Tomorrow’s rose – part 2

Angels of the meadow cover picture

Face of time


As a river flows to the sea

It’s joined by tributaries


Experience and relationships

Give it strength


Passive changes etch destiny

As seasons attend in turn

Bearing gifts of water and earth

That sustain the face of time


The river itself sustained

By wind and sky




Nancy C.


I couldn’t tell you

I was in love with you


Every moment together

Encounter or thought

Never ended for me


Rides home at night

When you dropped me off

I didn’t want to go


You had a home

And so did I

There was no hope


You went to day shift

I couldn’t follow you

Because I loved you


I’ve loved you ever since

So now you know




Common sense


Smart tells us

Two is more than one


Intelligence teaches

Common sense

Is generally correct


Wisdom precludes

Too often

People won’t use it




The dids and the didn’ts


It's a good thing

Going back to school


Hard to study at your home?

Perhaps a library card

You can study there


Some will covet your success

Their lack isn’t your crime


A sinking boat saves none

Watch out for undertow


Success must be selfish

Before it can be generous


Cousin to 'haves and haven’ts'

Is the 'dids and didn'ts'


Someday in reflection

You’ll be someone who did


'Could of' is a myth

Perpetrated by the 'didn'ts'


Your decision is sound

Modest pride is confidence


You’ve earned affirmation

Take a bow




If you die


Part of me

Will turn colorless


I’ll miss times together

Seek you in places

That no longer exist

How could they?


I’ll wish for missed times back

And more times with


If you die

I’ll cry on both sides

Inside and out


A moist smile

Will remember

A tender scar

That pulls at the sun




Until you die without


A soul doesn’t die

All at once

It erodes over time


Degradation feeds

As a parasite on the host

Until one day

You wake up dead

Wondering where you went


Do you think heaven

Is filled with China dolls?

Did you think it was

A place for perfect souls?


God welcomes all souls

Weeps for troubled ones


You become God’s smile

By asking to come home


Place doubt in the liar

Not in God


There’s still hope


You’re worthy of God’s love

Until you die without






Gentle surround

Your thoughts unhurried


You consider and absorb

Deliberate and respond


No words wasted

Difficult or unkind

Just artful simplicity


All that moves

Is the clock too fast


I attend my day

With fond reflection

Of the morning’s mirror


I won’t confess

Or ask your name

It’s my secret


But I adore

The insatiable

Sensation of you






I allow my heart liberties

Inappropriate as actions


Dreams really


Steal a moment

Fall in love for a lifetime

Picture our children

And life together


Watching in silence

As you become everything

And pass in an instant


I live for memories

That you’ll never know






Soul of the flute

Searches the room like smoke

Dissolving walls into sky


Cattail ripples below the dock

Paint colors of sunset


Jungles of grass call from shore


Planks are weathered and hot

Reaching low in reflection

Deep into shadow’s soft whisper

Of time standing still


Each breath an image

Drifting back to the room






The light I seek

Rises above as a kite

From a broken string

Upon my decent

Into this darkness


Roots and worms

Steal my breath

Bind my limbs

As I spit dirt


I defecate and kill

Toward the hope

Of reaching mediocrity

It’s too much to ask

Too much to dream


It’s ugly to be me

That’s why no mirrors




The jar


I dip my pen

Into a jar of human emotion

Pause in wonder

Can I go there again?


What armor will be lost

As ink strikes paper?


Will I withhold?


Can I allow such thoughts

Such secrets to be betrayed

By my hand?


I sense regret

Of confidences lost

Never to return


Incrementally exposed

I fear to one day find

The jar empty




The one I await


When the music stops

Will I be alone?


Will there be a hand in mine

Someone beside me?


Will it be the right hand

Or just the hand I was dealt

A shelter from one?


Would it be such a crime?


I think so

A theft of trust

A selfish cloak


So if I choose alone

It’s because I can


The one I await

Will be someone

I won’t be able

To be without


It will be a decision

Beyond my control



That seeks no shelter

Makes me run in the rain

And defines who I am




Heaven’s reflection


In silence you drift

Slowly away


I never once said

I need you so

Not out loud

Not inside


I didn’t say goodbye

Still can’t imagine it


Want has a grip

I struggle to break

But that’s my lie


I don’t want out

Out’s cold


I embrace

The pain of chance

Yesterday’s dance


Heaven’s reflection

Faint as a leaf on a tide

That’s gone out forever


Not impossible

Just not possible




What price for peace?


Father’s murder

Mother’s bondage

Daughter’s innocence

Forced conception


The theft of you


Would you deny

Your family or creator?


Unspeakable evil

Happens every day

Somewhere in a world

Very different than ours


People in fine houses

Behind high stone walls

Say it can’t happen to them


It only happens to those

Who once lived in fine houses

Behind high stone walls

And now have no mouths






A man owns the emotions

That owned his youth






Listened to your words

Ripped at the cellophane

To unwrap my future


Searching for a heart

That left the door open


Your pen is blessed

You threaten and sway

Fragility painted coarsely

Broken glass emotions


Disguised as ordinary

Your signature strong

You probably hate hearing


For me it’s been five years


Why is it

Love promises hurt

And we fall harder?


Molten fools gold

Burns wanting absence

Given any warmth


Thank you for that




Arsenic kisses


Great world kneels before us

Serves drink in pewter goblets

Fills gray water with formaldehyde

Kills our friends with wheat gluten

Paints children’s toys with lead

Poisons mother’s milk


A test perhaps?


You think?


Flesh-eating disease

Consumes our souls


Once a nation of will

Now a nation of putty

Bending nation of change

Screaming nation of madness

Stumbling nation without feet

Without foundation, or cause


So many ideas

Don’t play well together

So much to watch out for

For those who can’t see


So many alarms

Fall on deaf ears

An ocean of words

For voices without mouths


Followers study example

Leaders don’t


Yet they steady their hand

On the pulse of the past






Searched through the closets

Scrutinized every shelf

For a poem for Anna

A little piece of myself


Full on charm and precocious

It’s now a tidbit past nine

She has a sway as she sings

Of the love on her mind


I found it pointless to dig

Like a dog for a bone

Such a child so precious

Deserves a poem of her own


She has many a reason

Not to shine for the season

Yet she smiles just the same

As a heavenly star

Who’s awaiting her fame


So thank you sweet Anna

And please always be true

To the ‘special’ you bring

To a world that loves you






If you think about it

Everyone’s out to get you


You’re right to believe

The universe found you

It’s not personal

Intentional or conscious


Giant gears mesh

Life’s timepiece ticks

The pendulum swings

Our moment’s waiting


Ready or not

Here it comes






My puppy doesn’t care

About world affairs

Or earthly concerns

Matters of weight

Or matters of state


Quite simply

He looks at me

And looks at his plate

To see if his day is ok




This girl


Your eyes found me

From across the room

You didn’t look away

And neither did I


Your smile is lethal

And your eyes

I didn’t say but I knew

It was a surrender moment


What did I want?


Perhaps it’s safer

To let you order for me

Time stood between

What I wanted


To exist in presence

Of the eyes lips

Face hair and words

That made up

This girl






Some walk on ice

Others trapped below

Struggle to breathe


The bible isn’t the ice

It’s a flotation device


It stops your sinking

It must grasp

In order to hold you

Preserving life


Jesus is the searchlight

Faith is a lifeboat

That carries you home


God’s always looking

For you