Tomorrow’s rose – part 3

Angels of the meadow cover picture

The ‘ism options



Man prospers in proportion

To his own effort and ability

Or fails for lack there of

But it’s up to the man



The collective collects

From those who can provide

Gives subsistence as needed

Subsistence is subsistence


Which means

Just enough to survive

But really means more

If you know the right people

If you are on the inside



Government owns

Enough of the economy

To dictate the economy


One ‘ism

Offers prosperity




My mangy mutt is resting


His muzzle on my fingers

My thumb brushing

His cheek and temple

Together we sit reclined

Beneath a burgundy throw


On the television

Della Reese and Tavis Smiley

But I can’t hear them

The sound is down


It’s not important

I wasn’t watching anyway

Just sharing time

With my best friend


It’s not mange

Perhaps cancer

The vet’s not sure

We tend the pain


New medication

Made it worse

Back to steroids

After eight days

Can we reach him again?

I pray so


Three to five months

Diagnosed fifteen months back

He’s asleep at this moment

His head in my hand

Legs spasm


Sand falls from the clock

His coat is rough with scars

I have my own


It’s never if

But how your life is spent

His won’t be alone


A million frantic thoughts

But at this moment

My mangy mutt is resting




Only your path


There’s no right path

Or wrong path

Something you must do

To be happy

Something you’re not

That keeps you sad


Wherever you are

You’re supposed to be

What you do there

Is up to you


Faith in God

Is believing in something



There’s no harm in that






The crumpled sack

Lays on the floor

And I don’t care

About it being there

Any more


My heart’s legs

Are kicked from under

It’s open and amputated


His last meal

Was grilled steak


Held his head in both hands

Kissed his forehead

As his life dropped limp

Pressed mine against him


Last heartbeat checked



He might have wondered

Why outside without leash?

Why so much steak?

Why dad’s smile was forced?

But he trusted and died


Cancer hadn’t yet taken

It’s ugliest turn

He was alert and happy

With a sore paw


Blood bread crumbs

For his path

No tug of war

No lengthy walks anymore


We barked at the deer

Barked in pack bond

Smiled laughed and kissed

Snuggled and held on


It was his reason to fight


So tonight as I write

It’s cabernet sauvignon

And my glass was full

When I started


Somewhere in my smile

You can see if you look

These are my greatest loves

And my reasons to sing


My heart will rise

When it’s ready

It’s not yet




The deer


Story of a girl

In a woman’s body

Lines corner her eyes

Suggest kindness


Teeth not perfect

More like mine, true

Traces of small town


Her look managed

Unique and beautiful

It takes a moment

And a young daughter



We talk

It’s your story she says

Tell it like you want

With each exchange

The story I want, is hers


She’s extraordinary

I paint perfection

A palette of memory

Canvas of chance

Sketch of words


Approach too fast

Respond too slow

It’s a dance

I don’t know


Awkward I stumble

Startled hope disappears

Still there, I stare

Into silence cruel


I’d die again


See I lost something

I wanted so






When my days

On this Earth end

And ashes are scattered

As dust on the wind

Digested as worm dung

As mud in the sea

And settled as dust

At the base of a tree


I won’t question sad times

Good bad or glad times

Living close to the land

Or the loss of a friend


As these are all things

In the scope of God’s plan


I accept and embrace that


Which leads me to one

Final question


What’s with the potholes?




That no one knows


In my mother’s eyes

I found a child


Her starving heart

Wanting to be seen


Striking at time

Her body the vessel

And age an umpire

Who missed the call


Longing for trails

She’d no longer reach

Finally free to fly




Photos by Missy


My mind’s focused

On the girl

Who’s watching the guy

At the moment

He sees his bride


Floating invisible

About the room

She steals the magic

That enters her view


No angle she can’t find

Delight, in each instant

She captures in time


As the bride and groom

Enter the dance floor

She’s the sparkle

At the edge of the light




Did you mean it?


The question is do

The answer is yes

I do and I will


It’s unkind of you

To bind my emotions


I learned to deny thoughts

A difficult lesson



Now I know

I’m not strong enough

To survive you


I prefer surrender

Don’t know how to deal

I sabotage my defense


See where that leaves me?


You were here and then gone

Now you’re back


Will you leave again?

Are you really back?


I lack courage to trust

Or ask


At this point

I don’t trust myself

I feel trapped


I’m still learning

And I don’t understand


So yes, I do mean it

And I’m afraid


That’s all I can say




Ink of my heart


Cupid’s full quiver

Of blind arrows scattered

Void of all knowledge

The target is you


I’ve written for you

My whole life

And just didn’t know it


I don’t know it now

It will be seven years

And we’ll never meet


I’ll marry your ghost

And find Heaven