Friday’s kiss – part 2

Angels of the meadow cover picture



Road construction

Chokes Spokane


Kids suck bathtub rings

Tweekers smoke cheese

From lithium batteries

Drano lollipops


So bomb

Seen the white light?


Tired stretched skin

Over unspoken regret

You can’t buy your soul

Once you sell it


Innocence and virginity

Socks won’t be white again


Met a girl named Whitney

Pristinely beautiful

I’d kill to protect her


You’re a policeman

Make everything perfect


I can’t speak to you

And don’t violate me

Whatever my rights are


Sure I care

Hey turn that up


Talk to the hand




No rules


Listen up


Hit a girl in front of me

You won’t see me coming


So let’s stand down

And save respect


It’s about anger

And safety

Threaten hers

Risk your own


Stop yourself

Before I must


We don’t want that






I first noticed

You hug your friends

Out of social custom

But more than that

You really care


Your smile and hair

Shine as the sun

You present confidence

And walk carelessly


You look like summer



You know my name?


I didn’t know

But it’s a perfect name

For you






How many are afraid

Of what the world will do?



How many will survive

Anything that comes?



How many will welcome

What will come?



How many will embrace

All challenge that comes?







As I swam lying back

In the middle of the lake

Circling above I saw

Three eagles high


I focused such that

All I could see was sky


I imagined swimming

Across the pupil

Of God’s eye




Call of the wolf


Why do we admire the wolf?


Is it strength?

A look in the eye

That can’t be tamed?

Is it envy?


They mate for life

That’s important to us

They don’t care


We love the wolf

And don’t consider

What it stands for


It’s romantic to want

What’s repulsive to be


Think before you want






Gone has no echo

On the steps in the rain

No shoulder to comfort

Or welcome return


Absence of presence

Gone is a hole in your way


Carried by wind

Scattered by silence

Preserved in memory


Gone is inevitable





Church of God


What if a church

Was bigger than a building

Bigger than a country

Or world?


What if every day

We woke up inside it

Lived in it

Died there too?


Could we still

Act the way we do?


Could we claim to be more

If we were all the same

In one church?


Could we maintain

Our differences

And if so







To appreciate Ballet

Not for pageantry no

Nor music or costume

Nor story told


It’s the artist’s heart


Sacrifice pain

Courage dedication

To give of themselves


Body is instrument

Dream is flight

To become the dance

And live as art






There are people who live

For building bridges

Such as color to sound

They turn hopes and dreams

Into art and toasters


We take them for granted

But they’re beautiful

The colors of our world

Who turn love into art


Some dream of living


Another’s dream

Makes living possible

It’s called cures


And cures are art

From colors who shine

As they save life


Don’t think







Life lost to moments

Flavor unnoticed

By those too busy

To pause and taste


Too hurried to feel

Pressed for time


Eternity escapes in a second

Overlooked and abandoned

As passing winds


Winds came today

They held me for awhile

I know you wind

I love you






Oh child of my child

You’re from my soul

A part of time continued


What will you take

When I’ve gone?


What will you know of me

Of what you meant

Or how I loved?


Will you wonder?


I want to give you

Endless oceans

Sky and earth


So you’ll look in

And outside yourself

With curiosity


Give you infinity

In silence once held

As my own


Now it’s yours






With vulnerability

Is imperfection


We love imperfection

Which makes it







Poor little victim



That’s what she wants to be

When she grows up


Hurt at eleven

Not believed at seventeen


She’s spent her allowance

Of sympathy

Making everyone else pay


Four months and she’ll be

An adult victim on her own


Still crying ‘poor me’

At deaf ears

As silent tears fall


The human spirit

Has the ability to heal

And live if we let it


The mirror will reveal

Who’s got their foot

On your throat now




I’m my first teacher


I accept the task of me

I’m responsible for myself

For what when and how


All my other teachers

Are responsible to assist

I expect them to do so


But I’m my first teacher

I’m responsible for me




God’s Assassin


A moments dream

White hat falls

Plane filled with people


I pick up the hat

Turn and I’m alone


Chosen for battle

Between good and evil


Marked for discretion

For this revelation

An assassin for God


Choices stolen

My destiny defined

By faith


As tomorrow dawns




Her eyes see me


I see her face

A cloak drifts

Off her shoulders


Her eyes see me


She opens her mouth

There’s darkness inside


Not inside

She’s an empty shell


I see distant lights

Through darkness

This shadow of her

But her eyes see me


Why can’t I see her

Who is she

What is this?


I reach out

She’s not there

But her eyes

Still see me




Cold impression


How do we greet

Someone who can’t help us?


Because it says a lot

About who we are


It’s naked expression

Sometimes ugly reflection


To look better

Always remember

The cold impression






There’s broken glass

In the vacant lot

And it will cut you

If you let it


More so

If broken glass

Is all you seek


There are also

Extraordinary places

To occupy your imagination

And fill you with wonder


More so

If that’s what you seek


We live together

In a vacant lot


It’s your playground

What do you want to find?




Friday’s kiss goodbye


Thanks for caring

Allowing me to share


Please accept my gift

A parting wish

May your heart fly

And taste happiness



To one who sings

Pretty words

I won’t listen to



To one who writes

Pretty words

I won’t read



A good sun passed

And I stand outside

My deepest colors



Perhaps tomorrow

A rose elusive