Tomorrow’s rose – part 1

Angels of the meadow cover picture

Tomorrow’s rose


Desperate desire

Nectars of love

Tranquility’s fire


Tomorrow’s rose

Where essence begins

Taste of want’s kiss

Burning within


Tomorrow’s rose

Symphonic score

Elusive enchantment

Submissive amour


Tomorrow’s rose

End of a quest

Home for a heart


Need’s final rest


Tomorrow’s rose

Where I’ll find you

And surrender






Said so

Yes she did


Oh really?


Said she’d never tell

Never say a thing


Oh really?


Not to anyone


Then said

She’d tell everyone

Nothing could stop her


Oh really?


Mess with her

That’d be that


Oh really?


That‘s what she said


Didn’t care who found out

No skin off her back

Not her problem


Oh really?


She laughed

Like it was nothing


And then the look

As if to say

You’d better know better


Oh really?



You better know it


Oh my!




Digital worship


Jesus exists

As a heart

In a digital world

That can’t see it’s shape


No matter how beautiful

They’re ones and zeros

Absent and hollow


Absent compassion

Hollow grace


Binary numbers

Can crush like a dog


Under a magnificent mass

Of streaming data


No matter the aggregate

They’re jagged edged stacks

Of tiny numerical blocks


Vacant dimensions

Indifferent dementia


All false and idle idols

Not to be worshiped

Not to be loved




Book of me


Jesus speaks to me

Helps me want what’s right

Not what’s selfish


I still get confused


Some they sayers

Say I replace God’s want

With my own


They’d have me

Believe them

Over myself



Would they have

Jesus believe?




Please don’t step back


I won’t step forward

For fear you will


I close my eyes

Afraid to open them

And find you gone


If I speak silence

Of what I feel

Is it deception?


Lines of my skin

Are on both sides now


Your smile glows warm


My want flees

As a fugitive on the lamb




Ambiguous teachings


Intent to provoke thought

Serve more to confuse

Than to instruct


They’re tricks

Used by teachers

Of poor caliber


To mask inadequacy


Resulting in subjects

Receiving affection

As cod liver oil


An argument for merit

Over tenure


Great teachers

Rise above poor teachings

Nurture learning as mothers

Rather than deceive

As adversaries


Feel you could do better?


Maybe you should

So someone who won’t





In 48 seconds


On a streetcar

 In Augsburg



Cream skin

Auburn hair

Eternal eyes

Infinity smile

Beige overcoat

Knit winter scarf


Completely beautiful

You stared right at me


Anxiously caught

I wanted to look away

Attraction stopped me

And I couldn’t


Language alone

Separated us


A lifetime’s love

In 48 seconds


At the next stop

You got off


I continued on


I’ve loved You

Ever since




A little tired


Of people who travel

Across the world to help

When need lives next door


Is it because

You can go home?


Tired of generations

Who worship orgasm

Accusation and blame


They’re predators


Tired of killers

Identified as children


Violence is a choice


We’re responsible

For the present

Not excused

By the past




Not salaciousness


There’s no way

To share this

Without catching flack


It came to me in my sleep

Go ahead and laugh



Let’s say passion

Becomes familiar

Appetite slows


To spice things up

Try not salaciousness


All the preliminaries

Touching and tasting

Stirring long as you can

Simmer to a boil

Until you can’t stand it


Challenge each other

To stop there until later


Try not to think about it


Repeat the same

Until you can’t stop


You’re welcome




Still learning


I took down a fence

It entangled a baby deer

It’s mother screamed

It’s leg was broken

And it had to die



I heard the scream again


A cougar caught a fawn

As it tried to run away

Past the fence

No longer there


Apparently the cougar

Didn’t like the fence either


Near forty-nine years

And I still try

To affect life and death


Learning that I can’t

No matter what I do


Maybe the first fawn

Became entangled

Trying to escape the cougar


I don’t know


The longer I live

The more I learn

What I can’t do

And I don’t know




The diagonal tree


Looking down at the planet

Above the North pole

Which way does it spin?


So it’s not leaning east

Because it can’t keep up


It’s reaching for sunrise

While everything else

Is content to wait


Then a thought


What if the tree’s right

And everything else is wrong?

What if it’s accurate

And we’re only precise?




It’s never my fault


I’ll hurt you

Destroy your life

Harm your family


I’m sick and twisted

You say I’m misguided


For that

I get a free pass


You pity me

Tolerate and forgive


I get countless chances


Take my weapons

I’ll use my hands

I don’t care


Don’t touch my liberties

They’re civil


Lock me away

I’ll get early release

Come find you


It’s my system

Not yours


So embrace me

Plead for your life

It won’t save you


You’re weak

It suits your morality

To be a victim




Waiting for success


A young girl

With tangled hair

Baby in her lap


Scans the paper

As she sits waiting

In the sandwich shoppe


A glance my way

Then sharply back

To the obituaries


To see if

Her grandmother’s died


Anxious to be released

 From perpetual scorn

Redeemed by the will

The only heir


She was thrown out

Told to make her own way

No more free lunch

Or dismissed responsibility


Poison placed as she left

Only killed the cat


Now she sits

And reads and waits

It’s frustrating




Live with it


It’s war

Our sons and daughters

Have gone to serve


Some will come home

To find their parents gone

Others won’t come home


Please remember

These people

Find it worthwhile

To sacrifice their lives

For you


At minimum

They deserve your respect


And left behind

Three kinds of people


Those who can’t


Those who won’t


And those who would

Stand with them


To these people I say

For the rest of your life

Remember which you are

And live with it




Picasso of passion


Splash enough words

To paint color


Leave interpretation

To you


You ask what it means

I’d ask you the same


It’s what my emotion

Means to yours


I can’t answer that




Crash diet


Inside each of us

The realm of good

And realm of evil


Not physical


Spiritual places


We feed one

And starve the other


Beware your diet




She’s not DEAF enough


The President

Of Gallaudet University

Got a cochlear implant

Now she must go


Because of a miracle

She can’t understand

What it means

To be DEAF



Too bad

There’s no implant

To resist coveting

Someone’s blessing




To the person


Who stole my guitar

Your soul lacks color


I raised that child

Over twenty years

At times it raised me


You had no right

To break that bond


It’s not replaceable

I hope it finds kind hands

To appreciate it


It’s their blessing now

Which makes you part

Of God’s plan


I hope one day

You’ll better understand

Your part



Cube root of one is one


The cube root

Of twenty-seven is three

Square root of four is two

Two from three leaves one

The cube root of one is one


Two cubed is eight

Three squared is nine

Eight from nine leaves one

The cube root of one is one


The cube root of sixty-four

The fourth root of eighty-one

Four take away three is one

The cube root of one is one


Ten to the tenth power

Is ten billion

Ten to the negative one

Is one tenth

Anything to the zero is one

The cube root of one is one


All powers of man

None of them divine

But the father the son

And holy ghost shows

The cube root of one is one




Keira Knightley


Put simply

I find your beauty

The most exquisite existing

On the face of the planet

Or beneath


Your radiant charm

Possesses warmth

Of every good thing


You advance no threat

To any love nearby


My life would expire

Before traveling the distance

Your light shines

To reach my world


My heart bears scars

From scratching at brilliance

My path’s worn heavy

My time’s weary


Still I love the light

Please God let it last

Always perfect

In you


I’ll not love you

Not that I wouldn’t love to

But my wishes grow few

And tooth far too long



When I see you

My heart achieves flight