled plates

Tiny cups of disillusion


Tattered sensitivity

Falls as simple crumbs


From holes in pockets

Forgotten there

Never missed


The score is love-love


Without the nail

That held time to the wall


Can you see me

In all this sound?

Can you reach me

Within nothingness?


Affection beneath paint

Applied to hide tagging


My minute fell off the bridge

And I can’t reach it


Why don’t you call?

Where are you?




Not me


I’ve gone away

No need to hang around

Feel what it’s like inside


Pretend I’m not there

Let the knocking continue

It stops


What’s up?



You don’t want to know


Get away

I don’t have to tell you


I’m dead, get it?

I don’t exist

It doesn’t matter


Think you’ve touched real?

You failed


I choose

Who I let in




Earth hear the heart

























After a train


I don’t feel the sound

Of your love around


A short while

After a train

Wind whispers

Birds report

Rain sweeps in

To clean up


Thoughts silent

I wait to see if it’s safe

Tears stand in the wings

Absent understanding


Were you a dream?

Will I wake in death?


I can’t feel the sun

Where did emotion go?

What’s wrong?


I sit in the rain

Put on my socks and shoes


I didn’t write you

Because you didn’t write me

Instead I wrote this




Since this poem began


You’re a unicorn

So am I

Ours is a search

For imaginary love


When this poem began

I’d searched for you

And written to you

For twenty-nine years


When this poem began

You’d searched for me

And written back

For nineteen years


When this poem began

Thirteen years

And two worlds

Would keep us apart


We’d never meet

When you were alive


When this poem began

It was called ‘Unicorn’

That was fifteen years ago

The name has changed


Since this poem began

It’s changed

I’ve changed

You’ve died

We’ve married

And I no longer write

For anyone but you


We found our love




He will die on that chain


Old man

Sleeps on a hammock

Everyone waits for him

To turn the other shoe


He begins each day

Waiting for lightning to strike


If he talks to you, he’s dirty

Dirty old dirty man

Dirty old man


Honor stolen by time

He lives on a chain

Called society


Children taunt

Beyond the perimeter

Of his rage


Old man tries to recall

What it’s like not to bite

Not to want to

Not to fall or hate


Lunging at the chain

To loosen the stake

His collar chokes and cuts


Old man seeks friendship

In a world without mouths


He digs rabid into earth

At the bottom of his fence


They say he buries bones

Slips back from his window

Lives inside his silence


Old man

Sleeps in a hammock

Everyone waits for him

To turn the other shoe



In a suspicious world



So I spoke


If I say I like you

It could simply mean

I like you


And if I say

You ‘stopped’ me

Well that just means

Every thought I had

Is gone now

And you’re all that’s left


Now the hard part

Being honest about it


Do you think it’s easy

To expose what you feel?


So much could go wrong


Oven fresh hot rolls

Turned to cold rejection

Filthy suspicion


Salacious world

One-track expectations

Stockyard at auction

Guilty projection


I’m not that world


It’s not easy to smile

Look beyond my flaws

And take a chance


What if

You felt the same?


What if

It was the right time to ask

And I cowered in silence?


What if you did too?


I regret

What a sad world thinks

But I might be able

To care about you


So I spoke




So beautiful


Is blue lighter than green?

Its wavelength is shorter


And what about hue

Saturation and depth?


Is dark red deeper

Than deep purple?


If beauty is skin deep

What’s the depth of skin?


If one is beautiful inside

Does it make them skinny?


I saw someone beautiful

Do you ever just know?


Outside she was intimidating

I mean really beautiful

It flowed out of her voice


Is the heart made of skin?

Why do some eyes shine?


Maybe skin beautiful

Is not the same thing

As soul beautiful


I loved someone I never met

I still do and still haven’t

It was dismissed


She’s still beautiful

How does that work?


Is some love lighter?


And what about hue

Saturation and depth?


Is deep love deeper

Than dark love?


Is blue love sadder?


Lost could be found

In her eyes


She was so beautiful




I’m you


Like is a light shade of love


Why do we say

‘blinded by love’?


We don’t say ‘deafened’


Beauty doesn’t have

To meet the eye at all


I’ll hate that I wrote this


People love you

As long as it doesn’t hurt


There’s no such thing

As a dishonest mistake


Fewer promises you make

The fewer you break


It’s not that you simply forgot

You just didn’t remember


Sometimes I don’t answer

Because I’d have to grow up

And I don’t want to


I don’t want to be loved

I want to be love


My truths are forced initially


Because I don’t know

Is a reason


If you want to touch me

I’ll need to know why


Perfection without flaw

Is replication


Don’t be ‘well’ for me


I hate you

I love you

I’m you